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Charitable Eye Hospital

EyeMantra believes in giving back to society And So to complete this mission, we have also set up a Charitable Eye Hospital, which caters to the needs of people who have one or another form of eye ailment but do not have the means to afford the treatment.


  • Our mission is to provide affordable eye care to everyone.
  • Being an enthusiastic leader in the eye care sector, we have state of the art technologies for eye treatments.
  • We have started this charitable hospital to make sure that even the poorest strata of society, have access to the best eye care treatments.
  • We believe in giving back to society, so for this particular purpose, EyeMantra provides it’s services to poor sections of society at no cost.

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EyeMantra’s charitable eye hospital is a non-profit hospital that provides treatment for poor and uninsured people, who can’t afford treatment. We have an unparalleled commitment towards our vision, which is that no one should suffer from blindness or any other form of eye ailment simply because they were not able to afford the treatment expense. At EyeMantra’s charitable hospital, we provide “corrective spectacles, differents forms of eye tests to assess the ailment and eye-surgeries”, at no cost to people living below the poverty line. Our team of skilled medical professionals is always standing at the people’s side.

Barriers to Eye Care


Elevated incidences of eye ailments have been found in Indian districts, which have severely low levels of social, educational, economical health indicators. We provide our facilities to people living below the poverty line at zero cost.


Many poor people, do not have access to conventional distribution channels. And so to aid them, we ensure that they have access to our facilities at no cost. We promote wellness, by ensuring that everyone who requires eye treatment but cannot afford it, can come to us without hesitation and we will take care of all expenses related to their eye treatment.


A severe lack of awareness about ailments related to eyes has been a persistent problem among people, who belong to the poor strata of society. When people lack awareness about such a significant topic, the number of cases, where people have “high severity eye ailments”, tend to go up. EyeMantra has been spreading awareness about ailments related to the eye since it’s inception and has made a significant impact on the minds of people.


Established in 2013, Eye Mantra has been rated as one of the most suitable eye hospitals in Delhi and Delhi-NCR, composing of a skilled team of doctors, whose names are Dr.Shweta Jain, Dr.Rajiv Mohan, and Dr.Sanjiv Mohan. The mission of EyeMantra is to provide everyone, with affordable eye treatment using exclusive diagnostics and surgical techniques. And to aid the people living below the poverty line, EyeMantra has started this charitable hospital, so that they have no complications in seeking medical care for eye ailments and with early intervention, we aim at proving perfect vision to all the people, who cannot afford the treatment.
Eye Mantra has been providing eye treatment to the patients for more than eleven years now. Eye Mantra’s doctors add the personal touch, by offering comprehensive psychological counseling to the patients undergoing surgeries. The management and staff at Eyemantra hospitals give their best efforts, to ensure that the exceptional services are provided to their patients for their quick recovery. Eye Mantra has achieved the great feat of, providing successful treatment to more than fifty lakh patients, who have given a positive response to the surgical procedures and the holistic approach that we follow.

Services Offered In EyeMantra



  • 100% Blade-free specs removal
  • Sharpest Vision



  • Femto ​(Robotic) Lasik
  • 100% Blade-free specs removal



  • Approach for Squint Correction
  • ​​Experienced team of doctors



  • 100% Blade-free Femto Laser
  • Cataract Surgery & Zepto Pulse



  • Best glaucoma services
  • Latest in Glaucoma diagnosis



  • World Class treatments for Retina
  • Management in retinopathy



  • ​​​100% Blade-free specs removal
  • ​​Small flap



  • Art diagnostic and treatment
  • Advanced facilities for keratoconus



  • We offer a full range of “new ophthalmic treatments, world-class advanced diagnostic and therapeutic services” of the highest quality to patients.
  • The uniqueness of EyeMantra is that we provide treatment for Corneal Diseases, LASIK surgery for Specs Removal, Glaucoma, Cataract Surgery, and Pediatric Ocular health but our uniqueness goes beyond the cure for these ailments. Our esteemed and skilled team of eye surgeons have degrees from renowned institutions and “neuro-ophthalmology and retinal health” are their specialties, which has made them popular both nationally and internationally.
  • We offer cutting edge technology, friendly staff, and luxury facilities along with highly qualified specialties. EyeMantra is a unique ophthalmic care platform, Which delivers clean, safe, and secure amenities at no cost to the people living below the poverty line.


We educate

We believe in educating people about healthy vision and how it can be maintained or restored when then the procedure for a proper eye treatment Is followed. We also inform people about the need for regular eye check-ups, so that their vision remains healthy.

We create

We have created strategic partnerships, to ensure we reach the right people at the right time. We have an association with numerous Government and Non-Government organizations, which include ECHS (for ex-servicemen and defense), CGHS, and DGHS to make sure that affordable treatment for eye-related ailments is available to all.

We provide

We provide eye tests, screenings, pair of spectacles, and other resources to those people, who can’t afford them. We believe that money should not come in the way of a good vision and so we provide all our services to people who live below the poverty line at no cost.

We support

We have capacity-building initiatives, for sustainable vision-care infrastructure.

A Brief History of Eye Ailments

A cataract is the leading cause of blindness in most countries. And in India, nearly two-thirds of blindness cases are caused by cataracts alone. Most people, ignore minor eye ailments, which becomes a severe issue in the person’s successive years in life. India has up to 12 million cases of people suffering from blindness and the numbers are expected to go up to 20 million by 2020. And so to combat the severity of the problem, we have established a “Charitable eye hospital”. EyeMantra believes in fighting the lack of awareness about eye ailments, at the front foot, and to succeed in our holistic mission, we provide treatments with the state of the art technology, to poor people at no cost. According to a survey done in certain rural Indian districts, it was found that the severity of eye ailments can also have alarming psychological implications. Many people were found to be deprived of deserving employment opportunities, some went into depression and some lost their self-confidence. EyeMantra believes in combating this obstacle at the psychological side also. And so we provide “after surgery psychological counseling” to our patients so that they never lose their moral and always keep their hopes high.


Our purpose is to provide social benefits to the masses, in the form of zero cost treatment, to people who suffer from one or another form of eye ailment but do not have the means to afford the treatment expenses. We have a mission to uplift mankind morally, by assuring that everyone has complete access to affordable eye care. A maximal number of people residing in the poor strata of society have been found with having severe eye ailments because they were not able to procure the means for treatment. We have a vision, which is to make sure that any person who lives below the poverty line, has access to comprehensive and premium quality eye care, at no cost. We have embarked upon this arduous journey, with the determination of diminishing “blindness and other ailments related to eyes”. We are always available at society’s service.