Is Online Eye Testing Worth Your Time And Money?

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Online Eye Testing

Since the advent of “Online eye testing”, people have received the advantage of getting their eyes checked at home. People can take the eye exam at a minimal cost and people can take this test, at the comfort of their homes. However, an online eye test does not possess the ability to draft an accurate health report of the eye. It can be defined as purely a form of “online vision test”.

These online eye tests can never detect the actual problems that have been persisting in the eye. They can only determine the power to foretell the quality of a person’s eyesight or assist the prescription of a particular form of contact lens or spectacles.

But if a person has one or more, serious forms of eye ailments such as cataracts, glaucoma, or macular degeneration then the use of any online eye test becomes nullified. Only a proper checkup by an actual eye specialist can detect the presence of eye ailments, that has a level of severity.

Also, the effectiveness of the type of spectacles or contact lenses, prescribed by these online eye tests is a severe issue because in certain cases of these tests incorrect prescriptions were found. That further puts a question mark on the authenticity of these tests.

Advantages Of Online Eye Testing

advantages of online eye testing


There are surely some advantages of online eye testing. If you can not visit an ophthalmologist because of any reason. Then you may check it at your home for time being. some of the main advantages are:

Cost Effective And Affordable

The online buying of contact lenses or spectacles, having a previous prescription is a very old process. In these cases, a person has already visited an eye specialist to availing the prescription. And with this test, he just wants to make sure that the prescription is still valid for him or not. However, according to some eye specialists, these physical trips for the prescription of a contact lens or a spectacle are entirely unnecessary when the option of “online eye testing is available”.

In more recent times, these forms of online eye testing have been said to be cost-effective. And online testing is also fast, safe, and affordable, in comparison to physical trips to an eye specialist.

Evolution of Technology

With the advancement of technology, “online eye testing” has improved a lot since its inception. Now, these tests also offer the option of having a face-to-face interaction with an eye specialist. It attracts certain customers, who want to avoid the burden of making a physical trip to an eye specialist

Improvement In The Eye Healthcare System

Deficiencies present in the infrastructure of the current “Eye health care system” can also be eradicated by this particular category of eye testing. Online eye testing removes the necessity of the presence of any form of physical structure because everything is done online.

Online Eye Testing

A particular number of eye care providers, also offer the option of “Online refraction testing” to their customers. This test tells whether a person needs contact lenses or spectacles. This form of online eye testing has also a very high quality of precision, in terms of the prescription.

If a person decides to go for “Online eye testing”, then the amount of expenses he has to bear is way less than the expenses incurred during the physical trip to an eye specialist. In the case of a physical eye exam, a person has to travel to the clinic. It can become costly and a very time-consuming factor as well.

Disadvantages of Online Eye Testing

disadvantage of eye test



The accuracy level of an “online eye test”, does not stand at a very optimal level. As the cases of high levels of errors in the prescription are very common. This particular form of eye testing is not a viable alternative to a physical trip made by a person, for a comprehensive and detailed eye exam.


Several forms of eye ailments that have a high-risk level, cannot be assessed by an online eye test. The names of several eye-related ailments with a high severity level are:

AMD(Age-related macular degeneration):- It’s an age-related eye disorder and leads to a damaged “sharp and central vision”.

Cataract:- This form of a medical condition is defined as the clouding of the “eyes lenses”. The condition becomes the leading cause of “blindness” on an international scale.

Diabetic Retinopathy:- This condition is characterized by a severe level of damage in the “retina’s blood vessels”, which’s necessary for good vision.

Glaucoma:- This is an eye disease that results in the damage of the optic nerve of an eye. It can sometimes also cause permanent blindness. Misdiagnosis due to an online eye test can also cause anxiety for a person. Till the time he has made a proper visit to the eye specialist.

False-Negative Results

“Online eye testing”, can also result in the generation of false-negative results. That can make the person have a false sense of security. The most severe implication of a false negative result is that the person may start ignoring a vision-threatening ailment that could have been seen at early stages.

Incorrect Prescription -The purchase of an incorrect type of spectacle or contact lens due to an inaccurate prescription that was generated by the online eye test may result in blurry vision or severe straining of the eye muscles” due to their prolonged use.

High Margin of Error

The physical visit to an eye specialist will ensure the detection of any vision-threatening disease at its onset, which in return will help the patient to start the treatment at an appropriate time. But in the case of online eye testing, only vision assessment can be done, which has a high margin of error.

This form of testing requires a person’s camera to have a high resolution, which can become a problem for a majority of people who want to take the benefit of online eye testing.

This particular form of eye testing requires a person to maintain a steady posture throughout the test, which can irritate the concerned person. If a person has colour blindness, then he automatically becomes ineligible for this test.

How Can You Check Your Vision At Home?

Testing at home can never become a substitute for an eye examination but it can just be an option to check your vision. As many disorders can be corrected and treated if detached at an early stage through a home remedy. An online test is a money-friendly option but it would only be beneficial to you if you know the basic services provided by the online eye care provider.

There are some steps through which you can check vision for children (below 3 years) and older children and adults.

Things You Need For An Eye Test At Home

  • Cup or tissue to cover the eyes
  • Scissors
  • Tape to put a chart on the wall
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Torch
  • Well-lit room
  • Right testing chart

How To Prepare The Test Area?

  • The home test is prepared to select the right chart for children and adults.
  • The chart on the wall should have the largest letter on the top.
  • The chair should be placed at a distance of 3 meters from the chart  as the person giving the exam would be sitting at the chair which should be at a proper distance from the wall on which the chart is placed
  • Always make sure that the chart is placed in a way that it is right in front of the eyes.

Online Eye Testing For children (below 3 years)

online eye testing for children


The easiest way to check the eyes of the kids is to use a pointing game for them. Use the practice “E letter card” by asking them to point their finger towards the “E letter card” is pointing. Turn the practice E letter card by pointing it in four directions (North, East, South, West). If the kid uses eyeglasses ask them to wear them during the test.

To start the test ask them to cover their one eye without any pressure while sitting on the chair. No peaking is allowed during the test. Point out the direction in which E is pointing, always start with the largest to the smallest letter. Instruct them to point out in that direction in which E is pointing.

Keep going with this until your child can see the smallest line and write down the number. Repeat the same process, keeping the other eye covered.

For Older Children or Adults

Ask the person sitting on the chair at a 10 feet distance from the chart. You need to put the chart at a height that matches the height of the eye. Also, make sure that your one eye is covered. Shine the torch at each line of the chart, and ask the person to read that letter aloud.

Continue doing this till the bottom row and stop when it becomes difficult for the person to read it. Write down the smallest line they can see correctly i.e the smallest line of letters they can see correctly.

The children should be able to see 20/40 lines and the older children or adults should be able to see  20/30 lines. But the result can vary on different days. And you should repeat this over a number of days to know a better idea of this level.

But, if you can’t see the same line with each eye over a while, then you should go to a doctor for an eye exam for the next checkup.

Amidst the corona period, an online vision test can become a good alternative. As there’s no need for you to step out of the home. But it’s not a feasible alternative to a comprehensive eye exam and can never become a replacement for an in-person checkup. And, the online test is not able to find out other eye ailments.

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