Eye Care In Air Pollution of Delhi NCR

eye care in air pollution

The level of air pollution has increased to a great level. People need to adapt ways to do eye care in air pollution. In this article, we will read some solutions for eye care in air pollution.

Air Pollution In Delhi

Levels of Air pollution are rising exponentially in Delhi and its surrounding areas and if we are to believe experts, the air we are inhaling is laden with obnoxiously high levels of gases and harmful pollutants. Studies have proven that inhaling air in a day in NCR is equivalent to smoking 40 cigarettes.

Open burning of agricultural waste, fumes of transport vehicles and industrial waste which eject toxic pollutants in the air are some of the most common reasons for this increase in air pollution. The government declared that the levels of pollution have reached an alarming rate of an emergency and can have potential health hazards in the year 2017. 

Pollution doesn’t affect just a specific part or function of the body; it has a general effect on every part of the body; especially those who work outdoors or play outdoors are the worst affected. While specialized face masks may offer safety to a certain extent from cardiovascular and respiratory conditions, the eyes remain exposed to this toxic environment all the time. You can do eye exercises to keep eyes pollution-free.


What Is Smog?

smog in air pollution


Smog is a dense layer of air that is formed near the ground when the level of air pollution is exceedingly high. Being a common phenomenon in metropolitan cities where the traffic is high, smog is higher in regions or areas that are near industries that have high emissions.

Smog is formed when sunlight and the gases emitted by car fumes and/or industrial emissions in the lower atmosphere react with each other. Certain people have a greater sensitivity to the effects of smog including people who are predisposed to cardiovascular and pulmonary conditions.

The first signs of health problems caused by smog are irritation in the nose, throat, lungs, and eyes. In a very small number of cases, breathing and respiratory functioning can be impaired too. 

Extreme pollution, in the form of smog, affects our eyes causing allergies and damage. Compromised quality of air is saturated with harmful gases like carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and coarse dust particles which have led to an increase in the number of complaints for red and watery eyes along with many more eye allergies.

Listed below are the most common ailments caused due to high levels of air pollution and smog are:

  1. Watery eyes
  2. Discomfort due to Burning Sensations
  3. Soreness in eyes
  4. Redness of eyes
  5. Swelling of eyes
  6. Itching sensation 
  7. Dry eyes
  8. Eye allergy 

Dry eyes are characterised y a certain kind of dryness, gritty feeling, foreign body in the eye. Eye allergy is characterised by itching, redness, discharge, eyelid swelling, blurring of vision and increased risk of infection. You must take care of your eyes in air pollution or make an appointment at Eye Doctor Delhi.


How To Do Eye Care In Air Pollution?

One can take many preventive measures against these side effects that will help minimise the risk of infections. Mentioned below are certain measures that everyone should take :


Wear Eye-Protective

The ideal and best solution would be avoiding exposure to harmful pollutants.  On such days when the risk of exposure reaches a level of emergency, there is a public health warning issued asking people to stay indoors especially in the early hours of the day as the pollution levels are at a peak. In case you have to step out and do not have an option, please ensure that you are wearing protective eyeglasses as that will minimize the exposure to such pollution-causing agents. Wearing sunglasses when you are outdoors is again very important.

eye care in air pollution


Don’t Rub Your Eyes

Keep washing your hands often and avoid touching your eyes. Try not to rub your eyes at all. Rubbing your eyes may feel comforting but it is quite the opposite, excessive rubbing can damage your eyes badly. If you feel irritation in the eyes then wash them with cold and clean water.


Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is always the key! This aids inadequate tear formation. It is highly important when external factors stimulate the chances of dry eyes and eye irritation. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day is advised.


Eat Healthy

A healthy diet is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Following a healthy diet includes lots of green leafy vegetables, carrots, spinach, almonds, walnuts, berries, and fish. All this has a high content of omega 3 and is extremely good for our eyes.


Use  Eyedrops

eye drops



Lubricating your eyes are extremely important if you sense irritation. These eye drops are easily available. Please get your eyes checked before using any kind of eye drops. Use prescribed eye drops only, and do not forget to check the expiry date. Using expired products can hurt your eyes badly.


Reduce Screen Time

Try not to use excessive screen devices, including mobile phones and laptops. Ensure adequate periods of rest to avoid eye fatigue, dry eyes, and computer vision syndrome


Visit An Eye Doctor

In case the irritation persists, visit an ophthalmologist immediately for an evaluation. He/ She will suggest an apt and suitable course of treatment for your condition.




Things To Avoid In Air Pollution


Avoid Contact Lenses

Try to avoid using contact lenses in case you face any redness or discomfort in the eye unless you have been permitted to use them by your eye care professional. If the particulate matter is extremely high, protective glasses over your contact lenses will go a long way. If you experience any sort of discomfort when you’re wearing contact lenses, it’s essential to take them off and lubricate your eyes using eye drops as an emergency measure and quickly seek an appointment with your ophthalmologist. Before wearing them again, ensure that they have been cleaned enough, and have no scratches on them.


Avoid Eye Makeup

eye care in air pollution


If you have felt discomfort when you are wearing eye make-up, avoid using it. Mascara and Kajal often tend to stimulate eye allergies aggressively and may also cause infections. Choosing a reputed, hypoallergenic brand to make sure that your eyes are not harmed in any way by the chemicals that are used in the makeup product. Please make sure you remove all the makeup before you sleep, using a specialized eye makeup remover. This will mitigate the ill effects of the chemicals. 

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Avoid Exposure To Pollution

Lastly, for our overall well-being and optimal vision care and as a precautionary measure to be taken in smoggy weather, one must completely avoid exposure to pollution as much as they can. keeping a note of the air quality index is highly important and avoiding visiting the areas that are highly polluted is also very imperative. Ensure that the doors and windows of your homes are closed during increased pollution and try to stay indoors on those particular days. Make it a priority to visit an eye specialist in case of eye allergies/ infection without any delay. It is also very important to get a thorough eye check-up done regularly.

To know for sure if your dry eyes need prevention, medicines, or surgery, is to visit the best Eye Hospital Delhi. Your eye doctor will examine the eye thoroughly.

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