What is specs removal?

If you are searching for specs removal in Hisar, then you have come to the right place. At Eye Mantra Hospital, we offer a wide range of services to help you get rid of your glasses. We have a team of experienced doctors who will guide you through the process and make sure that you are comfortable with the procedure. So, if you are looking for specs removal in Hisar, then contact us today and we will be happy to assist you.

Specs Removal

Spec Removal Options / Procedures in Hisar

SMILE Surgery in Delhi

SMILE in Hisar

SMILE is a step next to Contoura Vision. It is very commonly known as Flapless LASIK. In SMILE technology, only 1 laser known as a femtosecond laser is applied. The laser cuts out a part of tissue i.e Lenticule which is then dragged out by a little opening to produce vision correction.

LASIK in Delhi

LASIK in Hisar

In LASIK procedures, a laser is used to improve the curvature of the cornea to focus the light on the retina.  Bladeless LASIK includes :

  • Femto-second Laser is used to produce a flap. 
  • Excimer Laser applied to change the curvature of the cornea to produce vision correction. 
Contoura Vision in Delhi

Contoura Vision in Hisar

Contoura Vision is a computer-guided topographic mapping procedure that maps microscopic contours of the cornea. This procedure operates irregularities of the curvature of the cornea as well as optics. The surgery emphasizes the visual axis of the eye. The results are much better than traditional LASIK. 

ICL Surgery in Delhi

ICL Surgery in Hisar

ICL is micro-thin lenses that are inserted over the natural lens of the eye to induce vision correction. It is similar to a contact lens, just that a lens needs to be worn daily and ICL is forever implanted. ICL is normally advised for those whose LASIK surgery is not possible due to thin cornea, dry eyes or other issues.

LASIK vs Contoura Vision vs SMILE

 Trans PRKContoura VisionLASIKSMILE
Cost (INR)50,000 – 65,00095,000 – 1,05,00080,000 – 1,00,00080,000 – 95,000
Quality of VisionNullNullNullNull
Post Surgery DrynessNullNullNullNull
Tissue Saving & Corneal StrengthNullNullNullNull
Range of CorrectionNullNullNullNull
Eye Movement trackingNullNullNullNull
Visual Axis TreatmentNullNullNullNull
Corneal Irregularities CorrectionNullNullNullNull
WOW EffectNullNullNullNull

Specs removal Eye Surgery Cost in Hisar

Specs removal surgery procedure costs in Hisar depend greatly on the procedure that you go for. The more advanced the technology the higher the cost. Though, the cost also involves the expertise and education of the ophthalmologist performing the surgery. Only a few eye experts in India have the training and experience to do such procedures.

Eyemantra hospital is one of the top eye hospitals in Hisar offering Specs removal at the best prices.  Bladeless LASIK procedure in Hisar may vary in cost between ₹65,000 and ₹90,000 (approx.) while the fees for a Contoura Vision correction ranges between ₹95,000 and ₹1,15,000 (approx.). Of course, the exact cost will vary according to the complexity of each case and the procedure used. Here’s a comparison on the cost:

ProcedureRecovery TimeRisks (Dislocation / flap tearing)Suitability (High power / thin cornea)Key BenefitPrice/Eye (₹)
Standard LASIK In Hisar30 daysHighNullBasic standard surgery for specs removal12,000
C LASIK In Hisar15 daysHighNullCustomized to cornea16,000
Contoura In Hisar3 daysLowNullCorneal polishing and aberration removal for super vision.25,000
TransPRK In Hisar3 daysLowNullOne step procedure: Bladeless, Flapless, Touchless, Safest32,000
Femto LASIK In Hisar3 daysHighNullLaser used to create flap55,000
ICL Surgery In Hisar3 daysMediumNullEye lens replaced with a new lens55,000
Smart Surf LASIK In Hisar3 daysLowestNull5D Eye tracking with aberration removal | Max tissue saving45,000
SMILE In Hisar7 daysLowNullLaser used to extract eye tissue for vision correction80,000

Glasses, Contact Lenses Or Laser Surgery – What’s Right?

Are you confused between glasses, contact lenses and LASIK surgery? Well, the answer primarily depends on 2 things : Preference and Budget:



  • Low Price, basic vision correction.
  • They are available everywhere, and they help people see more clearly at a low cost. They also safeguard the eyes from harm.
  • Eyeglasses are inconvenient, unattractive, and not appropriate for a variety of activities, making them prone to breaking or loss. Reading glasses are often a limited option to presbyopia. Glasses may end up costing more than Laser Eye Surgery over a person’s lifetime.

Contact Lenses

  • Vision is clear, but at a steep price.
  • Contact lenses can improve visual acuity and provide a greater and clearer field of vision than glasses. They are mostly invisible to the eye.
  • Lenses can cause infections, eye damage, discomfort and redness even when they are worn correctly. They’re not right for everyone, and some people may find it difficult to cure astigmatism.They’re also the most expensive way to improve your vision in the long term.

