As dramatist justly same, the eyes area unit, indeed, our windows to the globe, and therefore the windows to our soul. Of all the sense organs, the gift of sight is that the most precious, and therefore the impairment of vision is taken into account the foremost profound incapacity. it’s inspiriting to notice that not all visual impairment is irreversible, and today, life science has advanced enough to revive the vision for plenty of those patients, the World Health Organization struggle with day to day living thanks to the vision impairment. in keeping with World Health Organization (World Health Organization), tissue layer visual impairment is that the fourth leading reason for world visual impairment once cataract, eye disease, and age-related degeneration, however it will be tackled with tissue layer transplantation. tissue layer transplantation or corneal transplant depends on the voluntary donation of the eyes within the event of a person’s death.

An Eye Bank is an establishment which can be a government or a non-government organization that’s liable for assembling and process eyes (and corneas), given voluntarily by folks upon death. they’re additionally liable for storing these given eyes and corneas till use, and for distributing them to trained anaplasty surgeons.
Eye Banks area unit comparatively autonomous, voluntary community-based organisations that area unit typically related to a hospital. Most banks area unit settled either in a very giant hospital established (Example National Eye Bank at AIIMS) or is also complete, as just in case of many non-profit organizations.
Funding for Eye Banks comes from Government, International Non-Governmental Organizations and personal donors and charitable trusts. a part of the operational expenses of Eye Banks area unit coated by process fees (usually paid by higher socio-economic teams one by one, and backed by the govt for the lower socio-economic group) still as donations.
The National bank housed within the Dr. Rajendra Prasad Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences at the All Republic of India Institute of Medical Sciences is celebrating fifty years of its existence and therefore the institute has planned many events to mark it.
“We received eyes from concerning twenty-three,000 donors at the attention Bank, out of that over sixteen,000 were used for transplant surgeries. In last one year, we’ve performed concerning one,000 transplantation surgeries.
As a part of the National Eye Donation Fortnight–August twenty five to Gregorian calendar month 8-(2016)-the National bank felicitated concerning a hundred relations of these folks, World Health Organization have given eyes, still as NGOs and social employees World Health Organization have worked during this field.

Different activities conducted during this enclosed programme for Total Health in doctor’s degree News relating to Eye Donation Promotion Eye Donation Campaign in AIIMS and different Hospitals– R.M.L.Hospitals,LHMC,S.J.Hospital and awareness session for Asha employees,Tihar Jail Prisoners and workers.

A walk for eye donation additionally unionised within the institute field to push the eye donation volunteer ship therefore on combat tissue layer visual impairment.
Contact phone numbers 011-26593060 /011-26589461
Where was the primary Eye Bank?
In 1944, the primary bank was started in big apple town by Dr. Townley Alan Stewart Paton and Dr. John MacLean. the primary bank in the Republic of India was based in the Regional Institute of medical specialty, an urban center in 1945 by Dr. RES Muthiah. Since then, eye surgeons and national activist alike have campaigned extensively to come up with awareness concerning eye donation in their native communities, with associate aim to alleviate tissue layer visual impairment worldwide.
What is the performance of an eye fixed Bank?
The Eye Bank is liable for numerous activities concerning eye donation. the foremost vital ones during this regard area unit mentioned below:
• Harvesting of eyes/ corneas that’s, a set of donor’s eyes, still as retrieval of corneas
• Grading of tissue, its analysis as well as medical science and biology
• Processing of eyeballs for acceptable storage and use
• Distribution of tissue layer tissues to qualified anaplasty surgeons to make sure most utilization of given corneas
• Storage and distribution of different components of the attention for therapeutic and analysis use: as an example, anatomical structure and sclerotic coat, additionally to the tissue layer
• Training of bank technicians, grief counselors & even tissue layer surgeons in the latest techniques of tissue layer retrieval, preservation, and utilization
• Promote public relation activities and lift awareness concerning eye donation and its activities
• Provide eye tissues for coaching & analysis still as for transplants and different surgeries.
The magnitude of visual impairment and sickness burden
A calculable thirty-five million folks area the unit either already or going blind within the developing world.

