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Squint Surgery Cost At Eye Mantra Hospital

Squint Surgery Cost

Squint Surgery Cost depends on various factors. These factors are Technology, Location, Resources, the Surgeon who is operating, etc. . Primarily it depends on the number of muscles that are to be treated. In India the average cost varies from Rs 25000- Rs 100000 depending on the technology and advance equipment used at Eye hospitals. However, at Eye Mantra, the average Squint Surgery cost is Rs 20000- Rs 35000 depending on the muscles which need treatment.

What Is Squint Surgery?

Squint Surgery

Squint/Strabismus is a condition when there is a misalignment of the sight. In other words when the line of sight of both the eyes are not properly aligned with each other. By squint surgery, the normal alignment of the eyes is corrected. Doctors recommend surgery only if any other treatment is not suitable for eye disease. 

Squint Surgery Types and Their Cost

There are 6 muscles in an eye. These are the muscles that are responsible for the moving of your eye in different directions.  The main purpose of the surgery is to move some of these muscles so that it puts the eye in a straight position. The moving of the muscles depends on which type of squint you have.

                      TREATMENT                             COST(₹)
                           Check-up                            500-2000
             Squint Orthoptic Exercises                           1000-3000
            Squint Surgery for 1 Muscle                         20000-40000
           Squint Surgery for 2 Muscles                         40000-70000
           Squint Surgery for 3 Muscles                        70000-100000

This surgery does not improve any defective errors. The surgeon will discuss the aim of surgery for your condition at the start of surgery. Sometimes doctors perform one more operation for the best results. But the second surgery will be after some time.

How To Plan For Squint Surgery?

The surgeon will discuss the exact condition of your eye disease with you. There will be a pre-assessment of your eye before the surgery. Take your eyeglasses or any glasses which have been prescribed to you by any doctor. The doctor will spend some time to know if the patient’s expectations match the expected result. The doctor will advise you to stop some medications. You will be given some instructions about what to eat and what not to eat. The surgery time depends on the muscles that are operated on.

Procedure Of Squint Surgery

Procedure of squint surgery

This surgery is a very safe procedure, which can be done on an outpatient basis. You can go back home the same day of the surgery. The usual time ranges from two to three hours depending on the muscles. The two-process of Squint Surgery are:

  • Detachment of eye muscles.
  • Tighten or loosen the eye muscles as the condition requires.
  • Stitch the eye muscles with some dissolvable tissues.

Recovery and After Care


The patient will be under observation for one day or for few hours. There are about 90% feel that there is an improvement in their eye condition after surgery. The correction degree may be different for two patients having the same size quint. However, there may be cases when a patient may develop a squint after the operation. It is also possible that a person requires more than one surgery to correct the ailment.


After the operation, the eyes will get a little swelling, soreness, redness and the vision might get a little blurry. The doctor will prescribe you some eye drops, start using them immediately. These side effects last for a few days. But if there were repeated squint operations, in any case, it lasts about 2-3 months. Do not drive immediately after the surgery. It is quite safe for you to watch television or read books.

There are certain steps that you should follow as aftercare. These steps are as follows:

  • Use the eye drops prescribed by the doctor.
  • Boil water and wait for it to cool down. Use this water only to wipe stickiness around the eyes.
  • Avoid any water entering your eye for the first few days.
  • Use mild painkillers such as paracetamol if your eyes are painful.
  • Avoid swimming for few days.

A Word From Eye Mantra

This is everything that you need to know about Squint surgery costs in Delhi. This cost may vary depending upon the consultation charges that may differ from hospital to hospital. At Eye Mantra hospital, we provide the best services in Squint surgery.

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