Custom LASIK: Personalized Vision Correction

Custom LASIK

If you want the clearest possible vision after laser vision correction, you surely should examine a procedure called “custom wavefront LASIK”. In this article, you will find the key points of an advanced form of LASIK surgery i.e “Custome Lasik”. There are various eye hospitals in Delhi which provide this surgery with all facilities.


What Is Custom LASIK?

Custom wavefront LASIK is also named “custom LASIK” or “wavefront LASIK” and adds a higher degree of accuracy and personalization to LASIK vision correction surgery by applying advanced wavefront technology to estimate the unique features of your eyes.
Traditional LASIK surgery tries to recreate the vision correction that your eyeglass prescription gives.

The eyeglass prescriptions are different, yet millions of people can have the same eyeglass prescribed. And in order to generate detailed unique features for each person’s eyes (that cannot be measured with the traditional techniques applied), custom LASIK is used to know refractive error during an eye exam.

Custom LASIK uses much more accurate information than a regular eyeglasses prescription to determine the excimer laser that reshapes your eye while the vision correction procedure.

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Types of Custom LASIK

There are 3 fundamental types of custom LASIK procedures. They are:

  •  Wavefront-guided LASIK

This procedure uses precise, wavefront-generated measurements of how light waves travel through your eyes and fall upon the retina. This is done to produce a laser treatment that is personalized for your eye anatomy and vision correction demands. Also, to improve nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, wavefront-guided LASIK decreases irregular higher-order aberrations that can decrease visual clarity even after all main refractive errors are corrected.

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  • Wavefront-optimized LASIK 

This procedure uses precise measurements of the curvature of the anterior surface of your eye to protect the natural aspheric shape of your cornea. Protecting the cornea’s natural shape decreases the risk of a distinct type of higher-order aberration called “spherical aberration”. This can be done naturally in an eye or can be generated by different types of laser vision correction procedures. Spherical aberration usually creates halos around lights and other night vision difficulties.

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  • Topography-guided LASIK

This procedure uses precise measurements of the surface of the cornea to calculate the laser to address vision difficulties caused by corneal irregularities including corneal scars with refractive errors too. Topography-guided LASIK is not a wavefront LASIK procedure, but it gives a more personalized vision improvement than traditional LASIK.


Benefits of Custom LASIK  

There are numerous potential benefits to custom LASIK contrasted to traditional LASIK. The most prominent one is that it measures your specific corneal aberrations, including sections that may be thinner than others. Wavefront technology enables your eye surgeon to customize where the lasers will separate tissue from the cornea, taking your cornea’s shape and changes into account.

Custom LASIK reportedly enhances the clarity of your near and far sight, as estimated by the Snellen chart. In addition, it also improves other points like how you see, such as contrast sensitivity and fine vision. Developing other features of your vision can overcome some of the side effects linked with traditional LASIK, particularly difficulty with night vision.

There are frequent side effects linked with LASIK, both traditional and custom.

  • Dry eyes
  • Glare, halos, or starbursts around lights
  • Hazy or blurry vision
  • Discomfort, itchiness, or pain in the eye
  • Difficulty driving at night
  • Other issues with night vision
  • Inflammation
  • Infection
  • Light sensitivity
  • Overcorrection, heading to difficulty focusing and headaches
  • Undercorrection, indicating the refractive error is still changing or blurred vision

These usually go away. The more severe ones however would need treatment. In a very small number of cases, these side effects grow permanently. The benefit of custom LASIK means that some of the side effects are less liable to happen and less likely to be stable.

With the wavefront computer, 94% of members achieved a vision that was 20/20 or clearer.

In wavefront-optimized LASIK, the wavefront device gives detailed analyses of the curvature of the front surface of the eye, maintaining the natural shape of the cornea, which decreases the risk of a higher-order aberration called spherical aberration. This type of aberration begins to halos or glares nearby lights and copes with night vision.

