Eye Examination: The Vision Guide

Eye Examination

Eye Examination

When facing eye problems like eye pain, blurred visionredness, or anything critical – eye examination plays its part. Eye examination just not helps in detecting the eye problem at the earliest but also gives solutions. It makes it treatable if any disease is found. So it’s very necessary to get your eye check at regular intervals and get professional care. Professional care will create more chances for vision correction. The vision correction ways can include surgery or just the tips for your eye care. It is like contact lenses, eyeglasses, or eye nutrition.

The eye examination is conducted by licensed eye doctors optometrists or ophthalmologists. He/ she check the full health of your eyes along with visual acuity.

They will also detect all the early eye diseases like glaucomacataractsmacular degeneration, and detached retina.

Eye Examination


What Is Eye Examination?

An eye examination is a series of tests conducted by an ophthalmologist, optometrist, or orthoptist, optician. It is an evaluating vision and capacity to focus on and see objects, as well as other tests and examinations about the eyes.


Different Types of Eye Exams

  • Eye muscle test
  • Visual acuity test
  • Refraction assessment
  • Visual field test (perimetry)
  • Color vision testing
  • Slit-lamp examination
  • Retinal examination
  • Screening for glaucoma
  • Pupillary Response Testing
  • Retinoscopy


Purpose of Eye Exams

While to complete eye examination, an eye doctor will evaluate the following points:

  • Eye muscle movement
  • Visual acuity i.e. how clear you see
  • Refractive error- how light waves cross by the cornea and lens of the eye
  • Visual field – how much you can view on both side of you while not moving your eyes
  • Color vision
  • Physical health of your eyes and the encircling structures, including lashes and eyelids
  • The shape of the retina
  • Risk of glaucoma
Purpose of an eye examination


Why Eye Examination Is Important?

A routine, complete eye examination can identify vision difficulties, eye disease, and general health problems before you are aware of a problem that exists. Due to the introduction of new technology, the eyes are more strained. We even need an eye examination for vision correction as everyone wants to see clearly. It is suggested that adults need to undergo a complete eye exam every 1-2 years for better care of their eyesight.

Let’s discuss what makes an eye exam important for everyone in detail:


Digital Technology Eye Strain

From computer screens to phones, televisions, tablets, laptops all are great on a technology basis and make our life simpler but are not good for our eyes. And this is the most common problem that youngsters and adults suffer from. In some cases, we forget to keep blinking our eyes and which results in symptoms of dry eyes. An eye examination will also help to resolve the problem of dry eyes by giving prescribed eye drops, light therapy, or an eyelid massage.


Damage From Sun-Rays

In our day-to-day life, we usually go under sunlight and it’s beneficial for us but to a certain limit. The sun produces UV (Ultraviolet) rays that are harmful to the eye. Due to sun exposure, you may face a problem of cataracts or muscular degeneration which can be detected through a complete eye examination only. Neglecting it may take you to a severe stage and sometimes can lead to permanent vision loss. For a safer side, you can wear sunglasses labeled UV 400 but still, eye examination would give you a better knowledge of it



The number of allergies problems is increasing because of prolonged pollen and allergen counts. Anyone who experiences a hay fever (allergic rhinitis) and other allergies have an impact on eye health as well. One may notice the symptoms of burning, itching, redness, and general irritation in the eyes. For eliminating these symptoms the best thing to do is get a complete eye checkup with a trusted and professional doctor. They will make sure that the damage caused due to an allergy is serious or not and will also prescribe medication if required.


Vision Correction

Vision difficulties like nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism require regular examination done with your eye doctor. Even we wear contact lenses for vision correction only when it is prescribed by the doctor, but still, the contact lens has some risk factors with it. They decrease the level of oxygen to the surface of the eye. It may interfere with lubricating glands. Here an eye examination plays an important role as the doctor will evaluate that is everything properly functioning in your eyes or not. And also, check the tear film and eye are healthy or not.


Diagnosing Eye Diseases

This is the fact that the eye examination helps in diagnosing all eye diseases such as myopia, hyperopia, and many more. Some diseases do not provide early warning signs. By the time people mention a difference in their vision, the disease may be in a high-level stage. However, your eye doctor can identify signs of these diseases through a complete eye examination. 


Health Concerns

In extension to watching for eye diseases, the eye surgeon may identify early signs of other medical problems that need care. These involve diabetes, high blood pressure some cancers, and high cholesterol. They can be detected when there is a complete eye examination.

Health Concerns


What Happens In Eye Examination?

Regular eye exam tests are for both your eyesight and your eye health. The Snellen eye chart is the prime and most basic way to test to know that how visually correct you can see. If your eyesight is not 20/20, your eye doctor will examine for refractive errors. Some are like myopia and hyperopia, more commonly known as nearsightedness and farsightedness.

Your eye ophthalmologists can also evaluate through a series of tests devised to catch eye conditions and diseases early.

Many of the disease like glaucoma and cataracts are developing in the later stages of life. Amblyopia or lazy eye may happen during babyhood. Most can be operated with surgeries like cataract surgeryglaucoma surgery, or retinal surgery if detected beforehand.

Even an annual eye examination for children offers a lifetime comfort as the problem can be diagnosed beforehand.

Also, precautions can be taken for keeping the vision clear and healthy. In short, what is done is an eye exam is mentioned below:

  • A standard eye chart
  • Cover test to correct eye alignment
  • Manual refraction with a phoropter
  • Slit-lamp exam of the exterior of the eye
  • Applanation tonometry i.e. glaucoma test
  • Exam of the retina following pupil dilation


How Often One Should Go For An Eye Examination?

It’s never too quick to schedule an eye exam. Eye exams are prescribed every 6 months, 3 years, and before first grade.

  • These first steps are taken at an early age to help secure a child’s vision that usually grows when you’re heading into the school years and there you should mark the importance of eye health and eye exams.
  • At the age of 20s to 30s one should get an eye examination every 5 to 10 years.
  • The risk of eye infections rises after the age of 40, that obtain regular eye exams becomes relevant for older patients. Advanced detection is the key to stop eye health problems. One must visit the best eye hospital for an eye examination.


Side Effects of Eye Examination

There are no risks linked with having a general eye exam. But few things need your attention –

  • There may be a short effect of blurred close vision if the doctor has applied drops into your eyes. But this effect will go in few hours. You should not drive till the time side effects have gone.
  • Women who are newly pregnant and scheduled for an eye exam may want to make their appointment after the first trimester is at a very small risk. If any, medicine is given to dilate the pupils.

Note: The organization recommends ladies expecting babies who have their eyes dilated close them after the drops are applied to decrease the amount of medication that’s ingested by the body.

Today, life is occupied and busy, but an annual eye exam especially if you have vision problems is essential. Just wearing the prescribed eyeglasses or contact lens won’t work.

Everyone requires a precise evaluation of their eyes regularly to assure their good health and the strength to view clearly for a lifetime. An eye examination is necessary for viewing more precisely. Even you have perfect vision; you must have an eye exam that will help in maintaining good eye health.


A comprehensive eye examination will not only correct your vision but also provide you with the best tips to maintain a healthy eye. Never take so long to visit ophthalmologists, if feeling anything wrong with the eye just consults them. There are various eye hospitals in Delhi, you can visit and get the best treatment.

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