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ICL Eye Surgery at Lowest Cost in Delhi

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What are the signs you need ICL Surgery?

All signs for Contoura Vision, LASIK, and smile are also indications of ICL as it provides high quality vision and is not tampering with the cornea. As in the case of Contoura Vision/LASIK/SMILE procedures.

What is the Cost of ICL Surgery?

The cost of ICL surgery in Delhi itself varies from hospital to hospital. The cost of ICL surgery depends on various factors like the team of surgeons, facilities of the hospital and machines used.

Prices factored into the ICL procedure involve:

  • The cost of a “Spherical ICL” is Rs.50,000.
  • The cost of “Toric ICL” is Rs.60,000.
  • A precise exam and pre-surgical screening to assure proper fit and prescription.
  • A custom-made lens of high-grade and exclusive material.
  • Fees of Hospital and surgeon’s
  • Post-procedure be resolute.

Eyemantra ICL Surgery Package Includes

eyemantra package

Benefits of ICL Surgery:

  • Precise Vision Correction
  • IOLS can be removed later
  • Do not cause ‘Dry Eyes’
  • Better Night Time Vision

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.The results of ICL Surgery permanent?

The results of ICL surgery are estimated to be permanent. During the surgery, the natural lens will be eliminated and the latest intraocular lens will be injected. If there is no cataract formation, and no extra hard side effects, the ICL procedure is supposed to have more or less permanent results.

2.What is the basic time duration for ICL Eye Surgery?

The Visian ICL procedure is an outpatient procedure that usually takes a round of 15-20 minutes. Earlier to the procedure, one will get topical anaesthesia drops to reduce pain. Then the doctor produces a micro-opening to inject the lens into the eye with an injector.

3.Does ICL Eye Surgery harm us?

No, maximum patients say that they are so comfortable during the procedure. The ophthalmologist will apply a topical anaesthetic drop earlier to the procedure. Also, they may prefer to control a light sedative as well.

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