Yes, fasting causes dry eyes. To know for sure if your dry eyes need prevention, medicines or surgery, is to visit the best Eye Hospital Delhi. Your eye doctor will examine the eye thoroughly.

Living in a country like India, we are privileged to have a plethora of religious culture. Every religious tradition has its own significance that implies the importance for one to follow. But one thing that all these religions follow up is Fasting. From fasting during the holistic time of navratri to fasting in the ismalic culture during the month of ramadan, we can say that fasting is one of the most followed cultural aspects in our diversified country. Though fasting has its positive as well as negative sides one can behold. It is the abstaining from having food or overall eating for a particular duration of time. Fasting may be referred to as a metabolic status of a human being who has not been recorded to eat overnight, or the state of metabolism where one has achieved the completion of its digestion and absorption of the food.

What are dry eyes & how fasting causes dry eyes?

Dry eyes are referred to an eye complication where the patient’s tear gland suffers a disorder which leads to the shortage or no production of sufficient tears in order to keep the eyes healthy and moist. A thin layer in the eye consists of the tear protein which sustains eyes to keep them properly moist. When the eyes suffer the shortage of tears from the tear gland, it may lead to severe vulnerability to dust, dirt and irritants. It further results in painful sensation,irritation, burning, redness and severe agonizing pain in the eye.

An eye consists of three different layers that helps in the formation of the tear protein layer. These include mucus, water and oil. Damage or harm caused to any of these layers can coax to the depletion of the tear protein. Hence this causes dry eyes and makes them prone to many more infections and irritants.

Certain normal causes of dry eye

The cause of dry eyes involves many factors other than fasting. As one gets older, the rate at which one produces tears tends to decrease and the quality of tears may suffer as the gland might start to slow down. Other causes are:

  1. Certain side effects of medications can cause one to have dry eyes.
  2. Post effects of certain eye surgery cause dry eyes.
  3. Protracted use of eye contacts has shown results that cause dry eyes.
  4. Prolonged exposure to digital items such as laptops, phones etc can cause dry eyes.
  5. Exposure to a dusty environment also affects the person which may lead to the cause of dry eyes.

You can get dry eyes diagnosed after a complete eye examination at the best Eye Hospital Delhi.

How does fasting causes dry eyes?

During the prolonged phase of continuous fasting, the intake of nutrients and rich protein diet decreases in amount. Hence, this tends the sufficient intake of the healthy diet in one’s day to day life. Being the most sensitive part of the body, eyes tend to be affected first. This makes eyes to be highly infected to several eye complications, irritants and allergens. Therefore, it is seen that the lack of the nutrients in the body leads to dysfunctioning of the eye muscle as per the requirement to be fulfilled in order to make them work properly.

According to the medical researches, the fluids function in our body according to the nutrients we intake which with time or duration of the fasting alters. This highly affects the tear gland on our eyes as due to fasting the intake decreases and with prolonged of the fastin done one can suffer a severe or advanced level of dry eyes. Therefore, this results in the depletion of the moisture level that one requires to keep the healthy work of the eyes. It is also observed that dry eyes when left untreated might lead to lifelong eye complication.

Effects of fasting

There are certain factors that lead to the dry eye and also several body related complications which might be generic or severe to one’s health in a day to day life.

Consistent fasting for a very prolonged time can cause one’s body metabolism to slow down. This is due to the very common reason as the nutrient intake in the body decreases with a gradual rate and the person tends to be weak and mild not just in case of eyes but also other parts of the human body gets affected too.  The digestion system of the body is severely affected along with the eye complication.

Also it has some acrid results regarding the body weight. It is found that people tend to gain weight with fasting. This is due to the depletion of the rate of metabolism and the body cannot properly digest food which results in an increase in body weight.

Dry eye syndrome also can affect the results of LASIK eye surgery and cataract surgery.

Treatment for dry eyes

One is always welcomed at EyeMantra with the smallest of the small complications regarding eye care. As with dry eyes, EyeMantra tends to offer people with best specialties in order to recover the problem. Many measures can be taken as per the guidance of EyeMantra to reduce the problem of  dry eyes. The tear protein is one of the most important films of the body. One should take urgent precautions when they are aware of the fact that they might be suffering from dry eyes.

Thus, one must increase their intake of water  and consume a rich- nutrient diet at the end if they are fasting. Overall intake of flax seed, orange and citrus fruits helps in further induced eye complications.

While suffering from such types of complications one should avoid going out in a dusty environment which may lead to dryness in eyes. Symptoms like eye pain more than regular irritation, stiffness, continuous dryness even after taking precautions etc should not be neglected.

Learn more about Eye Care in Pollution

How can one avoid dry eyes?

  1. Frequent blinking tends to increase the amount of tear fluid produced in the eyes. This happens due to the exercising of the eye muscle which increases the fluid production in the eyes. This exercise tends to create a fresh layer of the tear protein in the eye.
  2. Regular eye care is amust for any one in their day to day life. This helps them prevent not only dry eyes but also many complications like pink eyes, conjunctivitis etc.
  3. Wearing sunglasses during daylight where the exposure to sun is made for a prolonged duration can help eyes to be protected from the harmful UV rays. As it has been seen that UV rays from the sun affect the eyes.
  4. Proper medication care must be taken. This is for people who suffer from diseases other than dry eyes. Fasting tends to affect their body in ways which may cause severe health problems.

Thus, these are some guidelines offered by EyeMantra to people who might have general query regarding the eye complication. EyeMantra helps people by making them aware of the tiniest of the tiny complications which should not be foreseen by people. With EyeMantra, one can always have a proficient cure to the eye complication one suffers.     

To know for sure if your dry eyes need prevention, medicines or surgery, is to visit the best Eye Hospital Delhi. Your eye doctor will examine the eye thoroughly.

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