Eyedrops for Dry Eyes- Find Right Type of Eyedrop For Your Eyes

Eyedrops for Dry Eyes :Find the right type of eyedrop for your eyes

Dry eye is an eye condition in which the oil gland does not release the necessary oil in the eyes and its ends up causing their eyes to dry up. The condition can be eased with the help of eye drops.

Dry eyes are a common eye condition. Dry eyes are caused due to many reasons. It can be caused due to windy conditions or due to long screen time or due to dehydration in your body. It can also be caused due to malfunctioning of the meibomian gland which is a serious dry eye condition. Dry eyes are caused due to the lack of lubrication in the eyes. Insufficient production of the tears leads to irritation in the eyes. Dry eyes can also be related to environmental and other factors. Wearing contact lenses, seasonal allergies and eye strain can also cause dry eyes.

Dry eyes can be treated easily with home remedies or can also be treated by over counter eye drops. To treat dry eyes you can also use artificial tears. Change in the diet can also help in easing out the dry eyes. Lipi-flow treatment and punctal plugs can be used for severe dry eye conditions.

Right Eyedrops For Dry Eyes

It’s important to find out the right eye drops for your dry eyes. There are three different types of eye drops which are artificial tears, anti-allergy drops and anti-redness drops.

Artificial tears

These are the go-to eyedrops that you can use for dry eyes. They help in keeping eyes moist on the surface. They mimic the function of the tears of the eyes. They contain lubricants which help to moist your eyes. Artificial tears also have electrolytes and preservatives. They help in healing the surface of the eyes and also keeps the growth of bacteria at bay. Artificial tears cure dry eyes in most people and are also cheap. They also help in reducing tear evaporation. For some people, they may worsen the dry eye condition and can cause irritation in the eyes. Do not use artificial tears if they irritate your eyes or you use them more than two times a day. Ask your ophthalmologist for a proper consultation.

There are two categories of artificial tears which is given below :

1) Eyedrops with preservatives

These artificial eyedrops come with a chemical present in them which helps in preventing the growth of bacteria in the eyes. They may cause slight irritation during their use. These are not recommended if you need to put them more than four times a day as they may cause certain side effects.

2) Preservative-free eyedrops

These eye drops are free from any chemical and can be used more frequently in a day. They are also available in the form of single-dose vials. Artificial eye drops can cause a slight blurry vision which is temporary.

dry eyes

Anti-allergy drops

These eye drops are used to treat the dry eye condition caused due to allergens like pet dander, pollen, moulds and other allergens. When you contract with allergy, your body releases histamines. These anti-allergic eyedrops releases antihistamines which blocks the histamine in performing their function. Some eyedrops also help in stopping the production of histamines.

dry eyes drops

Anti-redness drops

They help in clearing out the redness present in the eyes due to dry eyes. These anti-redness drops if used more than a few days, can cause redness in the eyes to worsen. These eye drops are of limited use as too much use can also cause the eyes to depend upon them for clearing out redness in the eyes. They also have vasoconstrictor present in them which shrinks the blood vessels on the surface of the eyes which makes the redness go away.

Recommended Eye Drops For Dry Eyes in India

1) Systane

These eye drops are light and feel like natural tears in the eyes. They are useful in curing dry eye conditions as they have thick texture. They are available in a gel-like consistency and deliver long-lasting relief from dry eyes.

2) Opcon-A

If you have a dry eye condition due to an allergic reaction then this eyedrop is good for you. They have antihistamines present in them and also it helped in removing the redness in the eyes.

3) Thera tears

These eyedrops are created for people having mild dry eye condition. The unique electrolyte-balanced formula is present in equal parts and is also a preservative-free solution which makes it more popular than the other eye drops.

4) Lumify

These eye drops are generally used to cure the redness in the eyes present due to dry eye condition. The eyedrop contains brimonidine which specifically reduces the appearance of redness so that your eyes can radiate.

5) Vicine

This eyedrop is also used to cure the redness in the eyes. It provides relief from redness in 60 seconds.

6) Blink

These eyedrops provide relief from the irritation caused due to dry eye condition and also provides quick and long-lasting relief from the dry eyes.

7) Refresh tears

These eyedrops provide moisturisation and hydration to the eyes. It is few drops provide instant relief also it doesn’t sting eyes when applied.

8) Similasan

It provides relief from redness, excessive watering, dryness, burning, and grittiness present in the eyes. And instead of harsh chemicals, the formula is packed with natural active ingredients which are easy on the eyes.

9) Genteal

These eye drops can be used when the dryness present in the eyes start to hurt. It has a dense texture and provides lubrication to the entire eye.

10) Clear eyes

This eyedrop helps in relieving dryness, irritation and itching in the eyes.

11) E moist

This eyedrop helps in providing relief from the burning eyes, dryness present in the eyes and also from irritation in the eyes.

12) Itone eyedrops

They are made up of 20 herbs including neem, tulsi, Haldi and honey. It is an ayurvedic eye drop. It helps in giving relief from symptoms like eye strain, pollution and allergies. It cools tired dry eyes.

13) Himalayan Opthacare

This eyedrop is used to cure the eye strain and irritation caused by the long screen time. It consists of a mixture of honey and Persian rose.

14) Teardrop eyes

It is used to treat dryness and also helps in the lubrication of the eyes. It relieves pain, discomfort and irritation present in the eyes due to dry eye condition.

15) Restasis

It is an anti-allergic eyedrop and provides relief from irritation, pain and dryness in the eyes.

There are other treatments available for a severe dry eye condition. Mild dry eye condition can also be treated by some home remedies.

A warm compress can be used to relieve dry eye condition. In this, a clean cloth is soaked in the warm water and is wrung out. The cloth is then applied over the eyes for a few minutes. The process can be repeated a few times. This helps in easing out irritation and pain caused by dry eyes.

You can apply slices of cucumber over the eyelids. It also provided relief from the dry eyes. Cotton plugs soaked in rose water can also ease out the redness, inflammation, pain and irritation caused by the dry eyes. Cucumber and rose water have natural properties which help the eyes to cool down and provide instant relief.

For severe dry eye condition lipiflow treatment, punctal plugs and meibomian gland expression. In these treatment options, the meibomian gland is made to function normally. The meibomian gland is responsible for the production of tears and oil in the eyes. If this gland gets clogged or blocked then it results in dry eye condition. In these treatments, the blockage in the gland is removed and then the gland is able to function normally. These treatments provide quick solutions to the severe dry eye condition which cannot be cured by the application of dry eyes.

Before using any eyedrop for dry eye condition it is important for you to consult an ophthalmologist for a proper prescription. Doctors would recommend an eyedrop which would be more suitable for your eye condition. If there are any side effects from the use of eye drops then stop using the eyedrop and visit your ophthalmologist immediately.

The best way to treat your eyes is to visit your eye care professional and get your eyes checked regularly. He will be able to assess the best method of treatment for your eye ailment. Visit our website Eyemantra. To book an appointment call +91-8851044355. Or mail us at [email protected]. Our other services include Retina SurgerySpecs RemovalCataract Surgery, and many more.

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