Bags Under Eyes- Amazing Tips To Get Rid Of Eye Bags

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What Are Under Eye Bags?

Eye bags are the slight bulgy bags present under the eyes. This makes the eyes look swollen and puffed up. The under-eye bags usually make your face look more tired even when you are not. The sagging of the skin present under the eyes usually occurs due to weakened skin. This creates a look of the pouch which is present under the eye. The eye bags may occur due to the advancement in the age where the skin begins to sag. In some conditions, the eyebags may appear due to the collection of excess fluid and can make eyes look puffed up and swollen. Some people have eyebags due to fluid retention or chronic medical conditions.

Eye bags are harmless and painless but on rare occasions, the swelling under the eyes can cause pain, irritation, and itching in the eyes. Getting plenty of sleep and avoiding fluids during bedtime also help in getting rid of the eyebags. If the eye bags cause discomfort and abrupt your daily routine then you can get blepharoplasty from your ophthalmologist. It is recommended to visit your ophthalmologist if the swelling is persistent, painful, or itchy. Your doctor will help you in determining the underlying causes of eye bags and would provide you with appropriate treatment.

under eye bags


Causes of Eye Bags

Under your eyes there are three valleys present: the tear trough, eyelid crease hollow, and zygomatic hollow and the hills present are orbicularis rolls, orbital fat bag, fluid bag, and the malar mound. As the age progresses the deposition of fats and the musculature present under the eyes changes which causes a change in the hills and valleys of the eye. The changes in the fat bag occur over time and the fat which was earlier confined to the orbital area may move under the eyes causing sagging of the skin.

  • Old Age

One of the major causes of getting eyebags is old age. As we age, the muscles present in our body begin to weaken and the tissues tend to fall forward and in a downward direction giving an appearance of eyebags. The fluids present in the body tend to collect in the eye bags overnight making them appear baggier. In some old people, the eye bags may not be visible or may not be prominent but in some people, the eye bags would be more prominent and would give a presentation of a sack-like appearance under the eyes.

  • Genetic

The other cause of getting an eye bag would be genetic. The gene of eyebags would run in your family due to some health conditions or would be present in harmless conditions. They are also considered as the side effect of smoking. The people who smoke a lot tend to puffed up eye bags present under their eyes and smoking can make the eyebags even worse.

  • Other Causes

Eye bags can come and go by themselves if they are caused due to improper sleep patterns, tiredness, allergies, and fluid retention. Such causes usually ease out by themselves when proper rest and care are done. The eye bags are also caused due to various health conditions including thyroid.

Symptoms of Eye Bags

The symptoms of the eye bags include sagging of the skin, mild to excess swelling, and dark circles under the eyes. In severe conditions, the eye bags may generally cause severe pain and irritation. In some cases, it may also cause itchiness and redness of the eyes. If the symptoms of eye bags persist even after getting home treatment and proper rest then you are recommended to visit your doctor to determine the underlying cause of your eye bags.

Eye Bags Treatment

The presence of eye bags generally does not require any medical attention and gets cured naturally if proper rest and care is given to the body. Some people might find the persistent eye bags a concerning matter and would not like the tired look on their face. In order to reduce the swelling and eliminate the puffy eyes, you can opt for medical and surgical treatment available to improve your appearance of the eyes.

Plastic Surgery

There are many surgical options available to remove the eye bags. You can get plastic surgery done in order to remove the sagging skin and get it tightened. Plastic surgery will also get rid of the fine lines and wrinkles present on your face due to eye bags.

Chemical Treatment

There is chemical treatment available in which the skin tone is changed and skin tightening is done under the eyes which changes the look of the eyes. Though puffiness and swollen eye bags would still be present due to color correction, they may not be prominent.


The other permanent surgical option of getting rid of eye bags is blepharoplasty. It is a surgical option for people who have droopy eyelids and the eyelids obstruct their normal vision. The saggy skin present under the eyes can be lifted and changed into normal under the eye. In this procedure first, the surgeon would assess your eyes and would do an eye exam in which they would determine the condition of your eyes.

During the surgery, you would be given local anaesthesia or eye-numbing eye drops. Then a cut or small incision would be made just under your eyelashes in your lower eyelid. The surgeon would then either remove or redistribute the fats and fluids present in the lower eyelid and would close the cut.

