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Red eyes or bloodshot eyes is an eye condition in which the conjunctiva part of the eye turns red. It causes itching and irritation.

What Causes Red Eyes?

Red eyes are caused due to inflamed blood vessels in the eyes which in turn causes redness in the eyes in the white part of eyes. The symptoms of red eyes include irritation, itching, the appearance of red colour in the white part of the eye, fluid discharge, feeling of pressure on the eyes.

1) Irritants

In the air there are usually many unwanted particles present which when coming in contact with the surface of the eye can cause red eyes, these are called irritants. The irritants present in surroundings like dry air, cough, dust, cold and bacterial infections can cause the blood vessels to swell.


2) Eye infections

The infections in the eyes also cause redness in the eyes. It can lead to irritation in the eyes and also cause pain and change the vision.


3) Conjunctivitis

It is a serious condition in which the redness of the eye is caused due to bacterial or viral infections in the eye. The eyes turn back into normal in a day or two. Consultation with the doctor is required if redness remains for a long


4) Allergens

There are some people who face redness in their eyes when they come in contact with the pollen grains present in the air. The presence of mould also causes red-eye and is a common allergen. Some people also have an allergy to pet dander, and it can also cause redness in the eye.


5) Uveitis

Uvea is a pigmented portion of the eyes and its inflammation can cause red eyes. It can lead to pain and redness near the iris.


red eyes



Home remedies You can Try

1) Warm Compress

Soaking the towel in warm water and keeping it on the eyelid can help ease the irritation and red eyes. This method is called a warm In this method the person needs to put the towel soaked in warm water over the eyelid for at least 10 minutes and then repeat again on the other eye. Keeping a warm environment helps increase the blood flow of the blood vessels presents in the eyes by heat radiating from the warm towel. It also helps in stimulating the release of oil from the glands present in the eyelid.


2) Cold Compress

Opposite to the warm compress method is the cold-water treatment or the cool compress. In this cold water is used and the method to apply cold compress is the same as that of a warm compress. Extreme cold water should be avoided because it may increase the redness of the eyes. A cold compress helps to reduce the itchiness and irritation in the eyes. A fresh and sanitized towel should be used for both cold and warm compress.


3) Mild Red Eyes

can be treated by taking drugs having naphazoline or tetrahydrozoline in them. These two components when present in the eye drops help in the decongestion and clear up the eyes of any irritation. They are helpful in treating red eyes caused due to any allergens.


4) Eye Lubricant Drops

They are helpful in treating red eyes. In case there is an infection in the eye which is causing the redness then, the doctor might suggest using glaucoma drops or antibiotic drops to treat the infection in the eyes. These medicines should be taken under proper consultation only.


5) Antibiotics

These help to decrease the inflammation of the red eyes can also be used under proper prescription. Cholinergic drugs or the drugs that help in the stimulation of tear can also be used when an ophthalmologist prescribes them to you. These types of drugs help in the formation of tears and help ease the red eyes caused due to lack of moisture in the eyes.


6) Small changes In Our Food Habits & Surroundings

It can also have a positive effect on red eyes and can cure them naturally. Staying dehydrated can cause irritation and bloodshot eyes which can be prevented by drinking an ample amount of water to maintain the body fluids.


7) Processed Foods, Fast Foods & Dairy Products

They should not be consumed in excess as they can cause inflammation in the eyes. To reduce the effects of processed foods, maintain a proper and healthy diet by introducing more anti-inflammatory foods.


8) Foods Rich In Omega-3

They should be consumed by the person having red eyes. Omega-3 helps them to reduce the inflammation in the eyes.


9) Avoid Polluted Places

Places having high amounts of pollen, smoke and dry air should be avoided by the person having red eyes due to allergens.


10) Changing Contact Lenses

and switching to eyeglasses for some time can help in reducing red eyes. Dirty and unhygienic contact lenses can cause irritation in the eyes leading to red eyes. It is therefore important to maintain proper hygienic conditions for contact lenses if used regularly.


If the symptoms still appear after a week of home treatment it is advised to visit an ophthalmologist for better treatment. Using home remedies, red eyes can get cured within a week or two. If the eye condition worsens and you experience slight vision loss then a visit to a doctor is recommended. If there is any crust or mucus formation around the eyes or eye injury was caused due to chemical contact then also contact the doctor before trying the home remedies.




  • A person who came in contact with the person having an eye infection should wash their hands thoroughly before touching their eyes.
  • Women who wear eye makeup on a regular basis should remove makeup before going to bed. Makeup residues left in the eye causes redness in the eyes.
  • Wearing unclean contact lenses for longer time periods also increases the chances of getting red eyes which can be avoided by wearing clean contact lenses for an advised time period.
  • Long hours in front of the screen can lead to red eyes and inflammation. So, one should avoid long screen time and should take breaks in between to reduce the strain on the eyes.
  • Surroundings having the presence of excess allergens should be avoided by the people who are prone to red eyes due to allergens.
  • One should avoid staying dehydrated for a long time and should maintain their body fluids.
  • If there is any contamination in the eye then you should wash it thoroughly with water in order to get rid of the contamination.
  • Proper sleep is essential for the eyes to relax. If a proper night sleep isn’t available it can lead to itchiness and redness of the eyes and in worse conditions can lead to eye


red eyes


Red eyes are not a very serious eye condition and can be treated at home if the underlying cause is known. Those who have red eyes due to allergy should avoid staying at places where there is the presence of allergens. Staying hydrated, getting proper sleep and applying cold and warm compress cures the red eyes in mild condition easily. If the symptoms of red eyes persist for more than a week or the condition worsens then it is always advised to consult an ophthalmologist before taking any medicines.



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