How erratic life is we all know very well?  Even the smallest of the small things matter in our day to day life. And one, no matter how best they try, cannot predict the future. Being raised in the capital of the country, Delhi, has made me very specific about the choices to be made. ICL vs LASIK at EyeMantra will initiate a difference.

As the city has no shortage of facilities and is developing 24×7, it is important to know among the plethora of things which one would be best for them. When it comes to health care facilities, no doubt the abundance of options can make one go crazy with shortlisting of the things. But among these options if you have been looking for a good eye care clinic, EyeMantra has been the best option among them.Its is all what is an essential requisite with the finest work that one needs to know about in the town.

Introduction to ICL vs LASIK at EyeMantra

Known to be one of the finest eye care clinics in the city, EyeMantra facilitates its inmates with specialized care and warm environment. Subsidizing an ample amount of specialized and revamped technology that is being used for its treatments and affluent board with efficient specialties, EyeMantra offers a secured environment along with warm affability at a very convenient price too.EyeMantra insures its patients with an absolute spectrum of modernized ophthalmologist prescribed treatments, invigorating adequacy and progressive ailment of its finest aspect.The transcendent pretension of EyeMantra has been to cater protracted proficiency with regards to many of the eye complications such as twitch, cataract, ey flu and  glaucoma along with the finest customary eye care for regular eye tests, and a wide assortments of frameworks and contact in their convenient optical facility.There’s no doubt in the fact the EyeMantra has administered its inmates with the finest of the facilities for many years with its overwhelming surrounding from the speedy recovery of its patients. EyeMantra bids its inmates the best treatment in a very warm environment along with extensive counselling for the one’s undergoing the procedural surgeries to their respective eye complications. With its exemplary expertise convenience in EyeMantra, with its exceptional organization and management bids the best medication for in time recovery of the patients.Hence, no doubt EyeMantra is one of the best eye care approaches in the city which is well preferred for its medical treatments regarding the surgeries and medication they have been offering for all types of eye complications. Besides its years of adherence and hard work for the treatment of its inmates, EyeMantra is known to have treated more than 5 million people, EyeMantra has astonished it’s inmates with its countless efforts and the merry environment they give to the patient. 

What is ICL and LASIK?

With having to provide one of the best eye care facilities, EyeMantra offers best surgeries like ICL and Lasik. But it is necessary for one to choose between them as to which one they should go for. Both the surgeries have their own pros and cons. And in many aspects we could differentiate the need of the surgery and its necessities. ICL vs LASIK at EyeMantra helps to make a difference.


Very similar to the contact lens we have ICL which is an artificial lens structured to be an intraocular lens.EyeMantra offers this operation which can be operated with minor incisions than the antecedent surgical techniques for cataract removal, stimulating faster cure.After all residue of the dusty lens has been detached from one’s eye, the cataract surgeon embeds a clear intraocular lens, arrange it resolutely behind the iris and pupil, in the same position your natural lens occupied. Nowadays ICL is more popular among the surgeons and doctors.EyeMantra with the best of its facility gives its inmates the best surgery with a quick recovery time.


This surgery is mainly done for the removal of spectacles. EyeMantra caters this surgery and is usually recommended to people who have an active lifestyle. This laser surgery has many of its convenient ways to lead one to go for it but there are usually more effects post surgery as compared to ICL. EyeMantra offers this surgery with high-tech machinery and qualified specialties in order to give its patients one of the finest treatments at a very justifiable cost.

What are the major aspects?

There are certain aspects on which ICL is an obvious choice for one to go over LASIK in the first place.

No tear dysfunction( Dry Eye)

To be counted one of the most reported post effects of the LASIK surgery is tear dysfunction or dry eyes. It is seen that the majority of the patients who have undergone LASIK go through this type of eye complication which is recorded to last for about six to twelve months. Though it does not affect the vision but has severe eye strains, mucus discharge and redness in the eyes. Thus with ICL, one does not face any of such complications for a long term. As for the post surgery, there might be certain complexity but this does not last for more than a few weeks.

No corneal alteration 

Without compromising with cornea, ICL surgery provides the patient with a painless experience which can be done to anyone from age 21 to 45. As in the surgery no harm has been done to corneal flap or any kind of removal of cornea from the patient’s eye as compared to LASIK. In LASIK, one has to get the corneal tissue removed which in some cases is not possible. People with thin cornea tissue cannot undergo LASIK. But , ICL patients with thick as well as thin corneal tissue are eligible to go for surgery. This has helped many people to go spectacles free who have been earlier denied surgery.

Best recommended for Myopia

ICL is proved to be one of the best treatments for the correction of myopia which ranges from -0.5 to -20.0 dioptres. In many research it has been found to be an effective treatment for nearsightedness which is also an equal option for people who want to get rid of spectacles with low power. Patients who were not suitable for LASIK can also undergo this surgery. EyeMantra offers this surgery to its patients with full care and best amenity.

UV protection

The biocompatible product that has been used to make the ICL collamer effectively protects the eye from dangerous ultraviolet rays coming from the sun and helps the natural light pass through the refractive surface of the eye without any complications. This helps the patient by protecting it from further eye complexities like cataract, eye muscle degeneration etc. that can be caused due to extensive exposure to the harmful UV rays without having to wear any glasses. EyeMantra makes sure that the patients are fully satisfied with pre and post surgery medication with quick recovery time. ICL vs LASIK at EyeMantra is defined.

Reversible surgery

In a very rare case, it may be found that after the surgery the patient suffers changes due to different powers of his/her vision. This means either the power of vision might increase or decrease. In the case of ICL, a patient’s power of vision is easily altered as per the requirement. This means the patient can undergo a reversible surgery with ICL as it is easily removable. EyeMantra with the help of its skilled speciality and modernized technology offers this surgery for reserving too. As far as with LASIK, one cannot go a reversible surgery. This is because LASIK undergoes the permanent alteration of the cornea which once done cannot go for any further changes. With technology available at EyeMantra it is all easy to make changes according to the changes in updating technology along with the changing needs of patients as well as surgeons. One of the main advantages that ICL holds is that even with the permanent correction of the vision it also helps in replacing or removing the lens with given necessity with a less complicated procedure.

Surgery expenses 

With its enormous advantages here comes a minor difference in its cost. As compared to LASIK it is a little expensive. With EyeMantra, one can easily go for this surgery at a very justifiable rate as compared to any other price at which ICL is offered in many health care facilities. Given the big picture of ICL advantages that it makes glasses free life with a better standard of living especially for people with an active lifestyle it can be called as a one time investment that one should go for a better perspective for future. ICL vs LASIK at EyeMantra is cleared.

Hence, without a doubt ICL has proven to be a better surgical option as compared to LASIK. Both the surgeries are made available with proficient facility and technology in EyeMantra. It’s clearly one’s choice to go through the advantages and disadvantages of the surgeries. Providing the best postoperative conclusions not only compared to LASIK but also other surgeries such as Limbal Relaxing Incisions(LRI), Refractive Lens Exchange(RLE), Presbyopic Lens Exchange(PLE), Intracorneal Ring Segments(IRS) and Radial Keratotomy(RK) ( which are proficiently offered at EyeMantra at a very convenient cost) one is always recommended ICL by the doctors and surgeons.


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