Cost of Squint / Strabismus surgery in Bundi

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What is the cost of Squint Surgery in Bundi?

The cost of squint surgery in Bundi, India, can vary depending on several factors, including the type of procedure required, the surgeon’s experience, and the healthcare facility chosen. Generally, basic squint correction surgery in Bundi may range from ₹20,000 to ₹50,000. For more complex or specialized procedures, the cost can go higher, ranging from ₹60,000 to ₹1,00,000 or more. To obtain an accurate cost estimate, it’s advisable to consult with an ophthalmologist who can assess your specific condition and provide a personalized quote. Prices may also change over time, so checking with local providers for current rates is recommended.

Squint cost packages available in Bundi

On average, the cost for squint surgery in Bundi can range from INR 20,000 to INR 1,00,000 or more. Many hospitals and clinics offer comprehensive packages that include pre-operative tests, surgery, post-operative care, and follow-up appointments. It’s essential to consult with healthcare providers for specific package details and pricing. Eyemantra offers the most affordable packages

TreatmentCost (₹)
Orthoptic Checkup ( PBCT + Synaptophore + Diplopia Charting + Maddox ) in Bundi500
Squint Orthoptic Exercises (12 Days) in Bundi1200
Squint Surgery for 1 Muscles in Bundi25,000
Squint Surgery for 2 Muscles in Bundi30,000
Squint Surgery for 3 Muscles in Bundi35,000

Which insurances / panels companies cover Squint surgery cost in Bundi?

In Bundi, India, the availability of insurance coverage for squint surgery may vary depending on your specific insurance plan and the healthcare facility you choose. Insurance providers such as New India Assurance, United India Insurance, and Oriental Insurance are commonly found in the area and may offer coverage for squint surgery. However, the extent of coverage can vary, so it’s essential to verify the details with your insurance company and the hospital or clinic where the procedure is scheduled. Contacting your insurer or the healthcare facility’s billing department is recommended for precise information on squint surgery coverage in Bundi.

Who is the Best Squint Surgeon in Bundi?

With over 15 years of dedicated practice, Dr. Shweta Jain is a renowned and proficient squint surgeon. Her extensive experience extends to the successful treatment of numerous patients, consistently delivering exceptional outcomes. Her unwavering commitment to offering top-tier patient care firmly establishes her as one of the foremost squint surgeons in Bundi.

Which is the Best Squint eye hospital in Bundi?

There are many Squint eye hospitals in Bundi, but not all of them are created equal. When looking for the best Squint eye hospital in Bundi, Eyemantra is a clear choice with the latest technology, experienced surgeons, and a proven track record of success.

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