Computer glasses: vision protection in front of the screens

Computer glasses: vision protection in front of the screens

Computer glasses are designed for people who have long screen time. This type helps in maintaining a healthy vision while seeing screen

Need for computer glasses

As technology has increased there has been an increase in the amount of time spend by a person to sit in front of the laptop screen. In earlier times, people used to work on paper and didn’t have to strain their eyes while working. But continuous use of laptops causes trouble in the vision of the person using it. People working on a screen for a long period of time also have witnessed blurry vision along with other ailments. These ailments are collectively called as computer vision syndrome. In order, to prevent such discomfort while working on the screen it is advised to use an appropriate eyeglass. Computer Eyeglasses are special eyeglasses that are designed in such a manner that they reduce the strain on the eyes caused due to long screen time. By choosing proper eyeglasses one can protect themselves from digital eye strain. Eyeglasses for screen purpose needs to be worn under the prescription of trained optometrist as wearing any kind of eyeglasses can lead to more vision problems. It has been noted that even a small change in the prescription of computer glasses can lead to vision problems.

There are many risk factors associated with long screen time, staring at the screen for a long interval of time can cause eye strain. Prolonged activity in front of the laptop causes blurred vision, headaches, tiredness, eye strain, dry eyes, red or irritated eyes. Using computer glasses can help in reducing these risk factors and provide a comfortable screen time for working people.

Computer glasses are very different from regular eyeglasses which are used for regular use purposes. The computer glasses help in optimizing the vision when viewing the computer screen. Eye Zen are the lenses that are made for this particular purpose. They help in blocking the blue light filters which other lenses are not capable of doing. Without Computer Glasses, Many people have a problem with headaches, eye strains and dry eyes. People with blurred vision compensate by leaning forward to the computer screen and then it results in sore neck and back pain. So, it’s best to wear prescribed computer glasses while working in front of the screen for a long interval of time.

Working of computer glasses

The smartphone and laptop screen time has considerably increased over time due to an increase in the work on the digital platforms. This has lead to long exposure to blue light which is harmful to our vision. Blue light is very similar to the sun’s UV light and has adverse effects on the vision of the person with long screen time.

The computer glasses are designed in such a manner that they help in blocking the harmful blue light reaching the eye. The lenses used in the computer glasses significantly reduce the amount of blue light entering the eyes and make working in front of the screen more comfortable. The computer glasses should be accurate and any inaccuracies should be avoided as it affects the vision of the person wearing inaccurate eyeglasses. These glasses are designed in such a way that the person wearing them doesn’t experience any headaches or eye strains during a long screen time. They also help in reducing the squinting and tiredness of the person.

To maximize the benefit received from the computer glasses one should include an anti-reflective or anti-glare coating on the lenses. This type of coating prevents the reflections of the light from the front and back surfaces of the lenses which can cause eye strain. The Photochromic coating can also be done on the lenses in order to reduce high-energy visible blue light entering your eyes from the screen. This type of coating automatically darkens when there is a presence of sunlight outdoors.

If a person already wears any kind of eyeglasses then they can get blue film added to their lenses by getting a prescription from an optometrist. People who do not wear eyeglasses regularly but have a long screen time are always advised to use computer glasses after getting a comprehensive eye test done. The lenses which are used in the computer glasses cannot be used for other purposes like reading and driving. So, there are modified lenses that are used for multiple purposes. Single vision computer glasses have lenses that reduce eye strain, headaches, blurred vision and can be used by people of any age group. The other type of computer glass is an Occupational Progressive lens which is a no-line multifocal lens that can correct near, intermediate and distant vision along with protecting the blue light filters. These lenses cannot be used for driving purposes as they do not provide a clear distant vision. So, the use of occupational bifocal and trifocal lenses can be done instead of occupational progressive lenses.  The bifocal and trifocal lenses are lined multifocal lenses and have large zones for distant and near vision. They can be customized according to the needs of the particular person. An optometrist will be able to give an accurate prescription of the type of lenses you should use for computer glasses.

How to reduce eye strain

  • Eye strain is caused not only due to prolonged screen time but can also be caused due to a long period of reading and straining eyes to see in improper lighting.
  • Eye strain can be caused due to very bright lights coming in through the window of the lighting systems. It is advised to sit in the alignment of the light rather than sitting in front or back of the direction of the light to reduce eye Halogen and incandescent lights are also helpful in reducing eyestrains.
  • The desktop should always be an arm’s length away from you. Keep the laptop too close or too far can also cause eye strain and lead to squinting of eyes as it becomes difficult to read.
  • The display light of the screen should match the brightness of the surrounding. The font on the screen should be adjusted to a level where eyes do not require to squint themselves for proper viewing.
  • Taking a break after 20 minutes of screen time is necessary to maintain a healthy vision. In the break period vision should be focused on a distant object for a few Proper blinking and eye exercises also help in reducing eyestrains.
  • Have regular eye check-ups is a must for those who sit in front of the screen for long hours. And, Use of proper computer glasses is highly recommendable.

In order to buy computer glasses, one should consult an optometrist before purchasing the lenses. A comprehensive eye exam helps in determining the type of lenses that would be required by the person. Buying the counter eyeglasses which are used for reading purposes would not be helpful to those who sit in front of the screen for a long interval of time. Reading glasses and vision eyeglasses cannot be used for viewing the screens as they do not block the blue light emitted by the screens. Prescription of accurate eyeglasses is necessary for the full benefit of computer glasses that one can utilize from.

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