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retina treatment cost

What is Retina Treatment?

You need to know about the retina before you go to the retina treatment cost. The retina is situated at the back of the line which acts like the film of the camera and transfers the emails perceived by the eyes to the brain for further processing and analysis.  The retina is a light-sensitive membrane that is located in the posterior part of the eye.  When light enters the eye the lens of the eye focuses a picture on the retina. Then the retina converts the picture into two signals which are sent to the brain by the optic nerve. 

Therefore, when the retina is damaged it leads to various visual disturbances.  Vision problems are the biggest barrier one suffers from retinal detachment

Retina Treatment Cost

The cost of retina treatment depends on different factors. The factors can be the “type of procedure” and the cost can vary between the range of Rs.3,000 to Rs.50,000. We, at Eye Mantra, provide the best services to our patients at the cost. 

Tabular Representation of Retina Treatment Cost

Retina treatment cost depends on the procedure, the types of injections, testing, and surgery chosen by the patient or suggested by the doctor.  

Retinal TreatmentCost (₹)
Fundus Angiography2,500
Yag Laser (Single eyes)2000-3000
Green Laser (Single Eye)2000-3000
YAG iridotomy2000-3000
Injection Avastin10000-15000
Injection Razumab20000-25000
Injection Accentrix30000-40000
Retinal Detachment Surgery40000-45000

Retina Treatment With Insurance

The cost of cataract surgery varies if your insurance covers the cost of the operation. However, there are many insurance companies that cover a part of the cost of cataract surgery. 

Insurance Companies Covering The Surgery 

A cataract is one of the most common disorders occurring in India. However, at Eye Mantra, we accept insurance claims for retinal treatment. Additionally, there are many companies that cover retina treatment insurance under their insurance policy. They always have a certain plan for retina treatment. Although, these criteria include a waiting period of 2 years. A few of the insurance companies are: 

  1. ICICI Lombard General Insurance
  2. Star Health Insurance
  3. Care Health Insurance
  4. SBI General Insurance
  5. Oriental Insurance
  6. HDFC Ergo Insurance
  7. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance 
  8. CGHS Packages

There are other insurance companies too, that cover retina treatment. So, a patient can use these policies to get a concession on the cost of eye surgery.

Average Cost Covered

Although, insurance companies do not cover the entire cost of the operation. However, they cover a part of the payment. Thus, the average cost covered by most of the insurance companies is Rs. Rs.3,000 to Rs.50,000. Therefore, the insurance companies cover the cost of hospitalization, surgery, medical expenses. In addition to that, they also cover post-surgery expenses.

A Word From Eye Mantra

This is everything that you need to know about Retina Treatment costs. This cost may vary depending upon the consultation charges that may differ from hospital to hospital. At Eye Mantra hospital, we provide the best services in retina treatment.

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