Cost of Keratoconus treatments options such as C3R, PTK, TREK, Intacs & ICL in Orissa

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What is the cost of C3R Surgery or Keratoconus treatment in Orissa?

The cost of C3R (Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking) surgery for Keratoconus treatment in Orissa, India, typically ranges from INR 20,000 to INR 45,000. However, the actual cost can vary based on the specific clinic or hospital, the severity of the condition, and any additional diagnostic or post-operative services required. For precise and up-to-date pricing, it’s advisable to consult with eye care specialists in Orissa.

C3R cost packages available in Orissa

The cost of C3R surgery in Orissa can vary depending on the hospital you choose and the type of surgery you need. The cost of C3R surgery in Orissa varies between ₹25,000 to ₹50,000 per eye. C3R treatment is often combined with different lenses as shown below:

ProcedurePrice/Eye (₹)Description
Simple C3R treatment in Orissa25,000Riboflavin and laser is used to strengthen the cornea and treat keratoconus.
C3R + RGP contact Lenses in Orissa30,000Along with C3R, RGP or rigid contact lenses are prescribed. This gives clear eyesight without any issues.
C3R + Scleral Lens in Orissa35,000Along with C3R, Scleral contact lenses are prescribed. These are large contact lens that rests on the sclera and creates a tear-filled vault over the cornea.
C3R + ICL in Orissa60,000Along with C3R, ICL surgery is done to permanently place a lens inside eye. ICL corrects your eye power as well. Contact lenses are not needed.
C3R + PTK/ Trek/ TCAT60,000Along with C3R, Laser is used to change the curvature of the cornea and improve vision
C3R + Intacs60000Along with C3R, semi circular rings called Intacs are inserted in the eye, which change the shape of the cornea to improve vision

Which insurances / panels companies cover the cost of Keratoconus treatment in Orissa?

In Odisha (formerly known as Orissa), individuals seeking coverage for Keratoconus treatment may consider insurance options with companies such as National Insurance Company, New India Assurance, and Oriental Insurance Company. However, it’s important to understand that the extent of coverage for specific medical conditions like Keratoconus can vary based on the specific policy and its terms and conditions. To obtain accurate and up-to-date information on insurance coverage for Keratoconus treatment in Odisha, it is recommended to directly contact these insurance providers or consult with a local healthcare professional who can provide guidance on available options and their specifics.

Who is the Best C3R Surgeon in Orissa?

With over 15 years of dedicated practice, Dr. Shweta Jain is a renowned and proficient C3R surgeon. Her extensive experience extends to the successful treatment of numerous patients, consistently delivering exceptional outcomes. Her unwavering commitment to offering top-tier patient care firmly establishes her as one of the foremost C3R surgeons in Orissa.

Which is the Best C3R eye hospital in Orissa?

There are many C3R eye hospitals in Orissa, but not all of them are created equal. When looking for the best C3R eye hospital in Orissa, Eyemantra is a clear choice with the latest technology, experienced surgeons, and a proven track record of success.

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