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Retina Surgery

The retina is like the film of the camera that transfers the image to the brain for processing and analyzing. A damaged retina can drive to notable visual disturbances. The problem in viewing the objects is the biggest barrier one will face. The disturbance remains permanently if not treated in time. Retinal surgery usually takes 1-2 hours to perform. The retinal diseases are the way most common causes of a permanent loss of vision in many patients, if not operated on time.

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Retina Surgery at Eyemantra Eye Centre in Delhi

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Retina and Uvea



  1. It is triggered by complications of diabetes, which can ultimately result in blindness. It is an ocular manifestation of diabetes, a systemic ailment, which affects up to 80 percent of all patients who have had diabetes for 10 years or more. In spite of these intimidating statistics, research specifies that at least 90% of these new cases could be reduced if there were appropriate and watchful treatment and checking of the eyes.
  2. The longer an individual has diabetes, the greater his or her probabilities of developing diabetic retinopathy. Diabetic retinopathy often has no initial warning signs. Even macular edema, which might cause vision loss more quickly, might not have any warning signs for some time.


  1. Age-related macular degeneration starts with characteristic yellow deposits (drusen) in the macula, between the retinal pigment epithelium and the underlying choroid. Maximum individuals with these initial changes (referred to as age-related maculopathy) have good vision.
  2. The hazard is higher when the drusen are big and several and associated with a disruption in the pigmented cell layer underneath the macula. Age-related macular degeneration is a medical ailment that typically affects older adults and leads to a loss of vision in the center of the visual field (the macula) owing to impairment to the retina.


  1. Retinal detachment is an ailment of the eye in which the retina crusts away from its underlying layer of support tissue. Initial detachment might be localized, but without speedy treatment, the whole retina might detach, resulting in vision loss and blindness. It is a medical emergency.
  2. A retinal detachment is commonly heralded by a posterior vitreous detachment which gives rise to these symptoms: Flashes of light, a sudden dramatic upsurge in the number of floaters, a loop of floaters or hairs just to the temporal side of the central vision, a minor feeling of heaviness in the eye.


Although Uveitis is generally an isolated illness, myriad conditions can be related to it, including syndromes with major involvement of other body portions, as well as syndromes restrained to the eye. In anterior Uveitis, no related condition or syndrome is found in almost one-half of cases. However, anterior uveitis is often one of the diseases associated with HLA-B27.

Problems Associated with Retina

There are four main types of disorders which are related to the retina:

  • Diabetic Retinopathy – It is the most usual problem linked with people having a disease of diabetes. In Diabetic Retinopathy disease, the huge blood sugar levels damage the blood vessels of the retina and harm it. In the advanced stages, it can cause blindness.
  • Retinopathy Of Prematurity – RoP is essentially caused due to the retinal blood vessels grow abnormally and harm prematurely born babies. It can cause retinal detachment and blindness.
  • Age-Related Macular Degeneration – The damage of the Macula can cause AMD which can lead to a permanent vision loss.
  • Retinal Detachment – It is mainly the detachment of the retina from the layer underneath. If it is not taken care of properly, there is a chance of a permanent vision loss.
    Angiography is one of the most common tests that are done to identify the problems which can cause permanent blindness due to the disorders of the Retina.

Based on the results, the patients are either suggested for Anti-VEGF Therapy or Photodynamic Therapy depending upon their condition.

Solutions for Retinal Diseases

In the primary stages of different retinal diseases usually, no symptoms are seen alone from the one change or blurring in vision power.  Later on, stages of this disorder vision losses begin to happen which may get worse if not operated timely and properly.

In case, if one feels that there is a difficulty in the eye, they should instantly consult an eye specialist for additional examination. If it is a retinal disease, getting quick treatment will enhance the possibilities of retrieving or maintaining one’s vision, and limit additional loss.
During the regular eye checkups or consulting with our professionals, we recognize many problems of the eye and recommend solutions respectively. In the initial stages of the retinal problems generally, few precautions and a set of basic medicines and eye drops are suggested for the treatment.

When the diseases are at advanced stages or they are not being cured with the initial treatment- the surgery is then suggested after reviewing the eye condition and knowing the patient’s problems. This is the time when an extremely skilled surgeon would step in and recognize what kind of surgery is required and what will be the recovery time.


  • The cost of “Fundus Photography” is Rs.500.
  • The cost of “Fundus Angiography” is Rs.2,500.
  • The cost of “Optical coherence tomography (Macula)” is Rs.1,500.
  • The procedure of “Yag Laser” will cost Rs.2,500.
  • The procedure of “Green Laser” will cost Rs.2,500.
  • The procedure of “Yag Peripheral Iridotomy”, will cost Rs.3,000.

We also provide charitable services for the “underprivileged sections of society” because we believe in making the world a more happier place to live in.
So an individual who is in need of eye treatment, but is unable to afford the treatment expenses, can come to our hospital and his entire treatment will be done “free of cost or at a very nominal price”.

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