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Welcome to Delhi’s Leading Eye Care Clinic

Eyemantra was established in 2013 in Delhi but has been rated as one of the most suitable eye hospitals in Delhi and NCR with the team of doctors by Dr. Swheta Jain, Dr. Rajiv Mohan, and Dr. Sanjiv Mohan. They aim at delivering affordable eye care for everyone using exclusive diagnostics and surgical technologies. They want to offer a full range of new ophthalmic treatments, world-class advanced diagnostic and therapeutic services of the highest quality to patients. Our accreditations by national and international organizations show our commitment to secure medical practices with the purpose of positive outcomes for all our patients. We offer up-to-date technology, friendly staff, and luxury facilities along with qualified specialties. Eyemantra is a unique ophthalmic care platform delivering clean, safe secure amenities at a worthwhile cost.


Eyemantra has over 11+ years in providing eye treatment to the patients. Eyemantra offers world-class facilities to the patient and provides a conducive environment for quick recovery. Eyemantra doctors add the personal touch by offering comprehensive psychological counseling to the patients undergoing surgeries. The management and staff at Eyemantra hospitals give their best to offer the best services to the patients for their quick recovery. Eyemantra’s record of successfully catering to 50+ lakh patients speaks about its holistic approach that Eyemantra follows.



Cataract Surgery

A cataract is a disease that mostly occurs in the elderly population. Cataract requires immediate doctor advice to get the treatment. EyeMantra offers laser automated technology for Cataract surgery which is a bladeless and painless method. EyeMantra doctors have successfully treated cataract patients and again brought back life to their vision.

Refractive Services

Refractive defects include myopia, hypermetropia, and astigmatism which generally occurs due to refractive errors leading to vision defects. Refractive services include Lasik surgery which is a tried and tested method for refractive errors. EyeMantra’s dedicated team of doctors has years of experience in treating the patients.

Lasik Surgery

Lasik surgery is the best way to get rid of the eyeglasses. EyeMantra hospitals offer comprehensive detailed eye check-ups to check whether the patient is suitable for LASIK surgery or not. The check-up ensures that the patient is completely fit to undergo treatment. EyeMantra doctors have a decade of experience in performing surgery.

Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma occurs when the optic nerve gets damaged due to intraocular pressure which can result in vision loss also depending on the severity. Doctors need to be consulted immediately for better chances of recovery. EyeMantra specialist doctors have a wide range of experience in dealing with Glaucoma which requires treatment combined with psychological counseling.

Retina Treatment

Retinal tearing and retinal detachment are treated using retinal surgery which is combined using laser photocoagulation and retinal freezing Cryopexy techniques. EyeMantra offers treatment that is best suited to patient requirements. EyeMantra eye doctors have successfully performed retinal surgeries without any complications.

Optical Services

Optical services are offered at EyeMantra hospitals. Our experienced optometrists are professionally qualified to deliver quality services to the clients. EyeMantra has invested in faster glazing machines to offer the best spectacles and contact lenses for the patient with vision problems. EyeMantra has collaborated with Pinnacle optical Pvt Ltd.



Paschim Vihar (Main branch)

A1/10 , Paschim Vihar, Delhi – 110063


Prashant Vihar (Rohini)

B62 – Prashant Vihar, Rohini Sec-14
In front of CRPF school, Delhi



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Cashless Mediclaim services can be easily availed at EyeMantra hospitals across India. Cashless medical services provide the flexibility of availing medical treatment by an Insured person without worrying about the Finances. Cashless medical service providers offer ease to patients in case of a medical emergency by settling Medical bills directly with hospitals. The terms and conditions of the TPA and insurance companies should be thoroughly read for availing the services at the EyeMantra hospitals. Prior approval of TPA is required in case of availing services at the hospital.



I am very pleased with my whole experience at EyeMantra India Hospital. Everyone was very caring and professional. I especially liked the personal counseling that was provided to me. It made me felt confident I would get the best results post-surgery. Thank you, Dr. Ajay Sharma, for an unforgettable experience.

Deepanshu Mehta
Glaucoma’s Patient


The team that took care of me were true professionals and yet genuinely down-to-earth. I’ve never had this kind of vision. I had always had trouble seeing distance and now I feel like I can see through hills.

Sikha Pandey
Cataract Patient


I am very happy with my vision after Cataract Surgery at EyeMantra by Dr. Shweta Jain, who is one of the best Cataract Eye Surgery Doctor in India. I have been implanted with World’s best lens with the latest Micro Phaco Surgery. Now, I can say that I am enjoying young vision in my operated eye. Looking forward to my second eye Cataract Surgery Operation shortly at EyeMantra only.

Janki Kapoor
Cataract Surgery