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Squint doctors near me

Squint Doctors Near Me

Squint surgery is required to treat the misalignment of the eye. These are the best squint doctors near me to treat squint.

Squint Surgery Disadvantages

Squint Surgery Disadvantages, Risks & Complications

Every surgical operation involves some kind of risk.  With advances in Science and Technology, squint surgery has evolved a lot. But when you look into squint surgery disadvantages, like every other surgery, it also has some or other limitations or disadvantages.

best squint surgeon

Best Squint Surgeon | Best Squint Surgeons In Delhi

Squint is a disorder in which the eyes of the person focus in different directions. Squint eyes can develop in the eyes of a person due to various reasons such as nerve injury, refractive error, childhood illness, or dysfunction of muscles that control the eyes.


Strabismus: The crossed eyes

What Is Strabismus Or Cross Eyes? Affecting an estimated two per cent of youngsters globally, Strabismus or Esotropia, more commonly referred to as cross-eyes, is

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