Oculoplasty Guide: Cost, Symptoms & Treatment in Delhi


Oculoplasty is also referred as ophthalmic plastic surgery which is done by the specialists called as ophthalmologists.

The oculoplasty surgery is performed at the surroundings of the eye.

It mainly helps in changing the appearance of the eye and improves the functioning of the eye as well as increase the level of comfort in an eye by reducing the complications created inside the eye.

It is used in various conditions such as problems in drainage of tears, eyelid complications, cancers inside the eyelid, eye orbit problems and complications in the eyebrows or its surroundings. It is beneficial by providing proper cosmetic appearance to the eyes and reducing the issues which are seen near the eye.

Need for an oculoplasty surgery:

The oculoplasty suregy is required when the person experiences following conditions by which a need for this oculoplasty surgery is seen such as

  • Eyelid dropping that is also known as ptosis condition.
  • Blinking the eyes more often unintentionally.
  • Eyes twitching
  • Presence of wrinkles and scars around the eye.
  • Tearing of the eyelids i.e, entropion or ectropion conditions are seen.
  • Blockages at the tear ducts and oil glands inside the eye
  • Presence of tumors around or inside the eye
  • Increased amount of fat around the eyes and the condition is called as blepharoplasty condition
  • Bulging of eyes
  • Absence of an eye i.e, anophthalmia condition
  • Growth of tumors inside the eye orbit
  • Eye burns

Procedures followed 

There are various processes that are followed by the ophthalmologists for the treatment of the various conditions such as ptosis condition in which there is a dropping of the eyelid is present and tearing of the eyelids or eye orbit fractures and other problems which require medical help or oculoplasty surgery for the treatment.

The oculoplasty surgery is used for treating these conditions and also for improving the over all appearance of the patient so it also helps in maintaining the facial features of a person and is a kind of cosmetic surgery to maintain the shape of the eyes and their physical appearance.

Various oculoplasty surgery include-

  • Eyelid surgery: In this surgery, various conditions such as ptosis (eyelid dropping) and ectropion or entropion conditions are treated with the help of surgical procedures. Tumors in the eyelid area can also get treated with the help of the surgery.
  • Blepharoplasty Surgery: Here, the increase in the amount of fat is seen in eyelid or increased skin is removed through a surgical procedure. It is a plastic surgery in which excess skin and fat is removed from the eyelid.

For conditions such as ptosis, entropion and ectropion they are treated with the help of this surgery and the conditions are repaired.

  • The removal of the tissue part from the region or junction of the upper part and lower part of the eyelid is called as Canthectomy. Canthus is an either angle that is created by the intersection of the upper and lower eyelids of the eye. It is of two types: internal canthi and external canthi. The external canthi or the outer canthi is much more close than the internal and the eyelids are more close to the bulb of the eye in this region. The internal canthi that also called as inner canthi is present near the nose and the eyelids in the region and separated by a triangular shaped structure called as lacus lacrimalis.
  • The division of a canthus region is done with the help of a surgical procedure is called as Cantholysis.
  • The fixation of the canthus region with surgical help is called as Canthopexy.
  • The plastic surgery that is performed at the canthus region of the eye is called as Canthoplasty.
  • The repair in the palpebral fissure to shorten is done by the suturing in the outer canthus region that is called as Canthorrhaphy surgery.
  • The division in the outer canthus region of the eye is called as Canthotomy or the lateral Canthotomy.

Procedures performed for the removal of an eye are:

  • Enucleation: The procedure in which the eye is carefully removed without disrupting the muscles inside the eye or the contents of the orbital region in the eye.
  • Evisceration: In this condition, the surgery is performed to treat or reduce the pain in a blind eye. In this condition, the eye contents are removed with the help of the surgery without disturbing sclera tissue of the eye and maintaining it intact in its position.
  • Exenteration: This is performed in the case of a presence of malignant orbital tumors inside the eye and all the contents present inside the eye including the fat, muscles inside the eye and connective tissues and also the eye itself are removed using surgical methods.
  • Orbital procedures including reconstruction of the orbital floor inside the eye in the case of an artificial eyes.
  • The replacement of the eye and the eyelids in the case of an orbit that is removed by the exenteration procedure is done artificially. This condition is called as orbital prosthesis. The removal of the orbit inside the eye in case of tumors is done by surgical procedure so that it can help in maintaining the vision in a person.

Oculoplasty procedure 

The procedure for the oculoplasty surgery is done by performing few steps.

In the first step, symptoms occurring in the patient are studied which includes present condition of the person that cause problem to their vision and also the appearance of the eye.

As the test is completed and all the complications and the symptoms of the patient are studied carefully, the ophthalmologist suggests few options of the oculoplasty surgery that help in treating the patient and reduce the pain as well as the symptoms that affect the vision of the person.

The patient can freely choose from the various appropriate options for the oculoplasty surgery suggested by the ophthalmologist.

Cost of the Oculoplasty surgery

In many major cities in India with the help of advanced technology, various services and techniques help in treating different conditions. The minimum cost which is required for the oculoplasty surgery treatment is about 1,25,000 for a single eye. The cost of the oculoplasty surgery differs from patient to patient as it is based on the conditions the patient is suffering with and also the age of the patient. The cost is less for patients but if the patient have undergone such symptoms for a longer time duration he/she needs to pay more that are mostly old-aged people.

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