Laser Surgery

  • New technique for restoring vision
  • Lasik eye surgery permanently affects your eyesight and improves your vision more than glasses or contacts. It is great for sports and activities where glasses or contacts are inconvenient. It’s one of the most safe electives in the world.
  • Although Lasik eye surgery does have a greater up-front cost, it comes with some risks. It’s not for everyone, either. Selecting a clinic is a bit more difficult, too.

Specs Removal Benefits

About half the population of India has a vision problem. But, this is now easy to correct as specs removal surgery provides a safe and proper solution for practically all vision problems. Some of the benefits for specs removal surgery are:

  • Get improved looks without glasses
  • Get rid of spectacles / contact lenses
  • Can also correct presbyopia.
  • Can correct extreme vision problems.  For example, a SMILE can normally correct short-sightedness of about minus 10 dioptres.
  • Painless and bladeless
  • Safe and US-FDA Approved.

Home Remedies to reduce eye number

  • To improve the eye power and to remove spectacles, mustard oil or walnut oil acts as a complete remedy for this treatment, massage the soles of the feet with mustard oil or walnut oil.
  • Walking barefoot on the green grass works for reducing the eye number
  • Eyes stay healthy by washing the eyes with amla water or pouring rose water in the eyes daily.
  • Avoid using hair color, hair dye, and chemical shampoo on the hair because it directly affects the eyes.
  • Make a powder by mixing almonds, fennel, and sugar candy in equal measures. Mix 10 grams of this powder in 250 ml milk and take it every day before sleeping and it is very useful for reducing eye number.
  • Practice some exercises like eye movements, 

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There are multiple technologies or procedures to get rid of  specs or glasses such as LASIK, SMILE, ICL & Contura.  LASIK laser surgery (Laser in situ Keratomileusis) is the most popular form of vision correction method used.

Yes, all specs removal or laser procedures are very safe and painless for spec removal as they are US-FDA approved procedures.

There are 97% chances of the people to be free from their spectacles. 3% will have mild change from their zero targeted correction due to diverse recovery patterns in different people but will have their decreased dependence on spectacles. After 3-6 months, a laser improvement can be tried to correct these people further. People of age 45, who have distance vision correction may require reading glasses.

Every surgery holds a surgical risk which is the reason Pre LASIK workup / Pre Tests are made so that any patient not eligible for the procedure can be ruled out. Some of the risks may include:

  • Infections – Modern day antibiotics can simply control and tackle infections.
  • Over or Under Correction – Can sometimes happen because of different healing responses of the body. This situation is rare and however if so happens, it can be efficiently managed by doing laser polishing after 6 months.

To be fit for laser surgery you have to meet some basic eligibility criteria

  • Minimum 18 years old
  • specs numbers must be stable for the last 6 months. Minor variations of 0. 25 D and 0.50 D are satisfactory.
  • Ladies should not be pregnant or on breastfeed or 6 months post-pregnancy.
  • You must not be consuming any medicines such as steroids.

After you meet these basic criteria, then you will have to undergo a Pre Lasik workup test which involves 6 to 7 different kinds of tests to eventually declare you the right candidate for laser surgery.

  • Pre Lasik work up test involves a series of 6-7 tests that involve:
  • Examining the power and pressures of your eye
  • Monitoring your corneal thickness and any additional surface irregularities on the cornea.
  • Examining for dry eyes
  • Checking the Retina movement

This test normally takes 2 hours and if you use contact lenses it is best to stop them 3 days before you undergo these tests.

No laser surgery is flapless. Even surgeries like SMILE, which are said to be flap free, build a small flap. The only surgeries which are flap free are ICL, wherein a lens is inserted inside the eye that is implantation.

ICL i.e Implantable Collamer Lenses or phakic intraocular lenses are lenses implanted in the eye to work with the natural crystalline lens of the eye so that it can correct a refractive error with or without astigmatism. ICL can correct the big refractive error in the thin cornea.

The main contrast between ICL and traditional IOLs is the fact that an ICL operates in conjunction with the eye’s crystalline lens. It is even performed in a young patient who has no cataract. An IOL substitutes the eye’s natural lens during cataract surgery. IOLs are done to manage Cataract and ICL manage refractive error i.e helps in specs removal.

During the Small Incision Lenticule Extraction ( SMILE) procedure, the doctor uses eye drops to anaesthetize the eye. A speculum is then precisely placed on the lids to retain the eye open and to stop blinking. Using advanced femtosecond technology, the surgeon then performs a specific lenticule that is a thin and circular piece of tissue. The surgeon then eliminates the lenticule by the small incision that was formed in the eye. The process takes only 10-15 minutes.

A major difference between LASIK surgery and PRK is, LASIK creates a joint flap on the cornea. LASIK patients report minimum irritation and their vision stabilizes more swiftly than PRK. PRK involves operating the surface of the cornea. PRK recovery takes a few days with blurry vision and a bit of discomfort. It is often suggested when the patient’s cornea is extremely thin they must go for LASIK surgery.

Contoura Vision is a topography-guided laser system, which suggests that rather than just treating spectacle power it can also record and treat defects in individual corneas and optical systems, ending in a better focusing surface.