After surgery, you would be monitored for a day or two. Post-surgery you may experience some blurriness, light sensitivity, double vision, pain, and discomfort in your eyes. To ease the post-surgical effect, surgeons would recommend you to gently clean your eyes, avoid smoking, strenuous activity, rubbing of eyes, and eye makeup. You would also require to have a follow-up so that stitches can be removed from your eyelid.




Results of Surgery

The surgery would give you a youthful experience if proper care post-surgery is done. The results of the surgery may last a lifetime or may last a few years which depends on your care of the eyelid. The possible risks associated with blepharoplasty are infection, irritation, skin discolouration, blurred vision, difficulty in closing eyelids, and scarring. It is advised to talk to your doctor before taking any of the surgical options.

Non-surgical Options

Non-surgical options for getting rid of eye bags include filler, laser resurfacing, and chemical peel. In filler treatment, a filler material is placed under the eye which gives a smooth transition. This filler is injected into the lower eyelid and can last up to a year. Laser resurfacing uses laser beams to remove the wrinkles and stimulates the growth of the collagen fiber under the eyes. This results in giving firmer skin under the eyes and can last up to a year. In a chemical peel, the chemical is used to dissolve the older skin and reveal new and tighter skin. This treatment lasts for a few years depending upon the exposure to the sun.

Home Remedies For Eye Bags

Home remedies for eye bags


  • Teabags

Application of the tea bags can ease out the puffiness present under the eyes. Tea contains caffeine in it which constricts the blood vessels and increases the blood flow in your eyes. It also helps in protecting against UV rays and slows the ageing process. You need to take green tea bags and post-surgery soak them in water for 2-3 minutes and then refrigerate them for at least 20minutes. Then take them out and place them over your eyelids and leave them for half an hour.



  • Cool Compress

Cool compress also helps in getting rid of the eye bags. In this take cool water along with a clean cloth and soak it in the water. Then wring it and apply it over the eyes. The coolness from the cloth will constrict your blood vessels and will increase the flow of blood. Other cool compresses can be done using cool cut cucumber pieces which can be placed over the eyes to give relief from the eye bags.

  • Retinol Cream

The addition of retinol cream in your routine could help in getting rid of the puffy eye bags. These creams are also used for other purposes like acne, aging, and certain cancers. The retinol cream when applied under the eyes can cure collagen deficiency and can cure eye bags. Supplements of vitamin A can also be taken under the prescription of your doctor.

  • Proper Sleeping Pattern

Always remove your makeup before sleeping. Also, ensure that you don’t drink too much fluid or have salty food before going to bed as they may get accumulated under your eyes overnight and in the morning you would wake up to puffy eye bags. Sleep in a comfortable and elevated position as it prevents the pooling of the fluids under your eyes. Get at least 8 hours of sleep as little to the improper sleeping pattern will make you look tired and turn your complexion pale.

  • Balanced Diet

Have a proper diet. Your diet should include food rich in collagen fibre and iron. Foods rich in vitamin C and amino acids will help in maintaining the production of the collagen fiber in your skin and it will prevent the skin from sagging. Food like oranges, peppers, kale, broccoli, and strawberries should be consumed. Iron deficiency in the body can also cause tiredness, dark circles, and pale skin. Iron-rich foods like pork, seafood, beans, green veggies, dry fruits, peas, and loaves of bread should be consumed by people having iron deficiency.

  • Less Snacking And Alcohol Consumption

You also need to cut back on salty food and alcohol consumption. Eating salty food at night contributes to body fluid retention and can make your body puffy including the under eyes. consumption of excess alt can also cause health issues like heart disease and stroke. Avoid snacking on processed salted foods and try to eat fresh fruits and veggies in order to cut the amount of salt consumed by you. Drinking alcohol contributes to the dehydration of body fluids which can lead to eye bag formation. Switch alcohol with flavoured water or infused water.

  • Avoid Smoking

Smoking also causes eye bag formation and also forms dark circles under your eyes. Being a regular smoker creates vitamin C deficiency which causes the low production of collagen fibres. Smoking also causes various other health problems which can be life-threatening. It is recommended for you to quit smoking in order to get rid of the eye bags naturally. Seek medical help so that you are able to quit smoking easily.


Eye bags can be treated using home remedies and you can get relief from them in a few minutes. If the eye bags cause pain, irritation, and itchiness in your eyes then it becomes necessary for you to visit a doctor so that the underlying cause of eye bags can be treated. The occurrence of eye bags is normal and is a harmless condition of your eyes.

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