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Our eyes are the one among all the 5 senses that we depend upon the most. Best eye care is a very important part of the body, as they associate us with the world visually. Your eyes are the windows to the world as well as to your soul. Our eyes need the utmost care and attention just like any other part of our body. That is why it is equally important to pick a correct ophthalmologist for ourselves. We frequently aspire to have a 6/6 or 20/20 vision, but we aren’t doing justice to our eyes.

Usually, we do not go for regular eye check-ups to avoid issues related to our eyes. In our day to day lives, we might come across a lot of ophthalmologists. But how to pick the correct ophthalmologist for us is where the question lies. Only Ophthalmologists are allowed to perform eye surgeries. Whether it is Cataract SurgeryGlaucoma SurgeryRetina Surgery, etc.

The following are some points to keep in mind while choosing an ophthalmologist for your-self.

ONLINE RESEARCH – For best eye care

It is always advised to keep researching consistently about different eye care centres and hospitals. Shortlist a couple of them and do a comparison of the services provided by them and to what extent the medical clinic has been serving its patients. Check their patient’s reviews and testimonials online.

You can likewise check which eye clinic has specializations in what kind of treatments and surgeries and even the honours and accomplishments they have gotten generally. This will give you a vision of the type of services that the hospital offers and whether it is appropriate for you to go or not.


Experience counts when you’re going through some eye issues or conditions that could have a bad impact on your vision. An ophthalmologist’s experience is a noteworthy factor as it is your ophthalmologist that will help you regarding your eye problems and perform the surgery.

You have to check that to what extent he/she has been effectively treating their patients and whether they are a perceived specialist in their area of expertise or not. The more experience an ophthalmologist has, the better your outcomes are probably going to be.

It is recommended to select an ophthalmologist having at least 4-5 years of experience and involvement in their respective fields. Additionally, try gathering information about whether the specialist has any prior experience with comparable cases or performed medical procedures on that condition or not.

SERVICES OFFERED: For best eye care

Always try choosing an eye care centre/hospital that has the most recent technologies, techniques, tools, and instruments. The medical fields are consistently getting better and upgrading with each passing day, giving bladeless and painless medical procedures utilizing lasers and automated computerized surgery machines. So be extra careful if you have been recommended traditional surgical procedures at an eye hospital.

For instance, on account of eye issues like cataract which presently can be treated by removing it by a femtosecond laser technique making it bladeless and painless, if your picked ophthalmologist despite everything insists on removing the cataract by traditional methods then this could be a matter of concern.

Pick an ophthalmologist who provides contemporary methods as opposed to the conventional medical procedure that is done through handheld apparatuses and types of equipment. You should look for an eye hospital with an ophthalmologist offering LASIK or more advanced SMILE laser vision correction in case of vision correction. Picking an eye specialist who can give a wide scope of administrations is gainful, yet you can also go for an eye specialist by what services you need. One who offers fewer types of service may some of the time have the option to give more specialization a specific disease or problem, for example, glaucoma or cataract. You ought to analyze your eye healthcare needs to figure out which kind of eye specialist best suits you.


Having a backbone of solid credentials is an empowering indication of a decent eye specialist or optician. Make sure that the ophthalmologist has proper and appropriate training to diagnose, treat, and forestall eye diseases. Board certification is one of the most significant points to consider when you are picking an eye doctor. Subspecialty fellowship training is equally important. This will assist you with choosing which specialist can best serve your eye medicinal services needs. Certificates and licensures ought to be shown in noticeable areas of their clinics or hospitals. Ophthalmologists should be certified via an authorized and legitimate medical institute and be licensed to practice through the respective state medical board or state board of optometry.


There is an old saying about “word of mouth” recommendations: They travel farther and quicker than any type of paid publicizing. Consider taking advice from individuals who had as of now effectively experienced any sort of medical procedure. Take feedback regarding the eye care centre or ophthalmologist, sort of surgeries performed, and the kind of services provided. You can likewise talk to your family, friends, and colleagues and collect information about the ophthalmologist they prefer.


Therefore it is crucial to visit your ophthalmologist or eye care centre for regular eye check-up. One such super-speciality eye care centre is the EYE MANTRA hospital which provides services like glaucoma surgery, computer eye syndrome treatment, cataract surgery, retinal surgery, low vision aids, etc.


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