Most of those will be cured with correct intervention. As several as three million of them will have helpful vision back following an anaplasty, and over 1/2 these patients (sixty percent) area unit kids underneath the age of twelve years.

It is of large concern that nearly 1/2 the world’s blind population resides in the Republic of India, in fact, the number of individuals in the Republic of India World Health Organization area unit blind is as high as fifteen million. 6.8 million of those have tissue layer visual impairment, with vision but 6/60 in a minimum of one eye. As several as one million area unit blind in each eye, and this bilateral tissue layer visual impairment is doubtless reversible.
The number of individuals with tissue layer visual impairment in the Republic of India is projected to extend to ten.6 million by 2020. As several as three million of those folks with profound vision impairment will get pleasure from tissue layer transplantation, that is that the replacement of the tissue layer surgically. To clear this large backlog of patients, and to with efficiency tackle the patient’s World Health Organization area unit more to In the present cluster, 150,000 tissue layer transplants should be performed each year in the Republic of India alone.
This article aims to clarify the myths and misgivings around eye donation.
Who will give eyes?
Eyes will solely be given once we don’t want them, that is, once a person’s death. Those people World Health Organization want for eyes to be used, once we tend to die, will pledge them whereas we tend to the area unit alive.
Pledging eyes could be a noble act that ensures that your eyes still facilitate some other people see the globe, even once you’re no a lot of. it’s an associate altruistic act, maybe the best charity of all, and is entirely voluntary. the attention donation of the deceased should be licensed by following of kin though the deceased has pledged his or her eyes. And a corollary to it is that following of kin may allow giving eyes of the deceased, though he or she didn’t pledge to give his / her eyes before death.
The salient options to recollect the standards for eye donation is:
• People of all ages and gender will give their tissue layer.
• Use of spectacles for brief eyesight, long eyesight or astigmatism or maybe those operated for cataract is additionally not a reason.
• Patients World Health Organization have the polygenic disease, those littered with cardiovascular disease, respiratory disorder patients and people while not communicable diseases may give eyes.
The only contraindications for eye donation area the unit listed below.

• Patients diagnosed with or died from AIDS, serum hepatitis or C, rabies, septicemia, leukemia, tetanus, cholera, infectious disease, or redness cannot give eyes. Eyes don’t seem to be given additionally just in case of death by drowning.

In conditions thought of absolute contraindications for transplantation, the donor family is wise to clearly and created absolutely responsive to this reality. Eyes don’t seem to be retrieved unless the donor family is absolutely responsive to this and still desires to give.
How area unit the given eyes used?
Traditionally all and sundry World Health Organization donates eyes will give the gift of sight to 2 blind folks. With the appearance of element surgery of the tissue layer (in that layer of the tissue layer is transplanted for a selected indication) one eye has provided sight to 5 patients. after you give a try of eyes, you change up to 10 sight-saving operations.
All the attention is given to the eye bank area unit used and a record is maintained. Eyes that don’t seem to be medically appropriate for anaplasty is also used for medical analysis and education. These “unfit” given eyes give the doctors with essential and valuable insight into several conditions of the eyes and might facilitate searching out the cure for many diseases until now thought of untreatable.
Eye donation so not solely restores sight for the blind, it additionally makes analysis into new treatments doable.
What do I actually have to try and do to pledge my eyes?
To pledge your eyes, you wish to fill a type that is obtainable all told major hospital and eye banks. you’ll be able to access this type on-line additionally, the link for doing therefore is provided below. In fact, this link can offer you all the knowledge you wish to register on the web site of the attention Bank Association of Republic of India.
How to register:
It is crucial that you simply communicate your call to your family since within the event of your ending, it’s the World Health Organization can get to inform the attention bank of your pledge, so the attention bank might collect your eyes at the earliest.
How do I contact the attention bank?
The universal signaling in the Republic of India to contact the attention bank is 1919. it’s a fee variety running across all states in Republic of India and offered 24×7, for eye donation still as info relating to eye banks.

