ICL Surgery In Anand Vihar​

ICL surgery is a type of eye surgery that is commonly performed to treat certain vision conditions, such as cataracts and glaucoma. ICL surgery in Anand Vihar is a highly specialized procedure that involves the use of advanced surgical techniques and equipment to correct these vision issues.

If you are considering ICL surgery as a treatment option, it is important to seek the advice and guidance of an experienced ophthalmologist or eye surgeon who can help you understand your options and recommend the best course of treatment for your unique situation. 


Vision ICL Specs Removal
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When to choose ICL Surgery over Lasik?

high eye power
Eye power higher than 8D & up to 18D
corneal thickness
Cornea weaker than 450 microns
Unhealthy cornea involving Keratoconus
Unhealthy cornea involving Keratoconus
Dry eye conditions
Dry eye conditions

Which Conditions can ICL surgery treat?

ICL surgery is similar to LASIK in that it also helps in removal of glasses or contact lenses. However, instead of reshaping the cornea, ICL surgery involves implanting a small lens inside the eye. 

Normal Vision
Myopia [Near Sightedness]
Hyperopia [Far Sightedness]

ICL Surgery Cost In Anand Vihar

The cost of ICL eye surgery in Anand Vihar varies  between 50,000/eye to 80,000/eye. Eye Mantra is one of the best eye hospitals in Anand Vihar, and it offers ICL eye surgery at the most competitive prices. The cost of standard ICL here starts at around ₹55,000/eye. At The Eye Mantra, we also offer insurance, financing EMI options for ICL surgery in Anand Vihar to make the procedure more affordable for patients.

ProcedureKey BenefitPrice/Eye (₹)
Standard LASIK In Anand ViharBasic standard surgery for specs removal12,000
C LASIK In Anand ViharCustomized to cornea16,000
Contoura In Anand ViharCorneal polishing and aberration removal for super vision.25,000
TransPRK In Anand ViharOne step procedure: Bladeless, Flapless, Touchless, and Safest32,000
Femto LASIK In Anand ViharLaser used to create flap55,000
ICL Surgery In Anand ViharEye lens replaced with a new lens55,000
IPCL Surgery In Anand ViharSmall Incision | High Quality Vision | Quick Healing55,000
Smart Surf LASIK In Anand Vihar5D Eye tracking with aberration removal | Max tissue saving45,000
SMILE In Anand ViharLaser used to extract eye tissue for vision correction80,000
Staar ICL In Anand ViharHigh Quality Vision | Quicker Recovery80,000

Best Hospital for ICL Surgery in Anand Vihar

EyeMantra is the best hospital for ICL surgery in Anand Vihar. It is a well-known and reputed ICL center that provides superlative solutions for ICL with over 20,000+ satisfied clients. They offer all the ICL lenses starting from IPCL, Visian ICL, Staar ICL to EVO Visaan, at the most affordable cost. Whether you want to go through ICL surgery or get your eyes checked, this highly-reputed hospital is the one place that caters to all types of needs.


ICL Lens options

There are many different types of ICL lenses available in Anand Vihar. Each type has its own unique set of features and benefits:

  • Vision ICL: The Vision ICL is a popular choice for those who want to improve their vision with minimalistic surgery. This type of lens is placed in front of the eye and helps correct refractive errors. The Vision ICL is made from a soft material and is designed to be comfortable to wear.
  • Staar ICL: The Staar ICL is another popular choice. This type of lens is also placed in front of the eye and helps to correct refractive errors. The Staar ICL is made from a hard material and is designed to be durable.
  • EVO visian ICL: The EVO visian ICL is a newer type of lens that is becoming increasingly popular. This lens is placed behind the eye and helps to correct refractive errors. The EVO visian ICL is made from a soft material and is designed to be comfortable to wear.
  • IPCL: The IPCL is the most recent type of lens to hit the market. This lens is also placed behind the eye and helps to correct refractive errors. 

Top ICL Doctors in Anand Vihar

Dr. Shweta Jain
Dr. Shweta Jain
Dr. Neha Wadhwa
Dr. Neha Wadhwa
Dr. Poonam Gupta
Dr. Poonam
Dr. Lalit
Dr. Lalit Chaudhary

Happy ICL Patients from Anand Vihar

Megha Kaushik

“Eyemantra is the best in the world for ICL treatment. They have an excellent team that helps patients to get restore their vision. I am very thankful to them and would highly recommend others also to go for ICL surgery in the Anand vihar branch of Eyemantra if needed.”

– Megha Kaushik

Frequently Asked Question’s

ICL eye surgery is a type of laser eye surgery used to correct nearsightedness and farsightedness. During the procedure, your surgeon will place an implantable contact lens into your eye, where it will remain permanently.

At Eye Mantra Anand Vihar, ICL surgery starts from Rs. 55,000. The cost increases as you go for premium lenses / IOLs.

The Visian ICL procedure is an outpatient procedure that usually takes a round of 15-20 minutes. Earlier to the procedure, one will get topical anaesthesia drops to reduce pain. Then the doctor produces a micro-opening to inject the lens into the eye with an injector.

The ICL is different from other refractive procedures as :

  • Does not cut or eliminate tissue from the cornea
  • Cornea holds it a natural shape
  • Durable surgery over time, no regression
  • Secured for greater degrees of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and thin corneas

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