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Retinal Detachment Treatment

What is  Detached Retina (Retinal Detachment)?

What is  Detached Retina


A detached retina occurs when the thin layer of the retina, that is at the back of the eye, becomes loose. The retina acts as the mediator between the eye and the brain. If the detached retina treatment is not done at the right time, it might take away your vision completely.

Detached Retina Treatment

 The detached retina can appear at any age, but more commonly it has been occurring in midlife and later. Here are some of the treatments doctors refer to when it comes to detached retina treatment:



This is a laser treatment used to treat the retinal holes or the tears. This is basically done through freezing that seals the retina. These detached retina treatments might or might not cause discomfort. This treatment prohibits the progression of retinal detachment in the eye. And is performed in the ophthalmologist’s office. But it also happens that retinal tears are watched without treatment also.

Surgery for Detached Retina Treatment

The detached retina may require surgeries to get the retina into position or at its right place at the back of the eye. The doctors apply one of the several ways to fix the retina or the retinal tear at the back of the eye. The decision of the doctor for selection on the type of surgery depends upon the characteristics and the intensity of the torn retina.   

Pneumatic Retinopathy

Pneumatic Retinopathy

Pneumatic retinopexy makes the injection of a gas bubble into the vitreous space inside the eye enabling the gas bubble to push the retinal tear back against the wall of the attention and shut the tear. Laser or cryosurgery is employed to secure the retina to the attention wall around the retinal tear. Your ophthalmologist will ask you to take care of a particular head position for several days. The gas bubble will gradually disappear. Sometimes this procedure is often wiped out of the ophthalmologist’s office.

Scleral buckle

A scleral buckle or flexible band is placed around the equator of the attention, that is the eye to counterbalance any force pulling the retina out of place. Often the ophthalmologist will drain the fluid from under the retinal detachment, allowing the retina to return back to its normal position against the rear wall of the attention. This procedure is performed within the OR, usually on an outpatient basis.


A vitrectomy may be surgery to get rid of the vitreous gel that pulls on the retina. This might even be necessary if the vitreous is to get replaced with a gas bubble. Your body’s own fluids will gradually replace this gas bubble, but the vitreous gel doesn’t return. Sometimes a vitrectomy could also be combined with a scleral buckle.

Detached Retina Treatment Aftercare

You can expect some discomfort after surgery for a retinal detachment. Your ophthalmologist will prescribe any necessary medications for you and advise you on when to resume normal activity. You’ll need to wear an eye-fixed patch for a brief time. If a gas bubble was placed within the eye, your ophthalmologist will ask you to simply keep your head in special positions for a time. If a gas bubble is employed, you’ll be constrained from aviation, skin diving, and certain sorts of anesthesia until after the bubble is gone. A change of glasses could also be necessary after the retina has been reattached

Risks of Detached Retina treatment

All surgery has risks; however, detachment of the retina if left untreated will usually end in permanent severe vision loss or blindness. a number of these surgical risks include infection, bleeding, high inside the attention, or cataract. Most retina surgery is successful, although a second operation is usually needed. If the retina can’t be reattached, the attention, that is the eye will still lose sight and ultimately become blind.

Will Your Vision Improve After Detached Retina Treatment?

Vision may take many months to enhance and in some cases may never fully return. Unfortunately, some patients, particularly those with a chronic detachment of the retina, don’t recover any vision. The more severe the detachment, and therefore the longer it’s been present, the less vision could also be expected to return. For this reason, it’s vital to ascertain your ophthalmologist at the primary sign of trouble.

Detached Retina Treatment Cost

The cost of the detached retina treatment depends on different factors. The factors can be the “type of procedure” and the cost can vary between the range of Rs.3,000 to Rs.50,000. We, at Eye Mantra, provide the best services to our patients at the cost. Retina treatment cost depends on the procedure, the types of injections, testing, and surgery chosen by the patient or suggested by the doctor.

A Word From Eye Mantra

This is everything that you need to know about Retina Treatment costs. This cost may vary depending upon the consultation charges that may differ from hospital to hospital. At Eye Mantra hospital, we provide the best services in retina treatment.

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