Bloodshot Eye: Over-The-Counter Solutions For Red Eye

Bloodshot Eye

Bloodshot eyes (red-eye) can possibly be due to the expansion or dilation of the blood vessels present at the surface of the eye. This usually happens when a foreign body/object/substance has gotten into your eyes or in case of infection.  In most of the case, eye redness is temporary and clears up quickly. In this article, we will look at some of the ways you can make the process easier.

Causes of Bloodshot Eye

Many of us would have experienced bloodshot or red eyes. They may look unpleasant, with streaks of red or pink color in the conjunctiva and sclera, which are mostly white. Bloodshot eyes can also cause you discomfort – with itchiness, tearing, and burning (all common symptoms). Bloodshot eyes are generally caused by an irritant that is external (called an allergen), such as:

  • Pollen (hay fever)
  • Pets
  • Chlorine from swimming pools
  • Dust
  • Mold 
  • Perfumes
  • Cigarette smoke

To overthrow the irritant, your eyes produce a substance known as histamine, which dilates and inflames the small blood vessels under the surface of the eye.

In most cases, red-eye is harmless. They respond well to over-the-counter treatments and home remedies. The best way to treat the condition is to find out which allergen is causing the red-eye and try to avoid it. But some cases of eye redness need medical diagnosis and medical prescription. 

Temporary Solutions for Bloodshot Eyes

The correct remedy for redness in your eyes will depend upon the particular cause. Usually, one or more of the following will help ease the discomfort in your bloodshot eyes.

1.Warm Compress

Dip a towel/clean cloth in warm water and wring it out. As the area around the eyes is sensitive, maintain the temperature at a reasonable level. Cover your eyes with the towel for around 10 minutes. The heat may help increase the blood flow to the area. It can also help accelerate the production of oil around your eyelids. This will allow your eyes to regulate lubrication.

heal red eyes


2.Cool Compress

In case a warm compress does not work out, you may take the opposite way. Soak a towel/ clean cloth in cold water and wring it out. It may provide short-term relief for your eye redness. It can be relieving for the swelling and may also reduce itchiness from irritation. Make sure you avoid extreme temperatures around the area of your eyes. It may make your condition worse.

3.Artificial Tears

Tears help lubricate your eyes and keep them clean. Over-the-counter artificial tears might help in short-term or long-term dryness to keep your eyes safe and healthy. In case cool artificial tears are recommended by your eye doctor, you may consider refrigerating the solution. 

Long-Term Remedies For Red Eyes 

In case you experience redness and irritation in your eyes on a daily basis, you might need to think beyond short-term solutions. Below are listed a few lifestyle changes that might relieve your symptoms. In case the problem persists, consult your doctor. 

1.Switch Contacts

In case you are witnessing chronic redness of your eyes and you use contact lenses, the issue may involve your eyewear. The material of some contact lenses can encourage infection or irritation. And in case you have recently changed your lenses – or in case you’ve had the same kind of lenses for a long time – and witness redness, consult your eye doctor. They might help you figure out the problem.

The contact solution you are using can also affect your eyes. Some solution ingredients may not be compatible with certain lens materials. Make sure you are using a compatible contact solution for your lenses.

switch contacts


2.Pay Attention To Your Diet

In case you are not staying hydrated, it may cause bloodshot in your eyes. Usually, it takes around 8 cups of water a day for a person to maintain a sufficient fluid balance. 

Consuming an enormous amount of inflammatory foods might lead to eye redness. Processed foods, fast foods, and dairy products may lead to inflammation in case consumed in excess. You may avoid this by limiting the amount you consume or by adding more inflammatory-reducing foods to your diet.

Research has proven that foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids can reduce the amount of inflammation. Omega-3 fatty acids are commonly found in fish, like salmon, and seeds and nuts, like flaxseed. You may also switch to supplements that provide omega-3.

Pay attention to your diet-min


3.Be Aware of Your Surroundings

The environment is a great factor in affecting your eyes. In case you are constantly surrounded by allergens, like pollen or smoke, it might be the cause of the problem. Dry air, humidity, and wind may also affect your eyes. 

Causes of Eye Redness

Although there might be various reasons why your eyes might be red, these are the most common:

1.Conjunctivitis (pink eye)

As suggested by the name, pink eye can lead to inflammation in the eye area. The condition that is highly contagious appears in three forms: bacterial, viral, and allergic. 

Bacterial conjunctivitis is generally treated with a prescription antibiotic. Viral conjunctivitis can be treated with a cool compress and cool artificial tears. Symptoms are usually clear within two weeks. 


Most people witness eye irritation when exposed to pollen. To reduce irritation, stay inside when pollen counts are highest. This is mostly during the mid-morning and early evening. You must also take precautions when conditions are windy. Use eye protection outdoors.


Blepharitis can be understood as a common inflammatory eye disorder that causes redness in the eye area. It may also cause:

  • Itchiness
  • Crusting
  • Burning
  • Flaking

There is no strong evidence to suggest that antibiotics are effective against blepharitis. Conventional remedies call for keeping the eyelids clean and using a warm compress.  

The best way to treat your eyes is to visit your eye care professional and get your eyes checked regularly. He will be able to assess the best method of treatment for your eye ailment.

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