How Much LASIK Surgery Costs?


LASIK Surgery

Lasik is an eye surgery that helps to remove eyeglasses or contact lenses we wear. It is a laser surgery that corrects our vision problems such as myopia (nearsightedness problem), hyperopia (farsightedness problem), or presbyopia (both). The surgery helps the light coming into our eyes and forming the image on our retina to bend and focus on the retina rather than any point before or beyond it. This helps the image to be perfectly formed on our retina so that we can see the objects accurately. 

During the surgery, the doctors take out several tissues of your cornea and make it steeper. Measurement of the cornea and any irregularities are checked before the surgery. You are given several eye drops or medicines before the surgery so that you feel relaxed. As the doctors use some kind of tool to keep your eyes wide open during the surgery. They ask you to focus on a light that keeps your eyes stable while the surgery is being gone on. The doctor uses a special kind of blade to cut off the extra or damaged tissues in the cornea and then reshapes the part which requires so. This surgery usually takes approximately 30 minutes. 


Precautions Before LASIK

Following are the precautions one should take before the surgery gets performed. Such as-

  • Do not wear your contact lenses rather switch to wearing glasses for a few weeks before the surgery. Contact lenses might distort the shape of your cornea leading to inappropriate measurement during the surgery.
  • Do not wear eye make or do not apply any kind of eye cream to ensure the minimum risk of infection.
  • Make sure you have any friend or family member with you after the surgery to help you with things as you will not be able to see anything. 
  • Read about the Lasik surgery beforehand so that if you have any problem after the surgery you will be aware of it.

 Risks Of Lasik Surgery

After the surgery, you might face some common problems like itchy eyes, eye-watering, or burns. Your vision would be slightly blurry. You will be provided with some eye drops and medicines prescribed by your doctor to make you feel comfortable. It might take a few months for your eyes to be stable. Make sure you do not miss out on any of your appointments during this period. Give your eyes proper rest and do not start working just after the surgery as it can cause great harm to your eyes. 

Although with the advancement in technology, the success rate of this surgery is quite high. But still there are some risks involved. These are-

  • You might have a sensitivity to light.
  • You might complain about double or blurry visions.
  • A problem in moving your eyeballs.
  • Excess tears or swelling in the eyes.

Advantages Of LASIK Surgery

  • Improved Vision: Lasik surgery helps you to remove the eyeglasses or contact lenses you wear by correcting your vision problems. Around 96% of people achieve perfect eyesight after the surgery. Some do not get the perfect eyesight but improved one.
  • Safety: Surgery is very safe as several precautions are been mentioned to the patients that they need to take before-hand like avoiding eye makeup, not wearing contact lenses and others. Doctors also measure the surgery so that there is no problem while the surgery is going on.
  • Fast Healing: Lasik surgery heals very quickly, it takes up to 24-36 hours to heal the problems arising from the flap. However, it is suggested to give your eyes proper rest for some months to avoid any kind of complications.

Disadvantages Of LASIK Surgery

  • Dry Eyes: It is the most common problem after the surgery and can last up to several days. Doctors will give you some eye drops to heal it. You might have itchiness and uncomfortable eyes. There is nothing to worry about; you will be given proper medicines to treat them.
  • Flap Complications: Several issues arise with the flap after the surgery as it is very thin and delicate:  Wrinkled flap, Flap is displaced, The flap is broken or damaged in some other ways.

How Much Does LASIK Cost?

LASIK cost varies from centre to centre. From as low as five thousand rupees per eye to as high as over a lakh of rupees. Many laser centres are typically using an older technology. That is far cheaper due to minimal medical safety protocols and quality control. Some centers may charge you this much for very poorly maintained lasers, re-use disposables, and do not have the expertise to deal with complications. In a hospital, where tests like HIV are not done for patients. It becomes extremely important to tread with caution when choosing a LASIK centre.

The standard rate of basic Lasik surgery in India is about 50,000 INR to 1 lakh. Basic Lasik treatment in India could cost up to 20,000 to 50,000 INR. While the high-end hospitals that are providing premium services with bladeless Lasik treatment can charge up to a lakh or higher. The Price of the surgery varies from person to person depending on the equipment used and many other factors involved.

Lasik surgery is optional hence does not have an insurance policy. It includes everything from pre-surgery, operation, and postoperative examination. The price may vary from hospital to hospital as different hospitals have different kinds of the surgeon, procedure, quality of types of equipment used for the surgery, and different eye conditions. 

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