Flashes of Light In The Eyes

Flashes of Light

What Are Flashes of Light?

Streaks of light that show up quickly in your visual field are known as flashes of light. Flashes are specks or strands of light that glimmer across the field of vision. Sometimes patients complain of seeing flashes of light and they compare them as “shooting stars” or “lightning streaks”. But in fact, these flashes of light in your vision field originate from inside your eye.
They are not brought about by light source or whatever else outside of your body. Though they may not be the reason for concern off chance there is the sudden expansion of flashes this can raise risk in visualization.

Symptoms of Flashes of Light

Let’s discuss the indications (symptoms) that you might notice in future. And if you will have any of the following symptoms, you should contact an ophthalmologist. The symptoms are:
● Unexpected flashes of light, especially when looking aside.
● Increment in visual quality with a headache.
● Partial vision loss or obscured vision.
● A sudden increment in floaters particularly when you notice blazing of light.
● Dizziness
● A light shadow or cobweb experience across the vision of the eye.
If unfortunately any of the above symptoms or indications experienced by any of you then must have consulted with your eye specialist as soon as possible.

Causes For Flashes of Light

As indicated by ophthalmology, flashes of light in the corner of your eye can be brought about by an assortment of factors or conditions. A few causes might be related to your eye health or others are identified with your health conditions.

Posterior Vitreous Detachment

This is one of the most widely recognized reasons for flashes of light in your eye. It ordinarily occurs as you get more seasoned (old). With posterior vitreous separation, the vitreous humour isolates from the retina. if it happened excessively fast it can cause a little glimmer of light,
generally in the corners of your vision.

Pressure on Retina

If you rub your eye in an excessively fast manner or get hit on the head because of any injuries and cough hardly then you may see blazes of light because of additional pressure on the retina.
Retinal detachment:-
Retinal detachment is a genuine condition that can cause a partial or complete loss of vision. When this happens the retina disengages, shifts or moves away from the back wall of the eye.

Optic Neuritis

Optic neuritis happens when the optic nerve becomes inflamed. This might be brought about by a disease or a nerve-related issue, for example, sclerosis in the eye. Flashes of light can be a manifestation of this condition.


Visual unsettling influences are basic with the migraine aura. You may see flashes of light, Crisscross lines as a part of migraine.


A few drugs may cause glimmers of light or floaters in your eye. They include:-
● Digoxin
● Quinine
● Paclitaxel
● Sildenafil
● Bevacizumab
● Quetiapine


Blood feeds each cell in your body, and in your eyes, it is conveyed by minuscule vessels that line the eye socket. If one of those slender breaks blood can spill into the space behind your retina; and that can form retinal detachment and flashes of light.
Numerous people will consider infrequent flashes of light, particularly as they age. These intermittent glimmers are generally innocuous, however, you ought to examine them with your ophthalmologist during an eye examination. But if you suddenly start seeing replicated flashes of light, this could be a significant issue particularly if you additionally have shady floaters on vision changes.

Treatment of Flashes of Light

It is essential to recollect that numerous individuals don’t realize they have this sort of eye sickness that there are after no noticeable signs or symptoms, so they assume that poor sight is a characteristic piece of developing older. early recognition and treatment of my issue is the most ideal approach to keep your eye healthy and a perfect vision for life long. Much of the time blindness and vision loss are also preventable. In this case, regular eye examinations can play a valuable job to stay away from these upcoming eye ailments. Eye check-up in a regular manner prevent the progressive inherent diseases and cure them before they expose. In the other hand, a specific eye treatment is available for the treatment of flashes of light called Laser photocoagulation. In this procedure, an ophthalmologist repairs the detached retina. In this process, the laser burn is targeted at retina tear(detachment) and by this, a barrier is created and the barrier of scar tissue prevents the tear from getting bigger. By which the chances of occurring flashes of light is also reduced

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