Eye Banks in metropolis
If you’re aiming to give your eyes in an eye fixed bank in the metropolis, below could be a list of hospitals and their contact numbers:

NamePhone Number
Guru Nanak Eye Centre23234612
National Eye Bank (AIIMS)26569461
Rotary Delhi Centre Eye Bank, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital25781837
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital25721800
Apollo Eye Bank26925858

More info concerning these is on the market at
In addition to those, there are many eye banks pass personal hospitals and charitable trusts, details of which might simply be obtained on-line.

What ought to I do if I’m entrusted with taking care of the departed soul whereas the attention bank team arrives to gather the eyes?
In case you’re entrusted with this extraordinarily essential task, you want to take this responsibility terribly seriously, since you’re not solely accountable for ending the departed soul’s beloved needs, however additionally essential for providing sight to a minimum of 2 blind persons, if less. Time is of the essence, thus you want to not waste time in job the attention bank since the eyes will solely be harvested for up to 6 to eight hours once death.
These are the essential precautions to be taken to preserve the eyes:
• Close the eyes of the deceased gently, and place a chunk of wet cotton over them.
• Raise the top with guardianship by concerning six inches with a pillow, to minimize the incidence of injury throughout the removal of the eyes.
• Ensure that everyone fan, wherever the natural object is arranged to rest, ar converted. It reduces desiccation and drying of the eyes and corneas.
• If acceptable to the family, try to place a synthetic resin cowl with few ice cubes on the forehead, particularly within the summer months.
• If attainable instill antibiotic eye drops sporadically to stop the infection and drying of the tissue layer.
• Inform bank right away once obtaining consent from consecutive of kin of the deceased.

What are the assorted divisions or departments of the attention Bank?

The Eye Bank is split into numerous departments for body ease and for guaranteeing its sleek and correct functioning. the assorted departments include:
• Technical Department: Its responsibilities embrace the subsequent functions.
o Tissue Recovery, tissue layer retrieval
o Processing and distribution
o Preparing tissue for numerous transplant procedures
o Grading of tissue layer tissue
o Storage of tissues as well as tissue layer, sclera, and limbus
o Distribution of corneas and different tissues to hospitals, clinics and establishments activity tissue layer transplants, and different surgeries that need given tissue
o Promotion of analysis in Eye Banking and transplantation
o Providing house, technology, and tissue for analysis functions
• Donor Development: Its responsibilities embrace the subsequent functions.
o Promotion of awareness concerning bank, organ donation through community reaching as well as tv and radio advertisements, hoardings and billboards and public awareness lectures
o Strengthen relationships with the community, hospitals, hospices, and different non-governmental organizations operating towards the promotion of eye donation.
o Provide support and grief message to donor families throughout and additionally once the tissue layer retrieval.
• Quality Control: Its responsibilities embrace the subsequent functions.
o Ensures that correct standards are met throughout all processes of tissue handling as well as tissue layer retrieval, grading, process and distribution
o Strict adherence to quality standards prescribed by the EBAI, and to confirm cooperation with EBAI throughout compliance checks
• Teaching and Training: Its responsibilities embrace the subsequent functions.
o Teaching and coaching of bank personnel, as well as technicians and counselors. Some Eye Banks are also concerned with the coaching of eye surgeons WHO are super specializing in a transplant.
o Lectures and community reaching by bank personnel and community leaders to extend awareness concerning eye donation and Eye Banking.
o Most Eye Banks additionally hold lectures of public interest like eye care and hindrance of cecity.

What is the Eye Bank Association of India?
The Eye Bank Association of the Asian country, the EBAI, is that the apex body that’s accountable for coordinative the efforts of all Eye Banks and voters WHO aim to market eye donation. it had been supported in 1989 with the associate aim to grant an additional impetus to the attention donation movement. Like its yank counterpart, the attention Bank Association of America, EBAA, the EBAI is accountable for establishing comprehensive medical standards for Eye Banks everywhere in Asian countries.

