Amazing Healthy tips for People who wear spectacles (Speckie Gang)

Amazing Healthy Tips for the people who wear spectacles (speckie gang)a subheading

Initially, when an ophthalmologist prescribes us spectacles we all act careless and reckless wearing that. People feel that this design of spectacles will not look good on their faces, and some of them also get uncomfortable that people will tease them or mock them by giving names. However, if this carelessness continues for a longer period it will further increase the power of your spectacles and also weaken your eye power.

It’s always prescribed to wear spectacles whenever advised by an ophthalmologist to control the power of our eye and to control the cause of any further risk.

Most of the information we receive in our brain comes through the eyes, what we directly visualize easily comes through the brain and hence it’s our responsibility to keep our eyes safe and also protect them against any harm.

Tips for people who wear spectacles (Speckie Gang)

  • Clean the spectacles

    – We should make sure to clean our spectacles, to ensure your vision is clear and unrestricted in every manner. Always carry a lens cleaner solution and a soft cloth to clean the glasses regularly so that glasses should remain free from smudges and dust.

  • Use impact-resistant (polycarbonate) lenses for kids

    – If the child is advised to wear prescribed eyeglasses, always make sure to use polycarbonate lenses as it will provide the kid the highest degree of protection and also provide clear and comfortable vision. The material used in polycarbonate lenses is the same as what is used in astronauts’ helmets. The lenses used by polycarbonate give 10 times more protection and impact-resistance than any other eyeglasses.

  • Change the eyewear if causes trouble

    – If you find out that the spectacles are uncomfortable in any manner such as size, alignment, unsteadiness. Then don’t ignore it, and make sure whatever we wear it should make you feel comfortable in every manner. Sometimes at the start of wearing spectacles, you face a lot of headaches but gradually our minds get used to it and get comfortable.

  • Regular Eye-Checkup

– Always make sure to visit an ophthalmologist for a regular eye-checkup. It is always advised for children that they should go for regular eye check-ups when they turn 1 year, 3years, and 5years old, Therefore their eye exam will also be able to determine squint at an early age. For adults, it is advised that they should go for an eye test annually to check if there’s any change in the power.

  • Use spectacles that give UV protection

    – UV protection will act as a sunscreen for our eyes. As UV (Ultra-violet) protection is essential to maintain your vision and if it is not done it will create inflammation in the cornea and sometimes, long-term exposure can also increase the risk of cataract, retinal detachment, and macular degeneration. Every year 3 million people go blind due to prolonged UV exposure. But spectacles with UV lens, act as sun protection for your eyes.

  • Service your spectacles

– As every mechanical car needs a monthly service, then only it provides a proper output. Just like that wearing spectacles also need a proper service to maintain your vision and the spectacles don’t get misaligned. It’s always advised that if you find any problem with your spectacles, always go to the nearest optical shop.

  • Don’t share the spectacles

    – Don’t indulge in sharing the spectacles with your peers, family members. If someone has the same eye-power then also, don’t share your spectacles as it is not hygienic in any way. If any one of them is facing an eye infection, it will easily get transmitted to others. It is also advisable by professionals to always keep things separate such as towels, soaps as they tend to transfer the infection easily.


Things to follow for a better eye-sight

  • Sit at a hailing distance from your television screen – As it is advised by doctors, to sit at least 3 meters away from the display screen. The distance will somehow decrease the strain coming from the screen to the eyes.
  • Get enough rest– With this busy schedule, we forget that we need proper rest so that our body can function properly. Lack of sleep sometimes results in swollen and puffy eyes and if it continues for a longer time it brings dark circles under the eyes. Always get sufficient sleep to provide relaxation to the body and mind.
  • Enough lighting at the work-place– Always make sure that when working on the screen, the room should be illuminated properly. Having enough light on the object while working is an essential thing so that the eyes don’t get strain.
  • Study in a proper posture– Nowadays, we all must have an encounter that students often sit on the bed, and by the time they start reading, they get leaned against the wall for support. If this continues for a long period of time, the eyeball will turn into an awkward angle which will make them strain more.
  • Go for a regular eye-checkup, if facing chronic diseases– If facing diseases like diabetes or hypertension, make sure to go for a monthly eye checkup. Being more severe to the eyes these diseases cause you further chronic ailments like diabetic retinopathy etc.
  • Always visit a professional ophthalmologist for an eye aliment– Never try to provide self-medication for the eye ailment. Always visit a professional doctor, as the eyes are the sensitive part of our body that can’t be treated without a prescription.

Some tips to choose your spectacles

If you’re wearing eyeglasses for a while now, you know how difficult is it to find a perfect pair for the eyes. It is not about that how fashionable the spectacles are but to make sure that it has a right shape and also fits perfectly.

Here’re some tips so that you can choose to wear eyeglasses perfectly

  • Select the frame wisely– While selecting the frame, always make sure to apply a rule of thumb. What it means is that your frame should not be too big or too small. In the case of small lenses, the field of vision will extend beyond the lenses that can lead to an increase in the power of the spectacles. In the case of big lenses, it would be heavy and uncomfortable.
  • Arms of glasses– Tight arms in the spectacles will lead you to headaches and pain behind the ears while loose arms cause constant slipping off the glasses and don’t provide a proper alignment when you wear spectacles.
  • The right material for the lenses-There are two types of material for eyeglasses, one is made of glass and the other is made of plastic. Plastic glasses are also called as an unbreakable lens, as it doesn’t break easily and glass lenses are a more delicate version of it. Always purchase a lens according to your usage.
  • Choose the right nose pads-People to find it insignificant to choose nose pads for the eyes, but it plays a vital role while wearing spectacles regularly. It should be made of soft plastic and should be comfortable on the nose. Some of the nose pads also protect from allergic reactions.
  • Choose scratch-proof and anti-glare lenses – Sometimes to look fashionable we forget what type of lenses we’re using. Choose a scratch-proof lens as it will save it from scratches and also from distorted vision and anti-glare lenses help you to protect from the eyestrain coming from computer screen, television, etc.-

The best way to treat your eyes is to visit your eye care professional and get your eyes checked regularly. He will be able to assess the best method of treatment for your eye ailment. Visit our website Eyemantra. To book an appointment call +91-8851044355. Or mail us at [email protected]. Our other services include Specs Removal, Eye Testing, Eye Surgery and many more.

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