EyeMantra CRM Training Module

EyeMantra Training Module

We use Bitrix24 as our CRM. We have divided this training module into the following 2 parts: –

1. General Training Module
This module is for everyone who joins the organization. We have 2 videos in this module.

2. Reception Training Module
This is only for the reception staff who are responsible for the billing. We have 4 videos in this module.

General Training Module

Currently this module contains 2 videos.

General Bitrix Training Video 1

General Bitrix Training Video 2

Training Module For Receptionist

Currently this module contains 1 video.

TPA Insurance Billing

Cash Private Billing

Future Appointments And Use Of Filters Audio

Surgery Advance Billing & Invoice Report

Make An Appointment

Free Tele-Consultation

Book Appointment or Video Consultation online with top eye doctors