Eye Injury: Signs, Symptoms, Types, And Prevention Tips

Eye Injury

What Is Eye Injury?

Eye Injury is something that can happen at any place and at any time and can cause critical damages. This happens when eyes are not properly taken care of. Eye injuries can be caused in mechanical or chemical form. The severe injuries need medical attention while minor injuries can be treated at home itself. It is better to see an eye specialist for a general eye examination, even for minor injuries, despite whether you notice a reduction in vision or not. In such situations, don’t panic much. It is best to stay cool and try to reach a medical facility at the quickest.

Signs and Symptoms of Eye Injury

It’s not always simple to recognize an eye injury, particularly in a child. Seek medical care quickly if you see any of these signs or symptoms.

  • An abnormal pupil size or shape
  • An inactive eye (blinking, moving) 
  • Difficulty opening the eye or stress in seeing
  • Severe pain
  • Blood in the white portion of the eye called a hyphema
  • Any cut or tear of the eyelid.
  • Double vision
  • Blurred vision
  • Something in the eye or below the eyelid or on the cornea cannot be eliminated by splashing water into the eye.
  • One eye swells out of the eye socket, in comparison to the other.
  • Any iris is swelling out of the eye.
  • The harmed person is in pain or has trouble with his or her vision.

Common Types of Eye Injuries 

Scratched Eye or Corneal Abrasion

Scratched Eye or Corneal Abrasion

Scratches can make your eye sensitive to infection from bacteria or a fungus. Some types of bacteria and fungi can enter the eye by scratching and create serious harm in as little as 24 hours.

Just keep the eye shut or loosely tape a paper cup or eye shield over it.


Foreign Objects In The Eye

eye injury in eyesIf a foreign object such as a metal piece enters your eye, visit the doctor immediately. 

Don’t try to rub your eyes. Metal foreign bodies can immediately form a rust ring and a notable scar. The eye doctor eliminates these foreign bodies quickly.

Even, there is a chance that an individual’s “eye” may have corneal foreign bodies that are pieces of a substance and are gets permanently attached to the cornea but have not entered the interior of the eye.

eye injuryChemical Burn In The Eye

Getting unexpectedly splashed or sprayed in the eye by substances like acid or alkali can cause serious injuries to the eyes. The other way the enters the eyes is by rubbing your eyes and allowing the chemical from your hands to enter eyes or by getting sprayed in the eye by hair spray or other aerosols. Sprinkle lots of warm water for 15 minutes. If you feel redness and blurry vision go to the doctor immediately. Till then apply an ice pack to the eye.

Swelling of The Eye

Swelling of The Eye

Swollen eyelids can emerge from being hit in the eye by any object like a ball moving at a high speed. You may have a simple black eye wounding around the eye, see a doctor make sure that there is no internal injury. The best direct treatment for this type of eye injury is an ice pack.


Traumatic Iritis

Traumatic iritis is swelling of the coloured part of the eye that encircles the pupil (iris) and happens after an eye injury. It can be made by a poke in the eye or a cut to the eye from a blunt object, such as a ball or a hand. It normally needs treatment. Even with medical treatment, there is a risk of continuing diminished vision.

Hyphemas and Blowout Fractures

A hyphema is bleeding in the anterior body of the eye, the area between the cornea and the iris. Orbital blowout fractures are cracks or tears in the facial bones encircling the eye.

They are affected by notable blunt force trauma to the eye and face, such as hit by a bat, hockey stick, etc.

Immediate Step To Be Taken When An Eye Injury Occurs

  • Do not use tweezers or even cotton pieces on the black part of the eye that is the Cornea.
  • When an eye injury happens, ask for medical help from an ophthalmologist or another doctor as soon as possible for eye checkup— even if the injury seems minor. Delay in the caring process care can lead to forever vision loss or blindness.
  • Never touch or rub apply pressure to the eye.
  • If you wear a contact lens immediately remove them.
  • Clean your hands completely before touching the eyelids to check or wash the eye.
  • Don’t apply cream or apply any medicine tubes to the eye.
  • Kindly apply a protective bandage or gauze piece over the eye until you can get preventive attention.
  • Rinse and wash the eye with drinking water.
  • Do not use tweezers or even cotton pieces on the black part of the eye that is the Cornea.
  • Pull down the upper lid and blink continuously.
  • Try not to push out an object on your own that is stuck on the surface of the eye. A bit piece can scratch the cornea and create an infection, the eye must be tested by a doctor if irritation remains after cleaning.
  • Clean eyes for up to 15 minutes. Keep checking the eye every 5 minutes to view if the foreign body has been flushed out or not.
  • A foreign body that continues to stay in the eyes after spraying lots of water also. Probably will need elimination by a qualified medical expert.
  • Flush out any chemicals from the eye that has been entered with plenty of clean water.

Prevention For Eye Injury

Various eye injuries can be prevented if you take proper safety precautions during any activity indoor or outdoor. The list below gives comprehensive guidelines for preventing general eye injuries.

  • Wear eyeglasses, google or use scarfs or proper helmets for face Sheilds these are protectors of the eyes when you are involved in an activity.
  • When you work in an industry of chemical it’s important as an employee to allocate all the safety measures. There is proper equipment provided to all the workers for their eye that is PPE (Personal protective equipment). It will protect from all the heat, radiation, and chemicals, etc. All of these require a proper solution in case of injuries.
  • You need to understand your doctors’ guidance about the protected and clean use of contact lenses.
  • Store dangerous substances like fertilizers, pesticides, and pool chemicals out of range of children especially. As they can affect the eyes very quickly. If the chemical reaches the eyes, you may need surgeries like cataract surgeryretina surgery, etc.
  • Be careful when cooking or handling hot objects. Use perfect equipment for safe cooking are available online.

Thousands of eye injuries occur each day and most of these are preventable with the use of proper safety eyewear.

Eye injuries are about as great a threat to bystanders as the people using critical tools or substances in the home. Good eye protection is just as necessary for everybody who works and plays or applies cosmetics.

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