How to Choose Best Lenses?

Best Lenses

Best lenses

Choosing the best lenses for your new glasses can be a very big decision for yourself. They need to be hard that shouldn’t break easily. You make sure that you use the branded lens of companies such as Crizal, Hoya, Vision Rx, GKB, Zeiss, Shamir, etc.

 This is not possible to identify a lens as the best. When you are choosing a lens for your eyeglasses you need to consider the few things.

Why it’s important to choose correct lenses for your eyes?

It’s important to choose the correct lenses for your appearance and your comfort of eyes. Everyone has some kind of vision problem. The lenses are the default remedy of diagnosing in which you had suffered from refractive errors and many eye vision problems. They are one of the greatest creations in human history.

It’s saved many people from becoming legally blind. It also helps people with severe refractive errors to see again.

Types of lenses for your eyeglasses

Before buying a perfect lens we need to consider these types of the lens in our mind those types of lens are as follows:

  • Single Vision Lenses:

These are the most common and they are used for viewing distance, near and intermediate.

These types of the lens have three main zones of viewing with no lines. They used for viewing distance, intermediate, and reading. This is for people above 40 years who need extra power for reading and bifocal. The progressive lenses are the width of the area of extra power varies. The wider area includes extra power for better quality.

However, the lens gets wider the price also increases significantly.

  • Bifocal Lenses:

These types of the lens have a section into two parts, with a line. This used for viewing distance and near. In this, there is an intermediate zone for reading.

  • Trifocal Lens:

These types of lens offer to view correct for the near, far, and intermediate with lines.

Materials used for making lenses (features and benefits)

If you are selecting the correct lenses for your eyeglasses, Your lenses have to influence the four factors such as appearance, comfort, functionality, and vision. There are different material that is using for the finishing of your lens. The most modern lenses are made of plastic material. These are some more about materials that are given below:

  • Plastic lenses:

They become very widespread because of a lightweight upgrade from the old glass variety with greatly improved safety. These lenses have a lower risk of injury. The high-quality special plastics and a good coating offer protection against painful pressure marks and scratches.

  • Glass lenses:

It is heavier and thicker than the plastic but they are cheap in comparison to all the lenses. The biggest advantage is its durability. It is very resistant to scratches. Its optics are technically slightly better’s well with glass but most of the people don’t see a big difference between plastic lens and glasses lens.

This is the hard coating that helps to reduce the chances of scratches and make your life even simpler with spectacles. It’s a good efficient anti-reflective coating that reduces glare and cut harmful rays like Ultraviolet lights.

Because the reflection caused a very distraction. When you’re going outside in the sunshine, driving at night or working at the computer protects your eyes. The coating applied on the lenses their cost is also added to the price of a lens.

  • Self- tinting spectacles lenses:

If you are thinking about buying tinted be careful because there is a huge difference in quality as far as self-tinting spectacle lenses are concerned. It is also called a photochromic spectacle lens. This lens should react as quickly as possible. They get fading black to the clear state indoor and darkening in the sun or other bright light. Its vital importance is that the lenses provide 100% protection against UVA and UVB radiation. It reduces the brightness of sunlight.

Refractive Index

The higher the refractive index there is thinner the lenses will be preferred. When your power is higher then a high index lens will make the glasses lighter and visual quality becomes better.

Abbe Values

The clarity of the material is represented as the abbe value(100 is the perfect abbe value). A lens blends different light rays differently. This process is called chromatic aberration. The lens with a higher abbe value will have less chromatic aberration.

Aspheric Design

It helps to reduce spherical aberration that occurs when the periphery of the lens bends the light differently than the central portion. When you are going to buying a lens you need to consider in refractive index and abbe value that helps to choose the perfect lens. Then you need to consider that you need any coating or not on the lens. Because sometimes a simple plastic lens with a hard coating gives more than that satisfactory result.

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