Cataract Surgery: What Are The Disadvantages Of Cataract Surgery?

Cataract Surgery: Disadvantages, Advantages and Types.

What are Cataract Surgery Disadvantages?

A cataract is an eye disease when there is protein buildup in the lens of the eye. This prevents the light to enter your eye and causes loss of vision. Like all the other eye diseases, this is also curable and can be treated by different methods like medications, surgery, etc. There can be cataract surgery disadvantages as well as advantages.  

What is Cataract Surgery?

Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery is also referred to as lens replacement surgery. This is the removal of the lens by medical surgery performed by the Doctors. These include modern cataract removal, lens implantation. During surgery, the patient’s damaged and cloudy lens is emulsified or by cutting it in place. This is generally a safe procedure as is very common now.  An artificial lens is placed in the place of the natural lens. If there are not many symptoms and the cataract is not causing trouble to the patient, surgery can be avoided. 

Cataract Surgery Disadvantages

Cataract Surgery has both advantages as well as disadvantages. These are some of the disadvantages of Cataract Surgery: 

  • Cost: The first disadvantage of cataract surgery is the cost of cataract surgery. This is usually higher which makes it difficult for common people to afford. This leads to them not considering cataract surgery as an option for treatment. The cost of cataract surgery is not the same for every type. It differs from type to type.
  • Complications in Surgery: Some parts of the artificial lens can be left inside due to many reasons. This can further lead to a second surgery which can cause complications.

Diadvantage of Cataract Surgery

  • Inflammation: There is post-operative itchingDFD and Inflammation in the cornea in some people due to the complications.  The surgeon who performed the surgery will advise you on some eye drops which will help you to control these to avoid these allergies.
  • Allergic Reactions: There can be an adverse reaction to the anesthesia. The doctor should study the patient’s allergies and medical history.


Displacement of Retina

  • Displacement of Retina: There can be displacement of the retina in some rare cases. These rare cases are about  10%. Due to this, there can be complete eye damage.
  • Eye Infections: Eye infections are also possible because of not properly disinfecting the instruments. There can also be incomplete sterilization of the eye equipment. This can lead to serious eye damage.

Side Effects of Cataract Surgery

  • Dry Eyes: If there was any dryness in your eyes before surgery, it increases after the surgery. There can be little dryness in the eye, Doctors treat this by using some eye drops.  This lasts for about one month, not more than that.

Side effects of Cataract surgery

  • The appearance of Floaters: Shadows cast on the retina of the eye by debris is called floaters. Floaters are common in many cases, people might start noticing them after surgery. If you notice an increase in the number of floaters or they do not go away, consult a Doctor.
  • Light Sensitivity: This side effect is also very common and lasts only a few days. Cataract surgery removes the blurriness of the eye which filters the light entering the eye. After this, the whole world becomes brighter.

A Word From Eye Mantra

Cataract surgeries are very common nowadays due to advanced technology. There are pros and cons to every treatment. Same as in Cataract Surgery, there are some advantages as well as disadvantages to the treatment. Some side effects are very common after surgeries. But if these effects are not going with the time. Consult the surgeon, he/she will suggest you some methods to prevent them.

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