Home Remedies For Pink Eye

Home remedies for pink eye

What Is Pink Eye?

Pink eye is a condition of irritated conjunctiva due to some allergic, bacterial or viral infection. This infection turns the conjunctiva pink in colour and causes inflamed and irritated eyes.

Causes of Pink Eye

Conjunctivitis is caused due to bacterial, viral, or allergic infection in the conjunctiva part of the eye. This causes inflamed and swollen eyes. The irritation in the eyes causes the discharge of fluid from the eyes which are highly contagious and can spread from one person to another. The common symptoms of pink eyes include:

  • Gritty Sensation
  • Red Eyes
  • Burning Eyes
  • Itchy Eyes
  • Painful Eyes
  • Watery Eyes
  • Regular pus-like discharge from the eyes.


Types of Pink Eyes

There are three types that lead to pink eyes:

Viral Conjunctivitis

It is the most commonly caused condition by the virus. It is caused by the virus that causes a runny nose and sore throat in a person. The condition is very contagious and can spread very easily when the infected person is present in a crowded place or in a confined place where many people are present.


Bacterial Conjunctivitis

It is caused due to bacterial infections and causes the release of pus-like sticky discharge from the eyes. It can easily be spread from person to person. Bacterial pink eye improves without any treatment within 2-5 days. There are some bacterial infections in which there is no discharge. Bacterial and viral conjunctivitis are very contagious as the fluid discharge when comes in contact with the other person can infect that person. Bacteria can also be spread from one’s nose and sinuses. Using unhygienic contacts and not having proper hygiene can also cause conjunctivitis to spread easily from person to person. The use of antibiotic eye drops speeds up the recovery from pink eye.


Allergic Conjunctivitis

It is caused due to allergic components present in the air surrounding us. Some of the allergic components are cigarette smoke, car fumes, pollens, and animal dander can cause allergic conjunctivitis. The main symptoms of allergic pink eyes are itchy eyes, red and burning sensations, puffy eyelids, and tearing of eyes. this type of conjunctivitis is non-contagious and does not spread from person to person.  

Allergic conjunctivitis


Stop Spreading of Pink Eyes

To stop the spread of pink eyes it is necessary to have a proper hygienic routine which includes regular washing of hands and to prevent touching of eyes with unclean hands. Conjunctivitis is not a very serious condition as it naturally goes away in a week or two. If the conditions persist then one should consult an ophthalmologist for the same. One can also try the below-mentioned home remedies which are very effective in treating pink eyes.


Home Remedies For Pink Eye

Pink eye is not a very serious condition of the eye and can be treated at home to ease out pain and irritation caused by the infection. Pink eye usually lasts about a week or two and help from a doctor would be required if the condition gets serious. Before opting out for any treatment we need to find out which type of pink eye is present. Viral pink eye is caused due to infection caused due to the cold-causing virus. This type of pink eye generally does not require any particular treatment and gets cured naturally in a week or two. Bacterial pink eyes lead to the formation of pus and sticky discharge which needs to be treated properly.

Home remedies for pink eye


Eye Drops

To reduce the symptoms of bacterial pink eye, one can use lubricating eye drops or can also take pain killers to ease out the pain and irritation in the eyes. Ibuprofen is generally used as an over-the-counter pain killer.


Warm Compress

Warm water compress is also effective in easing out the difficulty caused due to pink eye. In this, a cloth needs to be soaked and wrung in the warm water such that water does not drip from the cloth and the cloth remains damp enough. Then the cloth needs to be placed over the closed eyelids. This process needs to be repeated till irritation eases out or whenever you feel comfortable. If the process is done during different times of the day then new or clean cloth should be used every time to maintain a proper hygienic routine. Bacterial infections lead to discharge from the eyes and can cause eyelids to stick together. A warm compress helps to clean out all the dirt and mucus from the eye too and prevents eyelids to stick together.


Cool Compress

Allergic pink eye does not cure naturally and remains till the person is in contact with the allergen. It is important to find out about the allergen which is causing pink eye. To reduce the symptoms, one can take anti-histamine medicines and eye drops or could do a cool compress over the eyelid. The cool compress procedure is the same as warm compress only cold water is used in this condition. There are also over-the-counter eye drops which can also be used to ease out the irritation in the eyes caused due to pink eyes.


Warm And Cold Compress For Children

In children, pink eye is a serious condition, and consultation from a doctor is very necessary for their situation. A pink eye in children can lead them to be blind forever. So, it is not advised to use any home remedy on them except warm and cold-water compress.

Warm and cold compress for children



The use of pain-relieving medicines is recommended which helps in minimizing the pink eye symptoms. These medicines include non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, antihistamines tablets, topical eye drops, and mast cell stabilizers. Taking zinc supplements also helps in easing out the symptoms of the infection.



Having hydrated eyes also helps in easing out discomfort caused due to pink eyes. The person needs to wash their eyes regularly and drink lots of fluids in order to make their eyes hydrated.


Precautions For Pink Eyes

  • Do not use any red-reducing eye drops whenever you have pink eyes. Using such eye drops can cause symptoms to worsen and can also cause discomfort in the eyes.
  • Whenever you have bacterial or viral pink eye it is advised not to go to public gatherings and to quarantine yourself from other people to stop the spread of the infection. Bacterial and viral pink eye is contagious and one should be very careful when infected with either of them.
  • Use of excessive eye makeup on regular basis should be avoided. It is advised to remove makeup from the eyes before hitting the bed at night. Leaving makeup on leads to the accumulation of bacteria on the eyelids which can cause various eye infections.
  • Eye products should not be shared as they may contain bacteria in another person’s eyes.
  • Wearing contact lenses should be avoided whenever there is pink eye. Instead, eyeglasses should be worn. Contact lenses should be cleaned properly before using them.
  • Pillowcases and bedsheets should be changed regularly and should be changed daily when infected with pink eye.
  • Maintaining proper hygiene generally prevents the pink eye from spreading from one person to another.


Visit Doctor

It is advised to see an ophthalmologist if children below 5 years of age are infected with pink eye as they are at higher risk of getting blind due to the infection. People who have their vision affected or have a green or yellow discharge or pus-like fluid due to the infection also need to consult a doctor immediately. The pink eye naturally gets cured in most cases but if the symptoms cause excess trouble in the eyes it is always advised to visit a doctor for better treatment.

Precautions for pink eyes


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