How Much Does An Costs And Why Is It Necessary?

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An eye exam includes a series of tests to evaluate your vision and detect the presence of any eye disease. Your ophthalmologist might use several instruments for an eye test.

Eye Checkups


An eye exam helps detect eye problems at the earliest when they are treatable. Frequent eye exams are very beneficial.

Three Questions which are Frequently Asked by the Patients are:

  • When to have an eye exam?
  • What are the different types of eye exams?
  • How much does an eye exam cost?


The frequency of taking an eye exam includes factors like age and health.

You should get frequent eye exams if you:

  • Have a family history of vision loss
  • Wear contact lenses or glasses
  • Have a chronic disease
  • Take medications that might lead to eye problems.

Children Younger than 3 Years:

For children who are younger than 3 years, their pediatricians will look for common eye problems such as lazy eye, cross-eye, and misaligned eye. If there are symptoms of any such eye problems, then a comprehensive eye exam is suitable for the child.

Adolescents :

If there haven’t been any vision problems in your family and your child does not have any symptoms of such problems then they can have their eyes checked in one or two years. If they have symptoms of vision problems then a scheduled eye exam may be advised by your ophthalmologist.


If you do not have symptoms of any eye ailment then you can get your eyes examined in every:

  • Five years during your 20s
  • Two years during your 40s
  • One to two years in your 50s
  • Every Year in your 60s


· Retinoscopy:

Using a retinoscope your doctor can determine the intensity of your refractive error in this exam. After the doctor knows that you require a prescription glass using the method of retinoscopy he/she can identify the strength of the lens required by you.

· Visual Acuity Test:

 Visual Acuity Test measures the sharpness of your eyesight. This helps determine the distance from which you can maintain perfect vision.

The test consists of a chart of letters or symbols that you have to look at from different distances which helps determine how good your eyesight is from a distance and from which distance it is perfect.

· Colour Blindness test:

Colour Blindness is a condition where you cannot distinguish between intermingled colors. A simple test is conducted to detect this abnormality where different numbered charts would be provided that may appear illusionary. It would have numbers in dotted and multicolored forms which would make it difficult for you to recognize it.

· Slit Lamp Test:

Slip lamp test also knows as Biomicrocopy is an eye exam that is conducted when general eye exams fail to detect the eye problems in your eye. The ophthalmologist uses a microscope to identify the underlying eye problems.


The cost of an eye exam depends on three factors:

  • If the eye exam is performed by an optometrist or an opthalmologist.
  • What are the different tests which were included in the exam?
  • If any extra procedures were involved during the eye exam.

After evaluating these three points a proper cost for an eye exam can be taken out.

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