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What is Squint?

Squint is a disorder in which the eyes of the person focus in different directions. Squint eyes can develop in the eyes of a person due to various reasons. Some of those reasons are nerve injury, refractive error, childhood illness, or dysfunction of muscles that control the eyes. However, another name for squint is strabismus. Squit eyes are most common in children. Furthermore, in a squint, an eye can turn upwards, downward, inwards, or outwards. This can happen all the time or at intervals. The main symptom of squint eyes is misaligned eyes. Hence, that means the eyes are not aligned. India has the best squint surgeon to provide the best treatment to the patients. 

Top Squint Surgeons In Delhi

The squint surgeon is an eye specialist with the knowledge of how to treat misaligned eyes. Most commonly, pediatricians can also treat squints. This is because squint is most commonly found in children. Well, the doctors are trained well enough to treat the patient, even if an adult, in the best way. 

Dr. Dharitri Samantaray


Dr. Dharitri Samantaray is one of the best squint surgeons in Delhi. She is currently associated as an ophthalmologist at Bharti Eye Hospital, New Delhi. She functions as a super specialty eye surgeon there. Consequently, she can perform Squint surgery, Cataract, refractive surgery, and medical retina. Her success stories in squint surgeries are also countless. She was previously working at Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai as an ophthalmologist. She has also worked in DDU Hospital in New Delhi. However, besides contributing to various hospitals so far, she is a member of different prestigious organizations, like the All India Ophthalmological Society, The Orissa Council of Medical Registration, and the Delhi Medical Association.

Dr. Shweta Jain

Dr. Shweta Jain, surgeon

Dr. Shweta Jain is of the best squint surgeons. She is the senior eye consultant and surgeon at Eye Mantra Hospital in Delhi.  She is a specialized practitioner of ophthalmology. Dr. Shweta has experience of 10 years of in the field. However, she finished her MBBS in 2011 from Kasturba Medical College. Dr. Shweta pursued her DNB in 2014 from Natboard New Delhi. She is an expert in what she does. Dr. Shweta has a very high success rate. She is a trustworthy and reputable doctor of Eye Mantra.


Dr. Poonam Gupta


Dr. Poonam Gupta is an eye specialist at Eye Mantra.  She has experience of more than 8 years in the field. Moreover, she pursued her M.B.B.S from B.J. Medical College, Gujarat University, and completed her MS Ophthalmology from Guru Nanak Eye Centre, Delhi University. Consequently, she is an expert in cataract, squint, and Lasik surgery. She has surgical experience in many successful surgeries.


Dr. Rajat Jain


Dr. Rajat Jain is a practitioner in eye specialty at Eye Mantra. he is one of those very few doctors in India, who can perform partial-thickness Keratoprosthesis. Adding to this, he has experience with over 10,000 cataract surgeries and 400 cornea transplants. He has performed cornea transplants on kids as well. Moreover, his work is very precise and he is very good at what he does.

Dr. Neha Mohan


Dr. Neha Mohan is another renowned practitioner at Eye Mantra. She has performed many vitrectomies for retinal detachment surgeries, macular hole surgeries, and other various retinal surgeries. Moreover, she has special training in uveitis. Her keen dedication towards uveitis has won her research paper an award for the best paper award at the Uveitis Society of India meeting in 2012.


Dr. Lalit Chaudhary


Dr. Lalit Chaudhary is currently working at Shri Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi. he is a Certified Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon. He is a man of principles, precision, safety, and transparency.  Consequently, Dr. Lalit has obtained aesthetic and microvascular plastic surgery training from four pioneer institutes. He has been a part of many national and international conferences. In addition to that, he has many international and national index publications.

Dr. Sudhir Bhatia 


Dr. Sudhir Bhatia is currently associated as a Senior Consultant at Bharti Eye Hospital, which is  in New Delhi. He specializes in almost all aspects of eye surgeries and ophthalmology.  Furthermore, Dr. Bhatia shows special interest in squint surgeries, glaucoma, medical retina, and refractive surgery. Adding to his experience, he is a member of various prestigious organizations, like All India Ophthalmological Society, Delhi Diabetic Forum, and Delhi Medical Association.


Dr. Ramendra Bakshi


Dr. Ramendra Bakshi is a renowned Ophthalmologist, based in Delhi with comprehensive  21+ years of experience. She is the winner of Best Paper of Session, which was held at ASCRS San Diego California in 2011, and is a member of the All India Ophthalmological Society, Delhi Ophthalmological Society (DOS), American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS), European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS). Dr. Bakshi has completed MBBS from Motilal Nehru Medical College. He then pursued MS in Ophthalmology from the reputed Lala Rajput Rai Memorial Medical College, Meerut.

Moreover, she has triumphantly operated on over 5000+ cataract operations and her expertise lies in Comprehensive Eye checkups, Computerized Eye Testing, and Lasik. Some other areas of expertise are Blade-Free Lasik, Phakic IOLs for thin corneas, Cataract Surgery, Microincision Surgery with IOL, Cornea Transplant, Management of Dry Eyes, Ocular Surface Reconstruction, Keratoprosthesis, Keratoconus Management, Glaucoma Management. Consequently, she has both federal and foreign publications under her confidence and is actively requested as a guest discussant in scientific meetings, CDE’s to talk about Cataract and Squint Surgeries.

A Word From Eye Mantra

Apparently, these are all the famous squint surgeons in Delhi. However, one must get the whole analysis and check-up of the eye, and then continue with the interventionists. However, Eye Mantra is one of the preeminent eye hospitals that provide therapy for cataracts. The practitioners here are extremely proficient and experienced in their duties. Moreover, the experts at Eye Mantra Hospital first diagnose your eyes completely and then guide you about any additional treatment.

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