Men’s Eyeglasses Trends

Men's Eyeglasses Trends

You might think of wearing eyeglasses as separate from your overall health routine. But shopping for a new pair of frames with a new or updated prescription can keep your vision sharp and your eyes healthy. In this blog, we will learn about men’s eyeglasses trends in 2024.

How We Choose

We evaluated a wide range of eyeglasses to offer a selection of frames that work for as many face shapes and budgets as possible.

Some important notes to keep in mind: We considered glasses with different nose bridges, or where frames rest on your face. Below, we have a category for low nose bridge frames, which may work best for people who have minimally sloped noses or smaller nose bridges.

Some of the frame suggestions below also include adjustable nose pads, which can change the way glasses rest on the face.

Another important consideration is your prescription. If you have a strong prescription (greater than +/- 4.25), you may want to consider high-index lenses. Otherwise, the lens may be too thick for the frames. Even with high-index lenses, very strong prescriptions may require you to choose slightly smaller frames, as large frames can be too heavy on your face.

Here’s what we considered in choosing the following list of eyeglasses:

  • User reviews. If a pair of frames got more negative reviews than positive, they didn’t make the cut.
  • Company reputation. We went with companies known for having responsive customer service.
  • A wide range of budgets. We wanted to provide a pair of eyeglasses for every kind of budget.
  • A wide range of face shapes. We made sure to include eyeglass styles and shapes for every kind of face shape.

Eyeglasses: The Basics

Eyeglasses are today considered a part of fashion accessories just like belts and bags. Eyeglasses have two purposes: to improve your vision by wearing proper power lenses and the second is simply wearing it for fashion i.e. no power lenses.  Whenever it comes to selecting the perfect glasses for you to be aware of the following parts of the glasses while choosing them:


There are various kinds of frames available ranging from plastic frames to metal frames. Nowadays frames are generally light in weight, more flexible, and stronger because of the technology. Make sure you select the frame depending on your lifestyle. For example, children have active lifestyles therefore; they require stronger and flexible frames that do not break as they fall. They can also opt for spring hinges and nose pads type frames as they do not slip off easily.

Frame size is a very important factor while choosing a frame as the frame should fit well and not slip off the nose. Do not wear very tight frames as it would leave certain imprints against the temples or the sides of the nose.


Most people do not pay attention while choosing the right lenses for their eyeglasses. Different people require different lenses depending upon their problems. It is very important to ask the doctor about the lenses that you should use. It is advised to get your eyeglasses checked by a doctor so that they can give you the necessary feedback and changes required.

There are different kinds of lenses available in the market such as:

If you have high power it is recommended to wear thicker lenses. These are made from highly durable materials which can be used for children or sportsperson.

There are lenses that can be used in eyeglasses as well as sunglasses as the lens get darken when exposed to sunlight and blocks the sunlight and harmful UV rays, these are Photochromatic Lenses.

Lenses providing greater comfort by reducing glares from water and snow which can also be used for spending time outdoors are called Polarized lenses.

Lenses have various kinds of coating like:

Anti-Reflective: helps with glare, reflection, and excessive lights by blocking them.

Scratch proof and UV Production: these lenses are generally advised for children as they might not be very careful about their eyeglasses while playing.

Tinted Lenses: in this, light or dark yellow colour of lenses helps to see you better as it increases the contrast.

Mirror coating: these lenses are mostly used just for better looks. They are available in a variety of colours such as blue, silver, or gold.

Eyeglass care tips

  • Do not use paper napkins or paper towels to clean the lenses as they have a rough surface.
  • Do not use bleach or vinegar to clean the lenses as they can damage the coating of the lenses.
  • Use a hard-shell case to keep your glasses as they protect them from breaking.
  • Lay down the eyeglasses with the lenses facing upwards.
  • Clean your eyeglasses with warm water and a drop of dish detergent using a soft cotton cloth regularly.
  • Do not put your eyeglasses in a bag or purse unprotected i.e. without the case.
  • Do not spit on your lenses to clean them as your saliva contains oil and other damaging elements.
  • Use both your hands while wearing and taking off the eyeglasses.
  • Do not wear the eyeglasses on your head as it misaligns the frames.

Men’s Eyeglasses Trends: A guide

Glasses for Round Face

For round face with the same width and height, curve chin and cheeks angular and slim glasses are the best options. Flat, rectangular lenses will make your face look slimmer. The edges of the lenses near your nose should be shorter than the outer edges; corners should be squared rather than rounder. Opt for thin frames as it will give a better look.

Glasses for Square Face

The features of this kind of face are very angular, with broad chin and strong jaw. Men can opt for round lenses and large with even height and width. The frame should be slim, thick, and dark to give an overpowering impression to your face.

Glasses for Oval Face

Oval faces are taller with a round chin and high cheekbones. You can wear either square frames or curved frames both will suit your face. The lenses can be narrow or wide but it should not be too square or circular as it may give you clunky look. Use thicker frames as it will give a perfect definition to your face.

Glasses for Heart Shaped Face

These kinds of faces are with narrow cheekbones and small chin. Lenses that are wider at the top than the bottom can give you a nice look. Do not wear square frames as it will not suit the shape of your face. You can opt for thicker wire or plastic frames as it will give you a nice look.

Frames and Fashion– 2024

Clear Eyeglasses

These glasses are almost invisible from afar; these are very cool and trendy frames. It is also suitable for any complexion and outfit. Glasses with clear frames are very cool and trendy and are suitable for any kind of complexion and outfit. Would you go for clear glasses frames, you definitely stand out from the crowd.

Over Sized Eyeglasses

Large frames are trendy nowadays but make sure you choose the right shape and colour for your face, complexion, and eyes. It should be a good fit to enhance your style. These are the most attention-grabbing eyeglasses to steal the spotlight.

Choosing the right shape and color for your face, skin tone and eyes ensure a good fit and fashionable appearance. Big eyeglasses frames enhance your personal style, so prepare yourself to have all the eyes in the room on you!

Oversized glasses are the most attention-grabbing accessory you can wear. It’s a must-try trend for anyone looking to steal the spotlight.

Vintage Eyeglasses

Circle or rounded men’s eyewear inevitably brings to mind the iconic image of John Lennon and his plea to give peace a chance. His long hair and narrow face worked well with his minimal metal glass frame.

Square-shaped and heart-shaped faces can handle a perfectly round pair of glasses frames. They help balance a wide forehead, but rounder faces generally benefit from a stronger contrast in glasses frames, like square or rectangular.

Hipster Eyeglasses

It comes with thick rims, edgy colours, large square shape and vintage look patterns, considered to be one of the best styling frames for men. This frame gives you a strong personality and its unique styles and designs keep you out from looking basic.

Classic Square Frames

Classic eyeglasses for men come in timeless shapes and colors that we easily associate with the classic look that never goes out of style. These are some of the best glasses for men because they include minimalistic design elements and stick with neutral colors ranging between black, brown or gray.

The classic style glasses for men are suited for professional environments and attire, but because they’re so clean in design, you can easily pair them with a more formal look.


Purchasing eyeglasses online can be a convenient, cost-effective solution to getting new frames.

There are many online retailers to choose from. Some also have brick-and-mortar stores you can visit, while others rely solely on virtual try-ons and at-home trials.

When buying eyewear online, only purchase glasses from sellers that have customer-friendly return policies.

It’s also important to check out the company’s reputation through online reviews and on business rating sites.

These are lightweight and highly durable frames that are thinner and more flexible than normal frames. It is one of the strongest frames and has good resistance to water and acids.

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