Traditional LASIK v/s Custom LASIK 

The wavefront technology used for custom LASIK offers the procedure preferred to a conventional LASIK procedure in two ways:

  • Custom wavefront LASIK is more correct

While a routine eye examination, your doctor simultaneously places various lenses in front of your eyes while you are staring at an eye chart and questions which lens makes the letters seem clearer.
Sometimes the lenses will look the same, and it’s hard to decide which one makes the chart look clearer. Whether it was the first one or the next one.
With every click on the dial of that device, your doctor tries to know your eyeglasses prescription that describes the least unit of power used to create a stylish pair of eyeglasses, which is 0.25 diopter. You must have noticed that your eyeglass prescription has numbers like -1.25 D and -1.50 D, but not 1.3 D.
In custom wavefront LASIK, the power of lenses needed to rectify your vision is measured in 0.01 D units.
Choosing the lens that most perfectly corrects your vision for a custom LASIK procedure is done directly by a computer, instead of making you pick one for yourself
By estimating the refractive errors of your eyes in 0.01 D increases measurements used for custom wavefront LASIK are 25 times more correct than lens powers used in an eyeglasses prescription.

  • Custom wavefront LASIK is more distinct

When your doctor is planning your eyeglass prescription during your eye exam, he or she is judging your eye’s ability to focus light as a consolidated whole. One lens prescription is decided for your entire eye.
Measurements gathered for custom LASIK are gathered from hundreds of separate source points on the anterior surface of the eye. All these data points are used to generate a detailed map of the refractive error and focusing defects called higher-order aberrations over the entire cornea.
This map is then used to calculate the excimer laser to give a personalized vision correction for your precise and minute requirements.


Is Custom LASIK More Beneficial Than Regular LASIK?

Normally yes, as an automated wavefront measuring device for iDesign Advanced CustomVue wavefront-guided LASIK. According to research, LASIK uncorrected visual acuity (UCVA) at 12 months after surgery was 20/20, 20/16, and 20/12.5. Linked with the patients’ best spectacle-corrected visual acuity (BSCVA) before the system, UCVA after custom LASIK was more valid by one or more lines on an eye chart in 29.6 % of eyes and equal to or better than pre-operative BSCVA in 60.3%.

But many parts must be viewed including your eyeglasses prescription, the thickness of your cornea, your current satisfaction with your vision with glasses, how significant you are about the quality of your visual acuity, your visual requirements, and your budget.
During your pre-operation exam and consultation, your eye doctor or LASIK surgeon will fully inform you about your specific needs and whether you are expected to notice significantly better vision with custom LASIK linked than with regular LASIK.
Also, your surgeon will be ready to define which type of custom LASIK technology he or she prefers and the visual results you can expect with your refractive errors with that technology.


Role of Wavefront Devices Custom LASIK Procedure

When someone suggests wavefront LASIK, they relate to a special process called “wavefront-guided” technology used by eye surgeons to define which parts of the cornea should be reshaped and to evaluate your overall eye and vision before surgery. Traditional LASIK uses your refractive error analysis, which decided the correction in your glasses or contact lenses, to program lasers. The increase of wavefront computer imaging indicates that your corneas will be even more shaped, enhancing your risk of having better than 20/40 vision. Hence, the process is sometimes called custom because it is customized to your eye’s requirements.
The measurement is called wavefront because it uses reflected light waves to estimate aberrations, from lower-order to higher-order, in your eye. The device will emit a safe, non-UV light wave into your eye, which is reflected off the posterior of the eye and moved out by the pupil. The wavefront computer, or aberrometry device, measures that reflected light wave to form a unique pattern, which demonstrates how your cornea is shaped, along with some other characteristics of the eye itself. The measurement of your cornea’s irregularities will look like a topographical map.


Correct Time For LASIK Surgery

You can go for custom LASIK surgery only if you:

Cost of Custom LASIK

It’s hard to say the cost of custom LASIK and other laser vision correction surgery precisely because prices can differ significantly based on various regions and the type of facility where you want to have your procedure performed. The costing can start from Rs.5,000 and can go to 1 Lakhs.


Despite which procedure you prefer, LASIK is recommended because the recovery time is within 1-3 days at home, and most people who go for the operation return to work the next day. The majority experience full vision recovery over a few weeks at most and many do not require glasses or contact lenses for decades after the procedure. Rectifying your eyes with an optometric surgeon for custom LASIK could make a difference in your results. It is recommended to talk about both traditional and custom LASIK with your surgeon. But the 1st preference will be the custom LASIK as it’s an advanced process and helps in vision correction with proper results.


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