Yellow Eyes: Causes and Treatment

yellow eyes

What Are Yellow Eyes?

Yellow eyes usually occur when you are suffering from jaundice, and an individual starts suffering from the disease when the component carrying oxygen in his blood i.e., hemoglobin breaks down due to too much chemical and forms Bilirubin.

Generally, Bilirubin is supposed to pass down from your liver to the bile duct and then excrete out from your body. When this process does not take place, Bilirubin gets stuck in your skin and makes it look yellow. The changing of color from normal to yellow also appears in the sclera, the white part of your eye. Therefore, it leads to yellow eyes.


Causes of Yellow Eyes

Causes of Yellow Eyes

We get yellow eyes due to several reasons including:


 It occurs when the liver gets inflamed due to some virus affecting the liver cells. This infection can be both, short-term or long-term. Therefore, it may last up to a minimum of 6 months. Hepatitis damages the liver hence, it is not able to filter out the Bilirubin, leading to jaundice.



 Sometimes hard pebble-like structures are formed in your gallbladder which is an organ under the liver. This condition is the most common cause of blocked bile ducts. Therefore, if the bile ducts are blocked, Bilirubin builds up in your skin, turning your eyes yellow.


Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Too much alcohol consumption damages your liver. In some cases, alcohol consumption leads to inflammation in the body destroying the liver cells. If you do not look into the matter in time, it may damage your liver permanently.


Liver Infection

 The major cause of liver infection is the consumption of raw or uncooked food by an individual. You can also get a liver infection due to certain viruses especially Hepatitis.



 It is caused due to mosquito bites. This condition leads to damaging and filtering out your blood cells. Loss of blood cells also leads to jaundice.

There are several other causes also which lead to yellow eyes but the ones mentioned above are the most common.


Treatment For Yellow Eyes

Conditions leading to yellow eyes have different treatments depending on the underlying causes.

Pre-Hepatic Jaundice:

This condition occurs when the body loses too many red blood cells and the liver is not able to manage the excess amount of Bilirubin that is formed, so it gets formed in the skin instead.

This process occurs before there is any damage done to your liver. The major condition that leads to such disease is malaria.

Make sure you consult a doctor if you’re having any kind of problem. The doctor will prescribe you certain medicines to reduce the symptoms and to treat the cause.

Intra-Hepatic Jaundice:

This condition occurs when your liver has already been damaged before due to some infection such as viral Hepatitis or liver scarring.

Anti-viral medicines help to fight off the viral infection in the liver. These medicines remove the source of jaundice and protect the body from further liver complications.

Liver scarring occurs due to excess consumption of alcohol or toxins affecting the liver. The only treatment for such a cause is to stop drinking alcohol.

Post-Hepatic Jaundice:

This type of jaundice occurs when the bile ducts are blocked therefore, there is no passage for the Bilirubin to pass out from the body.

Surgery is the most common treatment for such jaundice. In this surgery, the surgeon will take out your gallbladder, some of your bile duct, and a part of the pancreas.

Gallbladder Conditions:

The common solution is to remove the gallbladder if “bile ducts are blocked, the gallbladder is inflamed or it is full of gallstones.


Home Remedies For Yellow Eyes

Some adjustments in the lifestyle become necessary for better functioning of the organs and they may also reduce the symptoms of certain infections

The following tips can help you to do so:


When To Seek Medical Help

It is advisable to seek medical help as soon as you notice any symptoms along with the yellowing of your eye. The signs of serious conditions are:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Nose bleeding
  • Itchy skin
  • Weakness
  • Weight loss (weight loss treatment)
  • Joint or muscle pain
  • Dark urine
  • Darkening of skin color
  • Fever


Yellow eyes are generally caused due to jaundice or liver infection. There are several reasons that may lead to liver infection such as excess alcohol consumption or some viral infections.

It is very important to seek medical help if you notice any change in your skin color or start developing any of the aforementioned symptoms. Make sure you consult a doctor and fill in the doctor with all the problems which have been faced by you.


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