EBAI additionally has meted out standardized the coaching and certification of bank technicians and counselors all across the country. The EBAI is that the national the accrediting agency for banks and evaluates every Eye Bank frequently to confirm the standard standards needed to create eye donation and tissue layer transplantation a secure and cozy method.
The terribly helpful Hospital tissue layer Retrieval Program was initiated in 1991 underneath the aegis of the attention Bank Association of Asian country. The EBAI developed the attention Banking Medical standards in association with Ministry of Health & Family welfare in 1999.
The objectives of the EBAI as mentioned on its web site are as follows:
• Create awareness concerning eye donation
• Augment quality and amount of corneas collected
• Evolve and implement uniform medical and operational standards and practices that ar on par with international standards
• Act as a resource center for all Eye Banks within the country

 Myths and beliefs concerning eye donation
Myth: Donating eyes can deface the face of the donor, with holes within the bodily cavity inflicting face disfigurement.
Fact: Not in the least. Retrieval of eyes doesn’t Eye donation doesn’t cause any disfigurement of the face as a prosthetic is placed within the socket.
Myth: Donating eyes after I die during this life can mean i will be able to be blind by birth in my next life.
Fact: Gifting sight to somebody is an associate act of nice virtue and charity, and this act will solely be rewarded by an ideal vision within the next life if the law of fate is to be believed. This story has no basis in faith or logic.
Myth: If I pledge my eyes, doctors won’t try and save Maine after I am critically sick
Fact: utterly false. each doctor is committed to saving lives, on oath. they’ll ne’er jeopardize your life or health to probably facilitate another patient.
Myth: My family is agitated with my call to gift my eyes.
Fact: you’ll be shocked by however acceptive and appreciative your favorite ones are of your alternative, once you tell them you’re thinking of donating your eyes in death. In fact, you’ll be loved for your nobility and your action can inspire friends and family to pledge their eyes too. Also, keep in mind you’ll be able to gift your eyes even though you have got a previous history of cataract surgery.
Myth: Eyes of Indian donors don’t seem to be appropriate for transplant.
Fact: All eyes, no matter status, race, caste, creed, and faith, is used for tissue layer transplantation. The eligibility of every eye of every person is assessed severally as per demanding tips, by trained eye care skilled. All given eyes are wont to their utmost, either for restoring vision and transplants or for analysis, which is able to eventually facilitate various blind individuals.
Myth: tissue layer transplantation is an associate process, with poor success rates.
Fact: transplant could be a habitually performed procedure the globe over, and it’s provided the gift of sight to various blind individuals around the globe. Of all the organ transplants, tissue layer transplants are proverbial to be the foremost prospering.
Myth: My given eyes are sold-out.
Fact: Eye donation is entirely voluntary. merchandising or shopping for human eyes or the other organs is illegitimate and could be a punishable offense underneath the Transplantation of Human Organs Act (THOA, 1994). Eye banks ought to establish and document a system of distribution that’s simply, equitable and truthful to all or any patients served by the attention bank. In fact, any price attached tissue layer retrieval is borne by the attention bank.
Myth: If I actually have pledged my eyes for donation, no more consents are necessary once my death.
Fact: even though you have got pledged your eyes for donation, the consent of your members of the family (next of kin) is important for finishing the method. Not solely it’s up to them to tell the attention bank of your death, however additionally to finish the required formalities before you want to gift your eyes within the event of your death is dead.
Myth: My eyes cannot be given if I actually have not pledged them.
Fact: If your next of kin inform the attention bank within the event of your death, and categorical their want to gift your eyes, your eyes are retrieved by the attention bank personnel.

Request to all 
Given the magnitude of tissue layer cecity in our country, we should always step forward to pledge and gift our eyes. we have a tendency to should overcome any superstitions, myths, and wrong beliefs and take a look at to create a positive impact on someone’s life. after we gift our eyes, we alter someone’s life forever, for the higher. The gift of sight could be a gift which is able to ne’er be forgotten and can earn for you eternal feeling from somebody WHO will see the globe through your eyes, granting your eyes immortality.
Biomedical engineers and practitioner scientists everywhere the globe are operating diligently to develop artificial corneas to supply sight to people who wait for tissue layer transplantation. However, until this becomes possible, the sole hope for these patients, WHO are bereft of the gift of sight, is your largesse and skill to offer. If every people can gift our eyes within the event of our death, the menace of tissue layer cecity is far away from our country, and so the globe.