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Used ophthalmology equipment has certain advantages:

  • Lower purchase price
  • The reimbursement procedure is the same for the old as well as new product
  • User equipment carries the same tax advantages as new equipment.

Because of these advantages, the business of used medical equipment is growing up so fast that certain items are normally out of stock. The major challenge these companies need to face is to find a product to sell.

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Things To Consider When Buying /Selling Refurbished Eye Equipment

If you are buying any used eye equipment make sure you buy it from a reputable company and examine the product before buying it. As the price of the new equipment is continuously rising there is no problem in buying the used equipment if it works properly. The first and foremost thing you should keep in mind is that you gather information about the company you are buying the product from as well as check the equipment’s properly before buying them.
Even for selling a piece of equipment make sure you know about the company to whom you are selling your equipment and check all the products before selling them so that you don’t get any complaints afterward. If the reputation of your company is once spoiled it is very difficult to earn it back. Therefore, try to avoid such a situation by selling useable and good equipment.

Used Ophthalmology Equipment Dealers

Most of the used equipment dealers buy the equipment from some doctors who go out for this business or are retired. Some dealers buy the pieces of equipment from the auction. The dealers then check the equipment whether it is working properly or not and then they sell it quickly so that they don’t have to hold the inventory. There are some companies who buy the equipment and make some cosmetic improvements before selling them, they do so to avoid any further complaints.

There are certain dealers that go with black marketing; they will say that something is 2 years old whereas it is actually 10 years old. It can all be so shady and unethical. Therefore, you have to be very careful about who you are dealing with.

Many companies have their approach for the refurbished equipment coming directly from the manufacturer to the customer. They develop relations with the manufacturers whose products they sell and offer refurbished pre-owned medical equipment. They then purchase the used medical equipment and return it to the manufacturer’s specifications. Then they resell it with a warranty and service it if required.

Normally, if any customer wants to buy the used equipment from the manufacturer they have to pay the manufacturer some bills just to come out and inspect the equipment. However, companies with good relations with the manufacturer can purchase the parts from them and service the used products themselves. Dealers who sell the used ophthalmology equipment generally offer warranties between 90 days to six months for the products they sell.

Buy / Sell Eye Equipment With Us

There are many companies that sell the used ophthalmology equipment. There is no harm in buying them if the company has a good reputation in the market and is willing to give you a warranty with the products they sell. You as a buyer need to be vigilant about the company you are buying from. Make sure you gather as much information possible about the company before accepting their deal. Many times there are certain fraud companies who sell you damaged and useless products.

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