Eye Pain – Causes, Treatment, And Precautions

Eye Pain - Causes, Treatment, & Precautions

What Is Eye Pain?

Eye pain refers to the condition in which one or both eyes may feel sudden discomfort in or around the eyes. People may feel irritated. It might also be the reason for blurry vision, itchiness, redness, or watery eyes. It might be caused due to rubbing of eyes, exposure to screen for a long duration of time, wearing incorrect glasses, or getting something stuck in the eyes. The pain around the eyes is caused by Sinus Infections also. It includes pain around the eyes and pain and pressure in the eyeballs. Sometimes pain results from the problem in different parts of the eyes such as:-

  • IRIS: the colored part
  • CORNEA: a clear dome over the iris
  • PUPIL: the black circular opening in the iris that lets the light in
  • SCLERA: the white of the eye
  • CONJUNCTIVA: a thin layer of tissue that entire front of the eye, except for the cornea.


An Emergency Eye Pain

Eye pains are sometimes very serious as they might cause severe difficulties. You should never delay and visit the doctor immediately. Seek medical attention if necessary and make sure you do not take any medications if it is not prescribed by the doctor. Do not make your own rules and regulations about the treatment. Rather follow all the instructions mentioned by the doctor properly as it might save you from any further serious injuries.

Consult a doctor immediately if you face the following:

  1. Swelling in or around the eyes.
  2. Severe headache, fever, or sensitivity to eyes.
  3. Sudden changes in the vision.
  4. Continuous eye-watering or pus coming out of the eyes.
  5. Feeling of nausea or vomiting.
  6. Itching and eye pain even after wearing your glasses.
  7. Irritation caused whenever exposed to lights or while watching the screen.


Causes of Eye Pain

The most common causes of eye pain are as follows:

Corneal Disorder

corneal disorder

The cornea is one of the most sensitive parts of our eye. The cornea acts as a barrier keeping out dirt, germs, or any other harmful particles that could harm the eyes. People with corneal disorder may experience pain, watery eyes, or a reduction in vision. People with deep injury in the cornea may experience- pain, redness, sensitivity to light, bulging of eyes, nausea.

Anyone experiencing any signs of the mentioned symptoms should consult a doctor immediately as it can be diagnosed after an eye examination. Once the cause has been identified the doctor will prescribe the necessary medications to fight the infection,


Foreign Body

Foreign Body

It refers to tiny particles of wind, dust, fingernails, or makeup applicators. Once they are removed it might lead to scratches on the cornea. It might be removed by rinsing the eyes but even after you feel any kind of irritation or pain in your eyes consult the doctor immediately. You might be prescribed an eye drop to keep your eyes healthy.


Corneal Abrasion

It occurs if the foreign body leaves scratches on your eyes, improper use of contact lenses. Corneal abrasions are generally not so serious but in some cases, if not treated in time it might lead to infections.



It is caused by severe abrasions or improper use of lenses. It can result in burnings in the eyes and surrounding areas resulting in swollen eyes, itching, or light sensitivity.


Dry Eye

It is a short-term problem generally caused by eye strain or dry windy weather. It can lead to itching, burning, and aching of the eyes. If you are facing this kind of problem use the prescribed eye drops.




It is an age-related eye problem affecting the optic nerves (responsible for transmitting things from the retina to the brain). It might lead to apparent vision loss or serious pain in the back of the eyes. Also, it requires immediate attention from the doctor otherwise the patient might lose complete vision.



Styes are puss-filled lumps that form near the eyelids. It can be extremely painful and cause eye burning on the touch. You may be able to relive the pain for some period of time by pressing a warm washed cloth against the eye. If you are experiencing continuous pain and irritation consult an eye doctor for further guidance.



It is not a serious problem and does not need immediate consultation from a doctor. However, it leads to pain in the eyelids. Generally, it occurs by leaving the applied makeup overnight. 


Sinus Infection

It causes pain around the eyes and increases pressure behind the eyes resulting in severe eye pain. Doctors might prescribe nasal sprays along with some antibiotics to treat the cause of the infection.


Treatment For Eye Pain

Home Remedies For Eye Pain

  • Cold compress: place a cold washed cloth 2-3 times a day to avoid pain and swelling.
  • Castor oil: eye drops with castor oil reduce eye irritation. Apply it once before going to bed.
  • Aloe Vera: it fights with anti-bacterial properties. Take one tablespoon of Aloe Vera with two tablespoons of water soak it with cotton and apply it around your eyes. Close your eyes for 10 minutes and let them rest. This keeps your eyes cool and avoids irritation.


Medication For Eye Pain

  • Eye drops: treats corneal abrasions, corneal flash burns, iritis,
  • Eye ointments: generally used for treating conjunctivitis.
  • Small needle or cotton tip applicator: used for removing foreign bodies from the eyes.
  • Baby shampoo: used for removing excess oil from the eyelids and to recover from blepharitis.

Some of the injuries like Migraines need routine treatments such as Motrin as they need a long period of medications for being cured.


Eye Examination For Eye Pain

Above were some of the treatments that the doctors might suggest to you to cure your eye pain. But in case your doctor doubts if the reason for your eye pain is something big, he/she would perform one or some of the eye exams mentioned below. The test will be performed based on the probable condition he suspects. A few of the eye exams are as follows:

  • Visual acuity test
  • Fluorescein staining (to test corneal abrasion)
  • Tonometry eye pressure test (to test glaucoma)
  • Retinal exam (to test uveitis and optic neuritis)
  • Slit-lamp examination (to test uveitis and scleritis)


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