Most Common Eye Injuries And Treatments

Most Common Eye Injuries And Treatments

What Is Eye Injury?

Even the slightest injury in your eyes can make you pay high. Eye injury can occur from various things like from getting hit by a ball to accidentally splashing drain cleaner in your eyes. According to studies, there are about 50 million cases of eye injury every year around the globe. The eyes are made up of delicate tissues which need special protection. Not all eye injuries are severe but it’s better to be safe and keep the eyes healthy as some injuries can affect your vision permanently.


Most Common Eye Injuries


swelling-an eye injury

Swelling in the eyes and eyelids is one of the most common eye problems. It is generally caused by impact to the eye. Some people take swelling very casually however, what may appear to be a mere eye swelling can sometimes be extremely dangerous.

There are cases in which swelling in the eye caused interior damage in the eyes and fractures in the eye bones. For temporary relief, you can use an ice pack over your eyes. If the inflammation and pain are too much it is advised to seek medical help before the situation worsens. Do not touch or rub the eyes as it can damage the eyes deeply.



Corneal Abrasions

corneal abrasion

It is also known as the scratched eye, occurs when some dust, wooden chips, sand or any other particle enters the eye and scratches the cornea. It usually happens when these foreign bodies enter the eyes causing itchiness and pain. Therefore, we have the urge to itch our eyes and we generally do that. When we rub the eyes it creates scratches on the cornea leading to blurry vision and watery eyes. It is advised that instead of rubbing the eyes rinse them with cold water.

Corneal abrasions lead to redness, soreness and extreme sensitivity to light. Seek medical help if your eyes are too uncomfortable. The doctor will test your eyes and will assess you with the proper treatment. You have to be very vigilant about corneal abrasions or any such eye injury/disease as sometimes it leads to blindness.



Chemical Burns

chemical burns- eye injury

Chemical burns are extremely harmful to the eye. Therefore, the products also have warning labels: “Avoid contact with the eyes.” Sometimes by mistake some amount of these products gets into our eyes; even a little amount causes extreme inflammation and irritation. The worst happens when it causes blindness.

This situation is very dangerous, therefore; call the doctor as soon as possible. Putting or applying anything in the eye to wash out the chemical substance is just like adding fuel to the fire. Only doctors can treat such cases. Therefore, do not do anything on your own as it will only hurt the eyes. Make sure you visit the doctor for regular check-ups after the accident and follow up with your medications.



Traumatic Iritis

traumatic iritis- eye injury

When the iris, the coloured part of the eye suffers inflammatory issues, it is referred to as traumatic iritis. The major symptoms are redness, pain and blurred vision. It occurs due to cuts or extreme pressure in the eyes.

Traumatic iritis affects our ability to focus on one thing and can cause a headache. Therefore, consult a doctor if you have any problem related to your vision or having issues in the eye. The doctor will conduct several eye examinations to find out the root cause of the injury and will prescribe certain eye drops to soothe your eyes. Generally, the treatment goes on for about a week or two.



Bleeding In The Eye

bleeding in the eyes

It occurs when the blood leaks from the vessels of the white part of the eye. This situation can appear to be very serious than they actually are. It is caused by common issues like sneeze or cough. Usually, they are painless and disappear on their own. However, it is still recommended to get your eyes checked by a doctor, to avoid any further complications.





This is another type of eye bleeding, it occurs between the cornea and the iris and it is very serious. If not treated on time it can lead to permanent vision loss. It usually occurs due to trauma or abnormal blood vessels. It can also happen when you get some eye infection. Symptoms include pain and blurred vision. Seek medical help immediately so that the condition is not worsened.





The UV Ray’s of the sun is very harmful to the eyes as it can cause burns in the eyes. If exposed too much in the sun your eyes can turn red and can have light sensitivity, extreme production of tear and have a feeling that something is there in the eyes.

The worst cases of radiation lead to the formation of cataracts or macular degeneration, a breakdown of a small area of the retina.

Therefore, use proper UV protection lenses whenever you’re outdoors. Make sure you do not have direct eye contact with the sun. Seek medical help if you have any issue with the vision before the situation gets out of the hands.



Treatment of Eye Injury

Treatment of an eye injury depends upon its severity and intensity. In case, you or your child has gone through severe injury in the eyes, don’t think even twice and rush to seek medical help. However, in some minor cases, the treatment can be done at home itself. Some of the ways can be:

  • Cold compress
  • Eye drops
  • Eye patches
  • Eye flushing


When To Call A Doctor?

As said just now, many minor eye injuries can be treated at home. But if the situation is bad and is leading to difficulty and causing troubles for you to perform your daily activities you should take medical advice.

Call or visit a doctor when you have the following symptoms:

  • A noticeable change in vision
  • Swelling in the eyes
  • Severe pain
  • Pain around the eyes and brows
  • Torn eyelids



Prevention of Eye Injury

The best way to protect your eyes is by wearing safety glasses or goggles when working with the chemicals or when you are around metals or glass. Also, wear safety glasses when you are using tools like trimmer or leaf blower.

Make sure you wear eye guards especially if you are playing sports like squash and racquetball. Also, keep in mind that whenever you go for a swim you wear your swimming goggles as the chlorine water can also be harmful to the eyes. Seek medical help for any serious eye injury and do not wait at home for the situation to get worse.

Eye injuries are the results of several factors, therefore; you should always be careful and protect your eyes s much as possible. The tissues in our eyes are very delicate and tend to damage very easily. However, if you get an eye injury make sure you deal with it in a proper way. if the injury is minor and can be treated at home, it is well and good if not make sure you consult a doctor immediately and do not wait for the situation to get worse.

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