What Are Milia Bumps on Eyelids and How Can They Be Prevented?

Milia Bumps On Eyelids

What Are Milia Bumps?

Milia is a small, white, or yellow milia bumps that usually appear on the face, commonly around the cheeks and eyelids. Majorly it is caused by keratin when it gets trapped beneath the surface of our skin. Milia are often found in newborns but they can affect people of any age. Although milia don’t cause any such difficulty still you would want to remove it because it looks bad.

Therefore, below are some mentioned home remedies to remove milia.



Types of Milia Bumps

Neonatal Milia

These are generally found on the nose but can also be seen on the face, scalp, and inside the mouth. These are often confused with neonatal acne. However, neonatal acne may vary in size and are generally red whereas neonatal milia are uniform in size with no redness. Neonatal milia are a common disease found in newborns whereas neonatal acne occurs after two weeks of birth.


Primary Milia

It can occur in both children as well as adults. They can last from several weeks up to several months. It generally appears on eyelids, cheeks, and forehead.


Milia EN Plaque

In this several militias occur forming a broad flat patch on the surrounding skin. It can affect both children as well as adults. Generally, it is found in middle-aged women. Common areas where it is formed are eyelids, behind the ears, or on the cheeks. This is a very rare kind of milia and can be associated with some other skin issues like lichen planus or discoid lupus erythematosus.


Traumatic Milia

This kind of milia is known as secondary milia as it follows injury to the skin which involves:

  • Burn
  • Blisters from a skin condition
  • Allergic reactions


Risk Factors Associated With Milia Bumps

Milia are generally risk-free but when it is associated with other conditions or some
injury, the condition should be treated separately. It is important to diagnose milia properly as it can be confused with some other diseases like cysts, acne, or miliaria. If the milia are troubling you very much make sure to contact a doctor and get the treatment done properly and as soon as possible.


Home Remedies For Milia Bumps

Milia doesn’t require any treatment, it cleans up on its own with time. But milia especially underneath the eyelid can irritate and can bother you. So, to avoid that here are some home remedies you can try:

  • Milia occur underneath the eyelid due to excess keratin. Therefore, to avoid that you can use a warm washcloth and apply it to exfoliate the area. Exfoliating will remove all the dead skin cells and helps in bringing the trapped keratin back to the surface.
  • You should take steam at least once or twice a week. It keeps your face fresh and is one of the best treatments at home for the face.
  • You should keep your face clean. Try using the face wash that suits your skin the best to avoid skin irritation. If you have sensitive skin opts for a product that will not react to your skin.
  • You can also use rose water or manuka honey on your face. According to the studies anti-inflammatory properties are found in these products i.e. rose and honey.
  • Do not pick or poke the milia bumps. According to the doctors if you leave the milia bumps alone they will heal faster. If you pick them as they can sometimes irritate it may lead to permanent scars.
  • You should use high protection sunscreens whenever you go outdoors during the day. It protects your skin from harmful UV rays.
  • You can also use topical retinoid cream or gels derived from Vitamin A. You can buy them online as it helps in healing milia faster.
home remedies for milia



Medical Treatment For Milia Bumps on Eyelid

For treating the milia under the eyes the dermatologist will use the following procedure:

  • DEROOFING: A sterilized needle can be used to remove the milia formed under the eyes.
  • CRYOTHERAPY: It is one of the most common treatments used to treat milia. However, this treatment is recommended when the milia are formed near the eyes. In this, the dermatologist will use liquid nitrogen, as it freezes the milia and destroys them.
  • LASER ABLATION: In this, a small Laser is focused on the milia. It opens the milia and helps the keratin that is trapped underneath the surface to come up.


Prevention of Milia Bumps

It is not possible to prevent milia that occur in newborns. However, when milia are associated with some other skin conditions or injury proper treatment avoids them to return.

Some of the ways through which milia can be prevented under the eyelids are:

  • Avoid excess exposure to sunlight
  • Regularly clean and exfoliate your skin as it will encourage new skin cells to come upon the surface and loosen the trapped keratin.
  • Use night serum containing vitamin E or topical Vitamin A as its moistures the skin and promote cell growth.
Ways to treat Milia

Milia is a yellow or white bump formed on several parts of our body i.e., cheeks, eyelids, or nose. They do not cause long-term problems and most cases are resolved without treatment within several weeks. The milia bumps formed disappear quickly in the newborns as compared to that of adults and children. If the milia don’t disappear on its own within several weeks consult a doctor as sometimes it is associated with other skin conditions or injury. There are several home remedies also through which you can treat the milia and keep your skin healthy.



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