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What Is Color Blindness?

Before looking for blindness tests, one needs to know what exactly is color blindness, which in medical terms is known as “colour vision deficiency”. During present times, age is not at all a barrier for anything, and not for ailments and diseases as well. Eye problems are one of the common issues being faced by the masses amongst every age group these days. One of them is Color Blindness.


It is a certain kind of disability wherein the person suffering from it finds it difficult to identify between the colours. And the saddest part is that most of them suffering from this ailment don’t even realize that they have come into the trap. The most typical and also rare is the condition where you can see shades of grey only.

This is what can be truly called color blindness. And the most common category of people going through this experience an inability to differentiate shades of green and red.

What Causes Color Blindness?

The most common cause seen in people facing color blindness is genetic, that is they inherit the disease down from their parents. In such cases, the conditions of the colour vision generally don’t improve or deteriorate either. They remain constant.

The other cause can be old age where they might have any disease leaving adverse impacts on the eyes and or brain. Also, there are conditions where your eyes or the part of your brain that assists you to see and identify colours gets damaged. Glaucoma or muscular degeneration are eye diseases, and Alzheimer’s or multiple sclerosis is the brain and nervous system diseases causing them.

Growing older can be the other major cause of colour blindness. There are certain medications also that can leave lasting and adverse effects on the eyes, and especially lead you to colour blindness. Some drugs treating high blood pressure, heart problems, nervous disorders, erectile dysfunction, infections, and certain autoimmune diseases.

What Are The Symptoms Of Color Blindness?

One may have a colour vision deficiency, commonly known as color blindness, and not know it. People or their children, for example, start facing confusion in figuring out traffic lights or identifying colour-coded learning materials. Also, people suffering from colour blindness may not be able to differentiate between various shades of red and green, or different shades of blue and yellow, or between any colours for that matter.

Amongst the above mentioned, the most common colour deficiency is the incapability to identify between the same shades of red and green. Generally, it is noticed that a person suffering from red-green or blue-yellow deficient is not completely unable to see both colours.

What Are The Types Of Color Blindness Tests?

Leaving the problem unheard, unchecked, and unanswered won’t work. So once one starts facing a problem in a colour vision he or she should and must go for professional help. Yes, there are certain colour blindness tests available in the market. Here are some of the well-known tests which are surely going to help you if you have into the issue for a long now:

1) Ishihara Color Blindness test

This very test helps you find if you are colour blind or not, and this has been one of the most famous colour blind tests out there. This is the one that you might have seen with little coloured circles on it. What it mainly does is that it checks for red-green colour blindness. And what happens here is that the professionals ask the patients to look at a series of circles, known as plates in medical terms.

color blidness chart

These consecutive series of circles or plates are made up of numerous dots of different colours that further form different shapes and sizes, or they might be forming one or two-digit numbers also. If you fail to distinguish between those red and green dots, you won’t be able to identify the shapes either. And hence the proof is here that you are facing the problem of colour blindness.

2) Anomaloscope Color Blindness Test

Again, this color blindness test is also one of those which doctors use to check for trouble seeing red and green. Anomaloscope is an instrument used test for colour blindness tests.

color blindness

You are asked to look through the tool and see a circle, the first half of which is a yellow light, and the bottom is made up of red and green lights.

Then, you are asked to turn to form the circle in such a way that both the halves become of the same colour and brightness, failing which will prove your colour blindness test positive.

3) Cambridge Color Blindness Test

This particular test is very much like Ishihara colour blind test. The only difference is that it is a sort of screening test where you will be asked to pluck out the letter or

Cambridge Color blindness

the shape “C” will be in a different colour other than the background holding that very “C” shape.

The test is used to examine colour discrimination even in more detail, as a result of congenital or acquired conditions.

4) Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Color Blindness Test

It is a colour blindness test developed by Dean Farnsworth, after which the naming has been done. This test consists of a task where you will be given blocks or pegs that are of different shades of the same colour with a very little amount of variations and you will be asked to isolate and arrange them or line up them in a certain way.

Farnsworth color blindness

The test is done to examine whether one can differentiate and pick up even the slight and minute colour changes or not. Workers working in companies to see colours correctly are asked to go through this colour blindness in particular.

5) Farnsworth Lantern Color BlindnessTest

The interesting fact about this colour blindness test is that the test is used by the U.S. military to check whether the recruiters have colour blindness, or do they have a mild or severe version of it. What happens in the test is that the test subject is provided with a series of colour pairs, beginning with red/green combination.

color blindnesss

The subject is allowed to see the two colours before making them see a white light, which helps in testing errors. Here, the patients are allowed to see the target for only seconds because the prolonged exposure of the colours can sometimes help the patient to identify the colour and the colour blindness test might not be done appropriately.

How To Check Color Blindness Tests?

Try to figure out the hidden number on the test plates below, and see if your answer is the same as provided in the results.

Results :

color blindness resultEveryone, even one with total colour blindness should identify the number “12” in the above image

color blindness

People with normal vision would see the number “8”.

If you are unable to see the number “8” and find it as “3”, then you have Red-Green color blindness.

But one with total color blindness would not be able to see anything.

color blindness test

You have normal vision and you need not worry if you can see “29”.

You have Red-Green color blindness, then you would see “70” instead of “29”.

A person suffering from total color vision loss would not see anything.

color blind test

A person with perfect vision would see the number “5” very clearly

A person with Red-Green color blindness would find it as “2”.

A person with total color blindness will not see any of the numbers.

color blindness test

People with normal eye vision would be plucking out the number “3” out of the chart.

But one who is suffering from Red-Green color blindness would see it as “5”

And one with complete color blindness would be seeing nothing.

After the tests are done, you need to visit your ophthalmologist, if your answers do not match the results.

My Verdict

Colour blindness tests are taken up by the patients once they start admitting that they are going through troubles. Of course, it is not a very serious issue and there is nothing to create havoc for. One can lead a normal life and go on with their normal day-to-day routine with it. But he or she might face some of the other issues where colour identification is important. So there can be an issue. Going for a colour blindness test is more preferable.

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