The procedure is also focused on the visual axis of the eye and giving better results compared to LASIK & SMILE. Studies have shown that patients who undergo Contoura treatment for vision correction have a 40% possibility of getting vision better than 6/6 vision is usually analysed the vision of normal people.

The outcomes of Laser on the cornea are permanent. Sometimes, internal changes within an eye may happen with age and these may have some effect on the all-over visual status.

Preparations before Laser Surgery :

  • It is suggested to stop applying contact lens 1 week before surgery.
  • Avoid applying perfumes, powder, makeup on eyes, and face on the day of Laser Surgery.
  • Have a healthy and light meal before laser surgery.
  • Apply the antibiotic eye drops in both the eyes as prescribed by your eye doctor, 6 times a day, one day before the procedure.
  • Keep your eyes shut as much as possible after laser treatment on the surgery day.
  • Wear dark glasses continuously during the day for the first 3 days. Also, It will serve as small protection against dust and exposure to sunlight.

When you plan to undergo any additional eye surgery it’s your responsibility to inform your doctor about previous surgery so that the treatment plan can be adjusted accordingly.

Recovery in procedures like Contoura Vision & LASIK is quick and from the very next day you can see everything crystal clear.

In procedures like SMILE and PRK, the healing is continuous and takes about 10 days to completely recover.

Some vitamin-rich diets like Carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato, etc. contain beta carotene, which is the source of vitamin A. 

A diet must contain an extreme amount of vitamin C in orange, amla, tomatoes, capsicum, etc. Before bedtime, eating 1 spoon of amla powder can also increase eyesight. Also, Vitamin-E is very necessary to include in your diet: sunflower seeds, almonds, peanuts, spinach, soya bean, kiwi, mango, Turnip, etc. Vitamin A is very essential in removing spectacles and keeping eyes healthy. Eat more Vitamin A rich foods in your diet.

Having a good diet with green vegetables and nutritious fruits will help in maintaining healthy eyes and body. That said, No medicine, diets, or process can help in completely getting rid of eye glasses or contact lenses.

There are multiple good specs removal surgeons in Hisar. Eye Mantra has some of the top  specs removal doctors / surgeons.  Dr. Shweta Jain is one of the best specs removal surgeons in India. Dr. Shweta Jain has successfully performed more than 1000+ LASIK, Contura and ICL surgeries so far. The results from the Eye Mantra specs removal surgery program in Hisar turns out to be better for many people. Post specs removal surgery, multiple patients experience improved appearance, increased vision and improved depth perception

Eye Mantra has more than 5 branches in Hisar, located in all the key areas. You can take consultation for Spec Removal from any part of Hisar.

We cater to areas in Hisar such as Adarsh Nagar, Ashok Vihar, Begum Pur, Karala, Narela, Pitam Pura, Rohini, Shalimar Bagh, North Hisar, Civil Lines, Gulabi Bagh, Kamla Nagar, Kashmiri Gate, Kotwali, Model Town, Mori Gate, Sadar Bazaar, Sarai Rohilla, Shakti Nagar, Tis Hazari, Timarpur, Wazirabad, GTB Nagar, North East Hisar, Dilshad Garden, Usmanpur, Shahdara, Shastri Park, Yamuna Vihar, Central Hisar, Chandni Chowk, Daryaganj, Jhandewalan, Karol Bagh, Shastri Nagar, Kishanganj, Paharganj, Rajender Nagar, Barakhamba Road, Chanakyapuri, Connaught Place, Laxmibai Nagar, Pragati Maidan, East Hisar, Jhilmil Colony, Laxmi Nagar, Mayur Vihar, Pandav Nagar, Preet Vihar, Anand Vihar, Vasundhara Enclave, Vishwas Nagar, Vivek Vihar, Kamal Hans Nagar, South Hisar, Chattarpur, Green Park, Gulmohar Park, Hauz Khas, Khanpur, Malviya Nagar, Mehrauli, Neeti Bagh, Netaji Nagar, Safdarjung Enclave, Sainik Farm, Saket, Sangam Vihar, Sarojini Nagar, Sarvodaya Enclave, Siri Fort, South Extension, Sriniwaspuri, Jor Bagh, Lodhi Colony, Khan Market, Sundar Nagar, Sarai Kale Khan, Jangpura, Defence Colony, Lajpat Nagar, New Friends Colony, Nehru Place, Kalkaji, East of Kailash, Chittaranjan Park, Govindpuri, Greater Kailash, Alaknanda, Jamia Nagar, Okhla, Sarita Vihar, Tughlaqabad, Badarpur, Dabri, Dwarka, Hisar Cantonment, Dhaula Kuan, Inderpuri, Mahipalpur, Moti Bagh, Munirka, Najafgarh, Naraina Vihar, Palam, Rama Krishna Puram, Sagar Pur, Vasant Kunj, Vasant Vihar, West Hisar, Ashok Nagar, Bali Nagar, Fateh Nagar, Kirti Nagar, Moti Nagar, Paschim Vihar, Patel Nagar, Punjabi Bagh, Rajouri Garden, Tilak Nagar, Vikas Nagar and Vikaspuri.

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