Lipiflow Treatment: Causes, Problems, Diagnosis And Treatment

Lipiflow Treatment: Causes, Problems, Diagnosis And Treatment

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction causes dry eyes in an individual. So, lipiflow treatment is used in treating MGD, by removal of blockages.

Dry eyes:

A dry eye is a condition in which eyes do not have adequate lubrication, which is a function of tears. In other words, the tears lose their moisture content which makes the eyes become dry. Some of the common symptoms for dry eyes are redness of the eye, burning sensation in the eye, light sensitivity, etc.

Causes for dry eyes:

It is caused when disruption of healthy tear film occurs. Usually, your tear film consists of fatty oils, aqueous fluids, and mucosa. This helps in maintaining proper lubrication of the eye. This tear can be disrupted due to various reasons such as an allergic reaction, or an immune response, inflammation of eyeballs.

One can experience dry eyes when his/her age is above 50 years as a diminishing of tears is seen. Sometimes, the use of contact lenses also causes dry eyes. Having a diet that consists of items which have less vitamin A content and omega-3 fatty acids.

Even eye problems such as ectropion and entropion and less blinking also cause this condition.

Problems occurring due to dry eyes:

  • Eye Infections:  Since dry eyes are caused by decreased moisture in tears, so it increases the chances of getting eye infections, as tears protect the eyes.
  • Damaging of eye surface: Dry eyes cause intense damage to the eye if they are left untreated. This can lead to inflammation of the eyes, loss of vision, and more visual problems.
  • Lifestyle problems: Severe dry eyes can cause many lifestyle problems such as the inability to read and see, and can also cause allergic reactions to the eye.

Treatment for dry eyes:

The major reason which causes dry eye syndrome is the Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, also known as (MGD). The blockages of this gland create a dry eye condition which causes a stinging pain in the eyes and also watering of the eyes. Meibomian glands help in the production of oils that protect the eyes from various harmful things or effects, which cause a decrease in eye functioning. Hence, when this gland is not functioning properly, it causes an MGD condition.

The treatment of MGD is Lipiflow dry eye treatment, which is done by heating and massaging the area. This treatment is also called thermal pulsation.

Lipiflow treatment:

 It is a treatment that is used for the removal of blockages present in the meibomian gland, helping them to maintain their function properly. It is a kind of in-office treatment that helps to reduce the pain of the patient by massaging the eyelids gently. It gets completed in almost 12 minutes.


They are sterile systems that send useful therapeutic energies to meibomian glands inside the eye while providing protection to the delicate structure of the eyes. The equipment used for this process is called lipiflow activators which are placed on the eye of the patient. They are designed specifically so that they can be placed over the eyelids.

After the activators are carefully placed over the eyes, the treatment begins. The activators send a combination of gentle heat and pressure to the inner eyelids which also causes therapeutic motion on the outer lid. This kind of movement or pulse motion is called a vectored thermal pulse (VTP). This treatment helps in the removal of meibomian gland blockages that causes dryness in the eye or a decrease in lubrication of the eye. It takes about 12 minutes to perform this treatment and after that, the person is needed to undergo checkups every 6- 8 weeks.


A doctor usually has to perform certain tests in order to confirm whether one is suffering from dry eye syndrome and its the real cause. A series of diagnostic tests help in the evaluation of meibomian glands functioning.

Then, the doctor based on your answers given on the questionnaire, suggests whether the person must opt for lipiflow treatment or not. Compression of the lid using a slit lamp and Dynamic Meibomian Imaging (DMI) is a combination of other tests that are performed to detect the cause of dry eyes. If it is MGD, then lipiflow treatment is the best way to reduce meibomian gland dysfunction.


The use of lipiflow treatment has lots of beneficial factors which make it more desirable for treating dry eyes than other treatments such as

  • Lipiflow treatment allows the patient to reduce the effect of the major cause of dry eyes i.e, meibomian gland blockages. It helps in the removal of these blockages by heating and pressure techniques. This technique helps in the production of oily lipids that help in reducing dry eyes and the production of tears.
  • A tear is usually made up of 3 components i.e, aqueous layer, mucin layer as well as lipid layer which helps in the formation of tear film that maintains the natural balance of tears inside the eyes. So, this treatment helps in increased tear production that maintains lubrication of the eyes.
  • Usually, eye drops help in maintaining the proper functioning of tear glands and also maintenance of proper pH of eyes.  But there is wastage seen in eye drops usage. This can’t be seen in lipiflow treatment, there is zero wastage in this treatment.
  • Usually, eye drops or other eye medications contain chemicals that treat the blockage and maintain the eye. Lipiflow treatment is completely natural, it clears blockages using heat and pressure pulsations which are natural. It treats the symptoms and maintains the proper functioning of the eye.
  • It acts as a long-term remedy for dry eyes syndrome and helps in healing it even more effectively.

Prevention of dry eyes:

  • Avoiding blowing of air into eyes: Usage of equipment such as hair dryers, ACs, and heaters directed towards your eye as it causes drying.
  • Eyeglasses: The usage of eyewear that prevents entry of wind and dry air into the eyes helps in the treatment of dry eyes. Safety shields that are added to the tops and sides of the eyewear can be used.
  • Taking breaks occasionally: While performing some tasks such as reading or working over the phone helps in decreasing symptoms of dry eyes. Taking breaks occasionally helps in treating eyes and maintaining balance in the eye.
  • In Outdoors: While traveling outdoors, especially to places that have high altitude and desert regions. So, frequently closing eyes and taking breaks helps in decreasing tear evaporation. Closing eyes for few minutes and frequent blinking of eyes helps in dry eyes treatment.
  • Computer positioning: Usually, a computer causes many eye-related problems as its harmful radiation results in pain in the eye and one must open the eye, even more, to view and also place the computer below the eye level, as it helps in the decrease of evaporation of tears inside the eyes.
  • Decrease substance abuse: Smoking can cause an increase in dry eyes. So quitting smoking can be helpful in treating dry eyes.
  • Usage of eye drops: As we know that eye drops can help in the maintenance of eyes and prevent drying of eyes. The eye drops cause artificial tears which help in lubrication of the eye.

There are various ways in which dry eyes can be treated other than lipiflow dry eye treatment. These help in preventing dry eyes condition.

The best way to treat your eyes is to visit your eye care professional and get your eyes checked regularly. He will be able to assess the best method of treatment for your eye ailment.

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